wandfarbe wohnzimmer trend 2018

wandfarbe wohnzimmer trend 2018

hello. my name is julia sheveleva, i am an interior designer. and now we are at the exhibition imm cologne 2018. if you want something bright in the interior. please, it is possible to choose a sofa in such bright coloring and unusual scale. when choosing a bed for your bedroom, do not be afraid. in fact, it does not look as bright as it would seem at first glance. if you correctly select the background, accessories, floor and ceiling, then all this can lead to a fairly harmonious and stylish interior.

so do not be afraid to experiment. light sofa, with not a deep landing, ideal for a living room, study or even a dining room. such furniture forms are very relevant today. in combination with the decor, pillows and accessories, they can be an ideal complement for a spacious interior. the next factory, about which i would like to tell, is baxter this is an italian brand, which is distinguished by a refined design, refined lines and high quality.

the factory offers furniture and accessories for living rooms, for bedrooms, for dining rooms and for premium interiors as materials for the bed can be a variety of solutions. it can be textiles, leather or alcantara. this is the baxter bed. it is executed in a gently pink color. the place of tubules can be used in the bedroom such here are shelves or light tables. the baxter factory has made such luminous shelves. very comfortably.

on the one hand is a light night light and some kind of plane on which you can put a phone or a book. an excellent solution for a bedroom is the design of furniture in textiles. for example, here everything is done in a gentle alcantara. here is such an interesting cabinet. it is for storage of accessories and cosmetics. it looks very gentle and beautiful. the wardrobe in the living room does not need to be some kind of closed, bulky one. it can be here such an easy console, on which we can put books in one row, or some accessories.

in this case, the baxter factory is made of brass. expensive, rich and very beautiful. a very interesting idea, for example for a bedroom, or a living room, these are the partitions that you can turn. on the one hand mirror, on the other hand it is textile upholstery. making out the living room with sofas, do not forget about its color solution. if you have 2 sofas, you do not have to do it in one color. for example, you can combine this caramel color with mint. very beautiful, delicate, fresh combinations in the interior.

to finish the review of the factories bretz and baxter i would like to say. what brand selection is based on personal preferences and this video is not commercial. create beautiful interiors yourself or with us. subscribe to our channel. all while while. until new reviews.

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