gardinen wohnzimmer 3 meter

gardinen wohnzimmer 3 meter

olympic city transcariocaa quicker rio for you 41 km exclusive road68 percent shorter my name is antonieta rodrigues. i used to live in this favelalargo do campinho. since the eviction for the world cupand olympics i'm the community leader. we've had to make way for those.we weren't relocated, but removed. that's what you do with trash. theypicked us up and put us elsewhere. everyone got the same amount:15.600 euro.

no matter if you had 1 or 2 bedrooms,or two floors. the same value. my house was a historic site, whichour mayor eduardo paes destroyed. apparently dom pedro ieven stayed in these premises. they also say a square meteris quite valuable in this area. that the compensation we receivedin comparison is absurdly low. this was my bathroom. and from here to there,was the kitchen. and there, where you see the road,was my bedroom and another room. the front of my house was over was an old house, with two floors.

a monument. and our mayoreduardo paes destroyed it. the house went from here all the wayto that pole over there. the first official meetingwas on january 5th. we heard that we had to move tocosmos, which is 2 hours from here. otherwise, you'd have to go to court. the friendships we had over there... some people went to campo grande.everyone went in a different direction. it's impossible to stay in contact. the council dumped us in a hole.-we helped one another.

we all helped one another.-even going to court is now difficult. because we can't get everyonetogether. i will tell you about my neighbouron the right side. he lived with his mother,two brothers and his wife. his mother has health problems. the people from the councilcame in with officials. they just said:we're knocking this down. and the police had on riot vestsand they came with lots. the municipal policealso had riot vests.

they just said: don't do anything.he couldn't even finish his coffee. they came in, took the sheets off,ripped the curtains. as if it was nothing. my house there was enormous, right?-so beautiful. they didn't care. i'd lived therefor 15 years. i raised my kids there. they've practically taken my life awayfrom me. okay, i'm still alive... but my dream, my life: it was all there.a nasty story. some of those who were evictedwent to city hall really early... to stop the eviction,and then got told:

'we're going to demolish it matter if there's kids there.' right? i feel a sense of revolt. i think they could have talked it overwith us and approached it differently. we wouldn't have been hurt this bad.i am really angry. i live in this area now.i always walk this wet stretch. good morning, neighbour.-good morning. the difficult thing about living here,with shopping bags or heavy stuff... you have to leave the car down thereand then carry everything up. with bags in one handand your kid in the other.

that is hard.especially when it rains, like today. if there was school,you'd have to go down here. and there's so much waterthat you have to walk through the mud. this is the house i could affordwith the compensation money... from transcariocaand mr eduardo paes. this area is the living room by dayand by night it becomes the bedroom. here is another space, my kitchen. this is my kitchen. it's so small there's hardly spacefor my daughter and me.

and i will now show you the bathroom.that's also tiny. this is the bathroom. so this is the bathroom.very small as well. everything is just minimal. a small house, a small compensationnothing got better. it could have been a better house.but what to do... the law statedthat we had to leave our house... in exchange for betteror similar housing. but this is neither. in 2016 rio de janeirowill organize the olympics.

in 2014 the world cup. as a result of these constructionprojects, thousands have been evicted. everyone gets a compensationof 30.000 euro max. especially low income familieshad to move to a new house... far away from their old life. the compensation is insufficientto afford a similar house. which is why familiesare forced to relocate... to a place far away from their oldneighbourhood and their workplace.

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