lampe schräge decke

lampe schräge decke

d: phil what are you doing? p: i want it to look homely! d: that is a cardboard box (p: hey!) d: you've put in the corner there p: any cardboard box can be turned into something beautiful! d: thats so sad p: if you just add a tetris lamp! d: a metaphor for us moving in, you're upcycling phil. you're making the best of a messy situation d: welcome to the new dan & phil games room!

p: eyy, look at all the space we've got! p: we didn't tell our landlord that we took this d: that was part of the dining table that was owned by the landlord p: so, at any point he could tell us to bring it back d: over our dead bodies! p: we're keeping this! (d: that'll be the end of dan & phil games) d: but its very exciting (p: it is) d: i mean, shiny stuff (p: shiny stuff) d: no sloped ceilings (p: look we can do this) d: ergo look at our faces!

d: it doesn't look like this anymore p: we've actually got the right amount of lighting d: remember when dan & phil games looked like this forever? p: we will try and get some kind of side tables at some point d: oh! you did it with the pacman lamp (p: i did!) d: that's kind of cute p: if we still have cardboard behind us in about 10 weeks time, shout at us and then we'll buy something- d: or let us know if you like it p: its like dil's old table, it was a crate, we've got a box (d: ohh! reference)

d: we've no idea who's through the wall now (p: no) p: we don't know who is listening d: but i don't think it's a bedroom, lets see p: lets hope for the best (d: i give this gaming channel one week before we get evicted) p: i haven't said my hello dan & phil games! d: oh my god, okay let's start this formally, you ready? here we go, 3, 2, 1 p: hello dan & phil games ... faces! p: i mean, i'll start as good as the rest of the videos (d: wow) d: okay let's just delete the channel

d: what are we playing today? p: today we're hopping on a bandwagon like a loose bison in a china shop (d: this is something i didn't want to do) p: i know! d: this is one of those things i saw other people doing and thought i'm okay thanks (p: i thought it'd be funny) d: you know what i'll pass! p: we're going to be playing 'faceapp'! d: yep that thing that everyone's doing p: i think we need to do it while its still relevant. d: do we? p: this is on me, the sims is coming, it's the next video d: but first let's just see our faces warped into something horrible by an app (p: lets do it!)

p: so i'll go first p: oh, hello (d: so how do you set this up?) you have to take a photo of yourself with a neutral expression d: okay ... (both laugh) d: well go on then! p: i can't when you're making me laugh (d: how is this difficult?) p: wait- i just can't do a serious- d: ha! what was that, you were like- okay lets be serious ðÿžµ sexy music ðÿžµ p: i wasn't doing that! (d: you literally just did) p: no, that would be this

ðÿžµ more sexy musicðÿžµ d: never- okay, put the phone down, throw the phone out the window, i'll set fire to your arms p: wait, when i do a neutral face i look like a serial killer d: now you look like- okay, this is going to go in the gaming challenge playlist because apparently phil can't take a selfie p: i just need to massage my jowls *cricket noises* p: there we go, i'm good p: i look alright there! d: that a- you look slightly scared and startled (p: i look a bit scared) d: which is true

p: just me all the time p: so first of all we have smile 2 p: why is smile 2 before smile 1? d: asking the real questions there phil phil: smile 2 (d: lets do smile) p: here we go d: this is just a- (shock) p: oh my god! (scream of pure terror) p: that is worse than i thought it would be!

d: that is freaking terrifying p: would that- is that what i would look like if my teeth were completely straight? d: what have they done? its like- but its only your top row d: so its like they made your mouth wider than it is and made it so that your teeth take up half of your face so you're like - p: i look like i would be called walter barryson or something p: *strange voice* hello my name is walter- d: *strange voice* hello my name is walter barryson, it's nice to meet you d: is this one going to be less disturbing? hopefully this one's more natural- p: (shock) oh my god!

d: kill it! p: burn it! p: it's like, my eyes are different d: what have they done to your face?! p: have they changed my eyes? p: i look like a shark d: okay, what's the next thing? p: old. d: okay so this is six months into the future guys p: hey! it's seven months into the future at least

d: what will this do? it just like transplants some wrinkly- p: i'm going to look at it, i'm going to look at it (d: okay) p: oh my god! d: what? p: no! d: let me see, let me see (both laugh) p: that like- i saw people using this app- (d: oh my god, that is amazing) p: i think i saw joey graceffa do this and he looked like a good looking old man and then look at me! d: but if you keep your current hair you will be the coolest old guy (p: yes!) p: looks like he's scared of technology

p: he's like; *old man voice* i dont know how to use this ipad (d: *old man groans* help! ) p: which i think actually a lot of old people do know how to use technology d: lets not be ageists (p: *repeats* lets not be ageists) d: shout out to all the plus 65s watching this right now p: i legitimately look like my grandad, which is really scaring me p: lets jump to young (d: okay) p: into a fetus! d: *singing* teen phil re-embraced! p: oh my god! look at that!

p: that's really weird because i look like me but younger but thats not how i looked when i was younger d: i am incredibly distrubed by that d: it's like it made your eyes really big so it's like *weird voice* hellooo p: i would've wanted to look like that when i was 13 d: with that hair? yeah (p: i didn't look like that) d: if only you had a decade of hair straigtening experience p: now, female! d: what does this mean? (p: what does that mean?) p: i think what they've done is they've taken a photo of a random woman- d: they've got the google image woman and they're just going to apply that to- (p: smash it on my face)

d: okay lets see how this warps you (p: here we go) d: apparently a female- p: oh? hello! i look a bit like- d: noooo! i don't like this! this is like a horrible alternate universe p: i'm a bit scarlett johansson-y d: they've like puffed up your cheeks a bit p: i'm like this- d: they've like kinda changed your hair but not that much so clearly your hairstyle is ready to go for the female app p: i've got like, celestial glowing earrings as well p: and what is male? like is that going to put a "traditional man" over my face?

d: yeah, what is the traditional man filter they're about to apply? p: say goodbye to phillipa, i'm about to become brutal phillip d: phillipe! or just p (p: p) d: wow! p: i would avoid him in a dark alley p: do you know how the universe has multiple time lines? i feel like he is the phil in a different timeline d: yes, that is the phil that never got a myspace account and became a builder (p: yes!) d: i love that the app has cut your fringe off d: like, none of that in the male timeline! (p: no!) p: that is normie phil, that is

p: i don't like him d: you look so average p: i'm freaking out, i don't like it, i don't like it p: let's do dan! d: i look like a rat! p: neutral face! d: neutral face? p: yeah p: "analyzing your face." it's ripping apart your features, it's destroying the space-time continuum! d: let me seeee d:okay, are you ready for terrifying smile? p: yeah

d: dan with a soul! in 3, 2, 1! p: here we go! p: *laughs" p:that's so funny! d: i look really- i look like a mouse person p: you look like a rabbit person! d: i look like peter pettigrew p: you look like you're from dark crystal d: it's just given me like a bunch of really big front teeth like *makes face* p: *laughs* p: i like it! i wanna be friends with him instead of you! d: wow, okay. p: i do! just *mumble*..d: coming out with all the truth right now

p: okay smile 2, smile 2!d: he looks adorkable. p: here we go. d: this is smile 1, the more terrifying one, what you gonna.. p: ooooh...d: aaaaaaaaaah d: whaat is thaat?!p: what is that? p: it's like you've removed your soul, it's like you've put a hoover (vacuum) against your ear p: and sucked your soul outd: my eyes are dead in that image. p: yeah d: that is disgusting. p: (singing) you're dead inside!

d: okay, old dan.p: okay, let's look at old dan, old danny! d: here we go.p: old danny-slice! d: which, you know, reading politics every morning on twitter d: might just be tomorrow. p: *laughs* i like it! p: you look quite sophisticated. d: i've got like a very cheeky d: duck face on there, look i'm like goingp: yeah! *muffled creepy mouth noises from both*

d: (old voice) i'm old, but you still would. p: your dimple has like got more intense. d: derek has imploded!p: *laughs* p: fetus machine engage!d: i don't wanna see this! d: after the other one that you didp: *fetus machine noises/pigeon* p: that is really weird. d: i must have taken the photo at a slight angle p: yeah d: because one of my d: eyes is fricken huge there p: yeah p: that is what you looked like as a kid though, right?

d: kind of? let's compare to twelve-year-old dan there. p: alrightd: it's a.. i look a bit bush-babier in here, d: they've like inflated all of the things, to be extra likep: yeah p: *weird high pitched* maaaah!d: byohh! (?) p: you're like an anime child. p: let's meet danielle! d: *laughs* let's see... p: *generating danielle noises* *harp sound*

p: oh my gosh!d: i look like louise! d: that is a picture of louise!p: it is louise! p: or is it a bit of zoe as well? p: it's like... zo..louie.. el.... sprinkle of... d: you don't know the ship name phil?p: sorr.. *laughs* p: zo...d: do you even lesbian on wattpad? p: louella! d: the makeup is great, i mean i like to think that d: if i ever, you know, as a female, or just as dan now

p: yeah?d: embraced eye-makeup, d: it would be a bit cool-er than that p: do you think you would be more of a smokey eye?d: that's a bit normal p: would you need to watch a tutorial?d: yeah, yeah d: i need to get on that.p: *laughs* d: am i ready for the hunky dan i wish i was?p: alright~ p: *laughs* you look.. very angry! d: that is so.. i mean, it's really square-ified my face p: it's like... d: it's like, let's give this

d: lad a chin that he doesn't have!p: that is, that is a desperate dan chin! d: i mean, i would. d: so what now? just post them as a collage on instagram and cry? d: like what?p: no i think we need to do some quickly d: okayp: i've got my profile picture from twitter d: how is this gonna work, you don't.... *both laugh*d: *ogre noise* p: *ogre noise* look at the sky d: no that face angle did not work.

p: the butterflies would fly off my shirt if i looked like that.d: *laughs* p: another one. oh my god! d: *ogre noise* d: that's phol. that's p-h-o-lp: *laughs* yeah p: phol!d: tha, that, that's your doot there. p: dan's profile picture! d: i hate that profile picture.p: why?! d: 'cause i have curly hair now.p: yeah? p: you need to retake it.d: i need to, i need a new icon

d: that embraces the curls. p: or just, or just photoshop a curly head on you. right.d: *laughs* d: ha is there a curl filter? let's see, maybe there's... p: cha, heheee!d: *quiet horror* p: rabbit dan is back! d: old pastel da.. d: *high-pitched* awwwww!p: ohh, it's so cute! p: look at that! p: it's like, wrinkly, old..

d: is that a bit creepy? like.. stop? d: or is that like, go you, i wanna bake with you? p: what about me when i had the silver hair dye? p: is that gonna affect it?d: what is this gonna do to it? p: i don't know. p: i literally think that is what i'd look like as a girl. d: that's pretty swanky hair.p: look at that p: that is, that is amazingphillipa. d: ahh, your really cringe selfie,

p: hey, was that cringe?d: i'd love too see what... slightly.. p: slightly cringe.d: you need to get on the ironic ones. d: it needs to be like,p: you need to be able to have d: am i phil or voldemort?p: *laughs* d: so you say a funny caption, p: i said something funny, i said i look like a ladybird. p: so i got away with it.d: you nailed it. p: oh, ho ohh... p: it's ruined.

d: that is amaaazing! p: it looks so real!d: did you, did you just say ruined? p: do you like it?d: that is an improve... d: that's like, american phil.p: american phi... p: *high pitched american accent*hai! my name's kyle! *music* d: *high pitched american accent* hey, i'm codyyyy.*music ends* p: oh the.. what's the other one?d: that's creepy... p: you like that one. both: nooooooo....

d: fetus pose!p: fetus pose. p: awwww! p: that's like, i shouldn't have been allowed on the internet yet. d: there is something about this photo phil, d: it's working so well.. p: it's working really well. d: you look like an eight-year-old there. d: okay, last one, which... *laughs* p: right.d: what, me looking sideways?

p: dan in singapore!d: singapore d: what is this gonna do?p: i don't know. p: *laughs*d: aaaah d: whaaat p: it's like you've lost your teeth in a fight! d: that, that's pirate dan. pirate d: yaarrrr, yes i've got into a few fights in my sea days, pirate d: ehhh regular d: i pulled that off.p: smile 2

d: i'm ready to hijack that boat hotel p: okay, what've we got here.. p: ohhhh...... *drumroll..... scary music* d: is it spooky week?*music ends* d: cause i thought it was april! p: that is worse than five nights at freddies p: it's like you've gone into a vortex! d: that's a jumpscare, in silent hill.

d: kill it! nooo!p: burn it! burn it! d: nooo! p: *engulfed with flames sound effect* d: chuck your phone across the room, d: die! p: we need to.. d: *laughs* p: don't smash my phone!d: caught it! p: so that was faceapp!*kids saying ahh! sound effect*

d: what a mistake! p: yaaaay.d: that's exactly why i didn't want to do that. p: d'you know inthe north, they'd say, northern p:good thing the wind didn't change or you'd be stuck like that forever. d: *laughs at p*p: also something you may have noticed dan is wearing... d: subtle product placement!*p fanfare: ba, bada, baaa!* d: yeah, in.. in celebration of the end of the cherry blossom season, d: i mean, that's bullshit, but that sounds like a great excuse. p: yeah d: we have released our japan design in two new pastel,

d: three new! both: three new pastel shades d: grey, pink and blue. p: and we also have caps in three different colours as well! d: with the japanese writing (p: yeah), so you can secretly rep dan and phil p: it's like a subtle spon for us!d: without anyone knowing! p: go do it!d: they'll just think you bought something snazzy from urban outfitters. d: if you wanna get this, you can go to d: we ship all over the world, link in the descriptionp:! d: thank you, love you, hope you like ❤

p: so why don't we embrace those personas for the endscreen? d: that sounds like a disaster. p: here we go.d: i hope you enjoyed faceapp p: thanks for watching!d: good luck sleeping! p: give this video a thumbs-up if you've enjoyed it, p: you can subs.. i'm already scared and i don't even know what it looks like! p: you can subscribe by clicking below, p: our last video's over there, p: don't swap faces with people because it's very demonic

p: goodbye!scary d: this was a mistake!

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