schränke in schrägen

schränke in schrägen

hi there viewers. great news! our angels’ household is growing. yes, you heard right. these two chinchillas will join us in a few days’ time. brilliant! a job for the angels. i’ll be supported by our young fledgling marie, the multitalented sandra and our all-rounder feli. nupsi and stupsi are moving in. we’re therefore going to build them a dream chinchilla house. good planning is crucial. after all, chinchillas need lots of space. we also want plenty of storage space for food and accessories.

sandra, what do we need to consider for this job? as chinchillas like gnawing things, the cage has to be made from metal, not wood ... ... and of course, it must not be painted. alferâ®â€™s aluminium systems are the perfect solution. they are not only stable but also easy to work with – two important traits. for this project, we’re using the combitechâ® system, which can be purchased from any good diy store. even hami is impressed with the quality: aluminium is stable, easy to clean ... ... and offers plenty of scope for creativity. for the basic frame, we’re using 23.5 mm square tubes.

these have one or two sides. nice and practical for us as they can support the side walls and the wire mesh. whether for corners, end points or transitions, there is a square tube for every part of the cage. before we can use them, the tubes must be cut to length. protective glasses on and let’s get started! the tubes are sawn using a mitre saw with an aluminium blade. for the corner connections, we cut a 45-degree mitre on the sides. that’s no problem at all with a mitre saw. the profiles are all sawn to size and now just need joining according to the plans.

we do this using the practical plastic connect connectors. we use the rubber mallet ... ... so that nothing gets scratched. just a few firm taps and it stays in place. it couldn’t get much simpler! the basic frame for our cage gradually takes shape. so, we’re now done with this section and can put this frame to one side. before we keep working on it, we’re going to prepare the doors ... ... as they are clamped straight into the frame. we use the same principle to build the doors. a frame made from combitech⮠profiles.

it’s fun and really easy. feli drills holes into the top and bottom connect connectors on one side. a simple threaded rod with a nut will act as our hinge. simply push together and it’s done. when constructing the cage, we start at the bottom and work up. we install the doors as we go. in the lower part of the cage, we create storage space for food and bedding. the basic structure is now complete. we’ve had the diy store ... ... cut some boards to size.these now create our sides and floor.

we place the wooden boards on the sides of the square tubes and screw them into place. to do this, we pre-drilled holes in the sides. now it’s time for the cage itself. to keep the bedding in the cage ... ... we clad the base area with sheets of anodised aluminium. done. now we just rivet them to the sides. you can buy a rivet gun and rivets from any diy store. next, we add a simple wire mesh to our cage. we use an angle profile to attach it to the square tubes’ sides like a sandwich ... ... so the chinchillas can’t injure themselves.

riveting takes a bit of strength. that’s no problem for marie. the same principle is use to connect the doors, which are attached between the base and the top. add the handles and ... ... the cage is complete. and to make our chinchillas feel at home ... ... we’ll now focus on the inside. we start by creating several wooden climbing platforms for our new housemates. we can be as creative as we like here. the platforms are attached to the back wall of the cage using shelf brackets. a little tip: the combitech⮠profiles are also available in a smaller size.

that’s right. you’ll find them in the model construction range. we use these to build a luxury sand bath for our little friends. just like their big brother, the small square tubes are joined using connect connectors. we add plexiglass and our accessory takes shape. filled with special chinchilla bathing sand, the sand bath is perfect. some final touches before we’re done. bedding is a must. two feed balls to keep the chinchillas busy ... ... and a tree trunk to hide in. hay is also on the menu. and the cupboard under the cage ... ... offers plenty of room for food, sand etc. even a stool will fit in.

wow, this is brilliant! now we just need the stars of the show! and here they are! let’s see if they like their new paradise. home sweet home! the chinchillas are instantly happy and explore their dream home. the large cage offers plenty of space for them both to run around. the platforms offer hours of climbing fun. and the new sand bath is the height of luxury! practical: the aluminium square tubes withstand being gnawed. our chinchilla cage not only looks great ... ... but is stable and easy to clean. simply perfect.

it really is this quick and easy to build an ample small animal cage using alferâ®â€™s combitechâ® system. our two chinchillas, nubsi and stubsi, are still a little shy ... ... but i’m sure they’ll soon love it here as much as i do.

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