gardinen wohnzimmer kurz

gardinen wohnzimmer kurz

subscribe to sannablue youtube! the captions all right joe reachcleaning up their biome like hotcakes very good another freshman the soldiersare by leaving now they won't be leaving for over a weekthe army is parceling off the horses and wagons to the soldiers anything they canuse to work on the farms when they get down home generally gave these ordersthis morning we never get home the treatment advancedon the enemy we don't know time up here you'll never get home on that jackthanks captain most of employment : liquor when you pick him outi'll just took what they handed me after

startled news for four years i'll sureenjoy a steady seat somehow i can't get used to the war being over hope i'llnever hear another shut fire as long as i live and you go on to kentucky imarried into feudin family but i'm not raising my children to become targets ofa lot of pushback i'm gonna move the family waitjust on account of the future if a man can have some respect for his neighborsout there and all the land you'll want for the asking that's where i'm gonnabuild a permanent home for my family you think you'll ever persuade granny'svelvet in the old to leave kentucky i'll hide with youtime to the house it'll work out all

right when i get home rani's bevins beenpretty good to my three children since my wife diedhow old's lin getting the day he's going on let me pack it will you grandpa well becareful now my pop will be home from warren aboutfive days huh think you'll know i'm lim sure right waianae easy to hit him when ipretend they're colby's rabbits ain't cold that the colbert's fight backthat's what makes them good hunting no my puppy can rest easy in his gravei got shut spelvin for him good

it's yours now then don't ever use itexcept in honor kolby how's your grandpappy farty he started fine father he's layingthere getting cold they shot him and you know just run down to weatheredface and tell me what's happened you know that'll take care of jet colbywhen you get here i don't understand you mark haydenyou've been home two weeks and jed colby trips and up and down these mountainsbragging how he killed chips elvin and here you are backing up running awayfrom him

hello take care of colby no weed ain'thonorable to take a family feud deport that won't still a little blood for youi want no blood spilt for me then you're putting yourself above the profits aneye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth it's in the book mark it's your plain duty to takevengeance on jay kovac and then his kid is bound to take vengeance on me andsome day one of my son's must kill another colby no i'm going to the law cause mark if you insist on preferringcharges again jed colby there's nothing i can sayi know it's procedure in some places

it's up to the court to punish a man whocommits a murder that's a matter of opinion do you want him arrested i'mbound to arrested dead toby you have been found guilty but on account of thepeculiar circumstances and feeling in this community the court has decided notto have a hang-up but you'll have to go to the state penitentiary for 15 yearsfor the murder of chet's felony murder was a pristine pure and simple i wish men had come out with it he becoming out soon as your grandma's gone she's depend on him to go further and icouldn't take him away eunbi those are mountains beerthe kentucky hill just like what's wrong

close in eight people they are ble didyep picked me those sneaks stick it in the ground sam you getting out 2d jet yeah the daughters waiting for you i'll sendoh rainy all right miss you can travel west looking that away that's all a guy when you wrap it uplike sleeping in corners so the first time you ever put yourowner on me did you find up where he's located icould go there with my eyes shut oh my daughter ellen i never seen you beforeyour father and i have been friends for

several years and we had to be we'vebeen here together i got out a few months ahead of them going west with usyes yeah how much money did you get the $700 good that's enough to get an outfitwith sure i'll have everything ready i'll get him we could have taken more than half thatherd last night if you hadn't stopped us so we'll get more of haydn's cattle thanwe do yeah we're taking enough not to suit meyou will hundred at a time in my idea of cattle rustlingi wanna strip hayden of everything you've got before we get you but we'regoing to do it milan you've had your way

for a year the next time we raid thatranch we run off enough stock to pay for the trouble and keep on going to repeatthem out but we won't be another year doing it no you will not until i'm readyi'm a stretching out his misery the same as he did mine we're gonna keep workingon him till he comes gunning for me oh forget it let's get something out ofthis deal not yet when i wipe up the hayden's i'mgonna get them all what do you think i've been talking about there's one ofthem mean out here yet the oldest boy i'm not waiting for him i'm gonna havethat hayden ranch don't get your back up i'm not leaving you outi'm gonna marry your daughter huh

why have you made up your mind that theonly way you can get gonna happen it's gonna take a lot better man and you totry that don't you let her get on their horse boy oh you might erupt chill nowkeep off that bronc she bet dags and kiss against something or other thatthat she could ride their loss where's toby what's up haven shop getdown it's no more than a powder burn yes thank you kill themyes it was that philip it gary that's dead toby's cousin darren's withkobe the dead grandpa spelvin was shut remember what did you do it for new yorkyou know dad's been doing everything

possible to keep from fighting with thecolonies and there's no use talking like that now i told your father whathappened he was sure enough upset but he doesn't blame me nobody's gonna shootbullets into me if i can get him first well that's that's your oh kentucky feudboiling again you keep out of this bill hades i don't hangar to be a widow myfirst year married it's just fool's luck we're not all turnin an ender bury you what do you expect us to do sit around let him moveeverything off the ranch i've been telling you all along they've beenstealing more cattle and you will ever admit kobe's been doing everything toget dad fighting man neal's right we've

gotta face it sometimes neil come on dad's up to something where you going dad talk to jett colby not alonei don't need any help dale and i are going with it this is between thehayden's on the corners meet my wife say didn't she what is it magic you're a hayden or acoldie have a bullet get you to drive off every hitter stuck from his range bydaybreak there won't be a hidden life to stop you

we're heading for good night even ain't my law abiding friend fromkentucky i want to talk to you could be my son-in-law got one of your men forstealing my cattle you can't accuse us of stealing cattle to cover up thekilling of pete geren you've been stealing cattle off my ranch for almosta year doing all you can to start up that kobe's spell cued again i'm notconfused with you kolby but i am protecting what belongs to me all rightput him on the table good afternoon i'm hurry i got plenty of times

i won't do it you get out of here what happened to you where'd you dropfrom i was just riding through and all of a sudden artist rendering and andthat damn to lose and you were standing right in the way of itdags the boys something you have to tell you they're waiting but for whatever yougot to do glad i happened by wouldn't make much difference i neverseen the man i couldn't handle better put your hat on for that stop hit youanyways thanks lady lady what are you staring at the lady now youmaking fun of me no i'm not

what are you hitting paul grants valleyhow much further is it about seven hours with all the impact animals you can'tmake it for dark sets in you'll have to count down the meadows for the nightthanks i will plant a spy stranger you're welcome what's your thinking on ellen just wonderin how ladies dress feli what did your mother look like oh shewas beautiful i remember one dress your head andbangles all over it and feathers around

the neck it's used to always carry a redpocketbook when she went out walking do ladies wear their fine dresses all dayno only in the evening when the gentlemen come to call and what did theydo just sat around talking drinking andlaughing having lots of fun in the big parlor did you live there me oh no wehad a room just around the corner but look my mother used to always see herfriends in the big house they wouldn't let me in the parlor i was too young buti used to peek through the curtain why some of them ladies will i'd still be there at sailor and shot mymoney

i wonder where we could get some shoesand stockings maybe a dress and one of them feathered nixing well maybe youngget him down at the store on grass valley i knowbesides i want him for tonight guess i'll have to go walking just as iam hello i saw your fire glad you did i'll bethrough in a minute you shave every day every other day whatfor it's just a habit i guess why idathought you was kind of soft i didn't see the strength in your arms

but you have a cup of coffee you'rebeing polite and making fun of me i ain't used to being polite at i can getmy own coffee without being waited on by men folks must be sought a hard going barefootthrough these moms it's none of your business that i ain'tgot shoes and stockings i didn't mean anything that way theywrite poems about barefoot girls like youwhat's the poem know a lot of whites put together they don't mean anything butthey sound pretty good want to get one no i guess i wouldn't care for it icould sing you a song i know a story

about the indians if you're going tokeep on making fun of me i'm going no don't now were you having to get you a cup ofcoffee you're a disturbing sort of girl it's getting late don't go yet oh iwasn't going back tonight if i won't be any bother to you but remember you gottatreat me like a fellow never knew bacon could taste so goodfunny ain't it only yesterday there wasn't any youwe ain't said much to each other ain't said anything really only alreadyyesterday seems way back there hey let's

get acquainted alrighti've known colby and i hail from the mountains of kentuckycolby what's the matter why do you look at me like that i am from the mountainsof kentucky i'm lynn hayden helen listen alan it is now a fight wedidn't start it why should we hate each other my fatherwent to jail 15 years he was there hayden hayden went squealing to the lawbut i didn't then don't touch me i don't wanna see you randy hayden second a deadone there was a farmer i thought they werelast years ago where did you find him lin up in the attic after granny spelvindied

i remember saying you had them when iwas a kid my father gave him to me when i left the old country and came toamerica i was 15 years old then and now i have grandchildren can't you talk pretty too sure did lookat this did not pretty no he's my brotherjust like danny there is your brother you kick me again and you'll get hurt hey len you better take these boots awayfrom your lefty before he gets it right there must have taken every dollar youhad to buy all these prisons lin i figured i might land this job when i gothere there's one been waiting for you a

long turn hope you're planning to settledown to it and get married that's a fine girls raised on theranches out here i think i've got one all picked out dad what do you think of my big brothermalli this is very nice limb and i thank youyou're welcome now you leave things along they don't belong to you nevermind and how long the cobras been reo whyabout a year how'd you know i ran across ellen coby she's white trash runs aroundwith anyone that'll go with her how do you know she's son wild he's young yet

call they bothering dead stealing cattlethat's all but last year deal well might as wellknow what sometime things are heading for a showdown dad's still trying tosidestep a feud yes if you can and even i don't feelthat way about it too far can't reach him with this gunlet's go after that honest term up enough to suit coby hagel him think ishot to kill that kid dad you can't hold back on the corp is this way and youmight as well know it now the rest of the family can't understand it either weare not going to feud to oblige colby they just shot at your own grandchilddidn't they are you going to answer that

when the time comes i'll deal with colbyas a cattle feed they didn't mean to hit marycolby at that shot fired so we'd all fall into a trap and he could wipe usout in self-defense i settle this my way what do you think of lynn great well well what take your pickthat's what i brought them in for you're not the only santa claus around thisranch and white went over there just as i thought white cloud what'd you call him white cloud that'swhat he looks like running against the

side of a hill hii suddenly appreciate him bill you know if it wasn't so neon suppertime whitecloud now we'll take a look at dads ranch you better save that until morninglynn it's an all-day ride well you're right inland or just lookingaround it going all day you want you own kobe's alright teager thought she's gota killing father how'd you know i was going there i saw yesterday you waslonely for i can't forget him molly it shouldn't it's more important thananything that hayden's other kobe's could be fighting about you you won't betelling on me with you no the last i saw of you you was riding out that way

this struck me funny mark 8 and chasingyou out of grass valley well i didn't see you laughing last night when theychased you off his range and we're going back tonight i figured something likethat now i'll handle it myself just before daybreak they stoled allyour horses bill and took all the cattle out of the south pasture get him up tothe house colbus yeahdon't say anything to dad i'm going up in the cobras neighborhood and try tolocate that stock you have every hand on the ranch ready when i come back nomatter what anybody says we're all going after what belongs to us

you needn't say anything to call meabout us planting gunpowder up here he doesn't want to handle the hayden's myway huh we drive out the rest of their stock tonight that'll get every man ofthem coming after us up through this canyonone little match wham-o colby ain't in the canyon at the sametime hey you want to see somethinginteresting take care of a white cloud i'm believing you when you tell me thatmin haydon shot phred and then he give

you enjoy the beating of your lives buti'm not allowing you to say that ellen's been making up to him you get of this that your handwriting every man's head let me meet the corralswell get going have you been accepting favors from lynnhayden i'm gonna marry lynn hayden in that dress yeah yeah if you want fried chicken forsupper you better get your hatchet come out of there

hope-filled doesn't come ramming homeahead of the rest in dude outside on his horse dead well you want me to bring it in whileyou're running tell the sheriff because it wouldn't be fair cue the coalbusiness in your new for certain maybe you want to look make sure all right goahead let's do the same thing the same headthe same iron that have been looking at you ever since it first opened only onlythey closed now and they're never gonna open any more moneystop it calm yourself oh i'm come i'm

just telling you to do your dutyit's you're moving the cuvees killer hating and a hidden till a lossain't that the game ain't that the roosevelt level up - oh you better hurrybut it ain't quit for help because maybe now stop shooting at children and thechildren ain't ol and that's it they wouldn't know enough to run away toold dead men go to the law like you did when he killed o men spelvin i guess plug marc hayden i'm figuringthe rest of it up it'll be longer in a minute we'd better be moving yeah wewait for them at the end of the road lynn lynn you back it uphurry then you better get out of here

live come on jagr with you you'll have to depend on me from now onellen the father and the rest of them got caught in a landslide up in thecanyon then heading to mr. lynn hayden was killed yes i don't believe you just you and me left we're gettingmarried you ain't serious about that sure surewhat'd you think i didn't know you thought of me that way i've changed somelately

well if you're proposing do i have togive my answer right away why not we'd get along we'd be the biggestranches in this state what do you say

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