designermöbel wohnzimmertisch

designermöbel wohnzimmertisch

hi, iâ´m maker mauz. today i want to show you an older project. i made this with 222vaminter. look at his amazing channel! we built a bed. actually, the one i sit on right now! the base was a vintage farmer style bed only the outer frame was left. therefore we had to build a framework first. we bought this material: 5 rectangular blocks of spruce/fir wood (size above)

2 boards of spruce/fir (size above) this is the plan view the frame is for a 2 x1,6 meter mattress. i had only a 2x1,4 meter mattress. so there would be a 10 centimeter gap on each side. so the lath floor has no area of support. we cut 3 of the rectangular blocks to 1,6 meters for the cross-pieces. the other 2 rectangular blocks are used as main beams. these will be joined with half lap joints.

at least the two spruce boards will be used to delete the gaps (see this in part 2) practical part - cutting the cross-pieces. we are now cutting the cross-pieces. this measures 1,6 meters. 222vaminter made this very simple circular saw guide. it is exactly adjusted to his circular saw. so he has only mount it to the mark. he has always a clean and rectangular cut on the correct place. letâ´s cut! :)

how to make half lap joints. here are the marks. this has to be cut out. we also have to mark the depth. the depth of the cut is a touch more than half the height. you can also use a divider to mark the depth conveniently. he adjusted his circular saw to this depth. using the guide, i can easily make the cuts on both sides of the notch. after that the whole inner area has to be cut out.

in the inner area will be a gap. the counterpart will be cut the same way. so both beams fit together neatly. the circular saw blade is now adjusted to the mark. he will make a cut on a test piece. always measure twice and cut once ;) if everything is ok, i can use the adjustment all over the construction of the framework. all half lap joints have the same measurements. here you can see the test cut. the block is cut from both sides.

as you can see, the cuts meet right in the middle. so the half lap joints will fit good. the notch will be cleaned with a chisel. after this the first side is done. he now makes all other blocks and then we can join the frame pieces together. i am sanding the whole bed now. there are many scratches and i want another color too. this was part one. here you can see our results. most of the parts are sanded.

the framework is almost completed. here you can see the half lap joints. see you on part two next friday. please give me a like or a comment. i appreciate every feedback. if you like my projects, i would be happy if you subscribe to my channel.

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