kleines kinderzimmer mit dachschräge einrichten

kleines kinderzimmer mit dachschräge einrichten

hey everyone! it's time for a new vlog after that long "no-vog" period i had to do a lot like the refurbishing of my flat and that's today's topic at the end of this video i'll show you a bit. it's still untidy- i'll change that soon never thought my flat is that big - -,there was so much to do! pulling off wallpapers wasn't easy at all. especially in the kitchen that f*cking old building with its high ceilings t.t torture! some of these wallpapers might be from the 50's or 60's one wall drove me crazy. it was in the kitchen and you had these tiny pieces wallpaper of doom although we had that mixture with water and detergent.

at least there were some wallpapers, which pulled off very well nevertheless it was going on my nervse. pulling off wallpapers sucks! the whole process was going on my nerves. finding nice wallpapers, pulling of the old ones but before that you have to move everything in one room putting dishes, clothes and other stuff in boxes, which need to be put in that single room of course this was the last room we could refurbish so many choices had to be done, like what do we really need and what kind of stuff shall we ditch i couldn't live in that flat so i had to go back to my parent's house and i wasn't allowed to shoot a film worse time of my life! too much to do -.-

because i also had to study a lot and prepare myself for my big artist test called "m5 prã¼fung" i'll do a vlog about that test and what i'm doing there soon being stressed sucks! i'm grateful for all the help i got. so thanks to my family and friends and all the others who helped me :) especially my sister done a lot, even when i was studying at the university. i feel guilty that i couldn't help her out, because i had to be at university my prof took attendance, so i had to be there :/ but i'm so proud of my little sister. she has done so much. that's incredible! i was suprised by the wallpaper in my room. they pulled done so easy

in some kind the wallpaper was very rugged. you could hoist yourself with the wallpaper pulling down wallpaper is one thing- the other thing is to paper a room i was happy that my mom's boyfriend papered all the rooms believe, if i had to do it.... i wouldn't be finish by now and the flat would look terrible cleaning! this doors got some special ventilation holes, that needed to be cleaned so bad! disgusting! dismantle those ventilation holes wasn't that deal but to mount them on again ! first i thought these holes were universal but nope they weren't. so i had to watch out for the right doors, to mount them on

reminded me on sports. i had to put my legs between the door, so the ventilation holes won't fall off squeeze as hard as i can and then trying to tigthen screws slightly not the best way to screw but there was no other option to handle it i was so angry after all now we're going to decorate the flat except for the meadow but most of the work is done maybe the bathroom need one or two hand grips but that's okay glad to have a kitchen after that long time

best moment ever! don't forget to use a power detector to avoid to drill into a power supply line 'cause that was happening to us ~.~ after that little accident we and my neighbour above us, had no electricity first thought: fuck! what're doing now? desperating was a good beginning my mom's boyfriend did his best to fix that problem changed some fuses- but all didn't help it's strange that the hole eletricity in my flat and the flat above us was gone. my neighbourse next to me and the ones under my flat, still had electricity

our rentner was on vacation so we couldn't ask him for help picked all the stuff up and drove back to my mom's house. there was nothing we could do it was so annoying! i just wanted to live in my flat, but life says "no, i'll send you back to your mother!" so i had to take the train to university again! i hate traveling by train, because it takes so long of course trains were too late. every damn time! the train drives to specific times, so i couldn't stay as long as i wanted in bielefeld. but i couldn't stay in my flat. without electricity i had no fridge, no cooker, no warm water, no internet- nothing! i'm glad that everything is fixed now most of my flat is completed, just the bath and the meadow needs to be completed

i have to buy some nice decorations and hanging some pictures on the wall i want to buy some rods and hooks from ikea, to hang some bags, hats and belts on them probably some scarfs too by the way: i found some shelves hidden under my gas meter box i could put some nice little boxes on the shelves and storage some mittens and stuff like that there. maybe you should take a look :d but beware: it's still a bit untidy i need to change that bad attitude most of my stress is over and i can sit here in my flat, talking to you guys

*sigh* i'm so glad, that everything is done now maybe i'll make some updates about my flat now it's time for a little room tour have a good day and see you soon. whey :d!

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