beamer leinwand für wohnzimmer

beamer leinwand für wohnzimmer

hello and welcome to lomster tv! today i have a completely different topic for you, no retro, figures or something like this. currently i am building something new in my living room. in fact... i am building a living room home cinema! for me, i like sound more than picture so i said to me: i want more sound in this room! and so the topic is not atmos.... ...the topic is auro 3d!

so i would like to bring you a little closer to the theme, and maybe you wanna have a look ;) if that is so, stay tuned aaaaand have fun!!! let`s begin with my current living room setup. here you see a simple living wall and the "teufel theater 100 mk1" system. and cause of the size, you can see the old and new subwoofer in the front.

that`s the back site of our living room. on the sides you cann see teufel dipole speaker wich worked great, but they were placed way too high. above you can see a sony hw40, wich projected to a white motor canvas from elite screen. speaker cable are already build in to the walls yet i needed a cabelcanal for the projector for hdmi and electricity.

it wasnt so noticeable, but a bit disturbing here you can see the big packages wich has to be tow from the poor post man... and you can see, it`s a dali zensor system (unpacked) here you can see the size difference from the new an old subwoofer, but that does not

mean anything! i hadn`t got to much hdmi`s on my yamaha so i had to use a hdmi switch. and also a hdmi out so i can use the tv and projector parallel. so that you can now imagine have i was before i will use my logitech universal remote and get the cinema going

so you can have a moment to relax. but watch out! you cannot compare the sound you hear to that what i can hear in my living room, cause of the normal stereo microphone. it was not soo bad right? here you can imagine what is possible to get for a comparatively cheat setup, fot picture and sound! what you also you should consider

all walls are white! above and the sides! now we want to get started all walls are empty now there is only the canvas and projector. of course, we have planned the whole thing reasonably well from the beginning. we saw a lot of yt vids and i am a big follower of a german yt channel since 2 years.

the first thing we did, was the wall mounts for the speakers. then ge got a lot of roof battens angle dowel and screws... to build a construction for the hidden canvas. here you can see the finished wall or suspension from ceiling (?) the white canvas by the way is motorized by infrared frome the company elite screens.

what i recommend are sockets! a lot of! here i got 20, so i will ever have enough. 3 years ago, i build the speaker cables in the wall unfortunately only for a 5.1 system.. and that beacuse i never thought i will upgrade to so many speakers... here you can see the next consruction for the right wall. and we got just 59â° f sunny,

and 1 day after 32â° f snow! above the construction with rigips on the ceiling and here are both consructions! so the front area is finished we got left and right holes for the speakers the rigips will get plastered also the screws and everything will get smooth polished. i already get a feeling how it

is gonna be when its done! and now come with me! here are the construcions here there will be the smaller speaker and here the bigger speaker. so here below is the bigger hole. above there is the suspension from ceiling with the canvas.

there no problem with the wrong site of the rigips, you can mount it every site up. also there was a bad edge that i had to cover. lets have another look.... here are all the cables hdmi, electricity, speaker cable.... the rest of the speaker cables

are in the wall. sorry for the bad look. and there is the end of the cables. cause of the bricked canvas i had to do something cause of the ir sensor and so i got this thing. more you will see in part 2!!! have fun!

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