kleine räume mit dachschräge einrichten

kleine räume mit dachschräge einrichten

hey guys i'm just editing my vlog and i just noticed that i didn't do a intro and outro that's why i'm doing it now and today i went to ikea and did a room tour at the end and i bought some stuff i'm just talking about what i did today.... we are in the car now and we are getting some gas and i just wanted to show you guys this huge flag

i'm just talking about the flag bc in germany nobody hangs up flags and for some it's quit interesting let's go :) we are at ikea now can't find the entrance ikea is so different in the us so were gonna look around first and get food later omg the beds in ikea are so comfortable my parents are just looking at kitchens

to get some ideas bc we want to renew our kitchen we are still at ikea and we are at a computer to do our kitchen bc we looked at some kitchens and we really liked them we also got new silverware bc we need new ones i'm so hungry i looked at some stuff for my room too but i couldn't find anything

we finally got some food :) we are now out of ikea and heading to the mall i wanna look at some cloth we were now at the mall but i couldn't find anything we are gonna drive home now and at home i'll give you guys a little room tour i'm home now so i want to change my room a little bit so this is how my room looks right now

sorry my room isn't clean but i'm just moving everything around and in here we have a queen size bed the guest bed and i was thinking putting it in my room but i'm not gonna put it in my room so i'm just gonna move my bed around and i'm gonna put my desk over hear so i will have more room

because i want to have my bed in the middle but i'm not sure i'm gonna try it out and i wanted to show you guys what i bought in ikea so first i bought this it's decor so i bought one in turquoise and one in pink bc those are the colors of my room then i bought a mosquito net

and i'm not gonna use it as one i have a cool idea i want to put it over my bed so it will look really cool and i'll get some fairy lights let's gooooo welcome back so i told you that i forgot to film the intro and outro so i'm gonna do it right now:) i hope you enjoyed the vlog if yes give it a thumbs up i couldn't show everything because the video would of been to long but i hope you still liked it

don't forget to subscribe because we almost have 100 subscribers and i'm really excited i'm so excited when i get 100 subs i hope you enjoyed the vlog and i'll see you guys soon bye :) my last vlog and the sub button are linked here

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