wohnzimmer in lila weiß

wohnzimmer in lila weiß

hi kids welcome to toypals.tv. today we're going to be openinga peppa pig peak and surprise playhouse also at the end of our video we're going to have three peppa pig surprise play-doh eggs. okay kids so we have everything and box nice little purple couch. for mum, daddy, george and peppa. we can go ahead and put in theliving room. yes this is the television this is mr. potato they love to watch his show. now these things happen a littleflipping mechanism it's okay

kinda sometimes the whole thing will pop out sowe're going to sit that in the living room. ok this is the refrigerator you can see has alittle a and b and some little stickers on there. open it up looks like they have some juice, some ice, some fruits, this is a cute little fridge. we'll put this in the kitchen. little stove top there's a little oven has that little flippingmechanism so there's a yummy pie for the family. we'll stick that in the kitchen as well.

there is the kitchen sink there's the faucet there's what we all love its dirty dishes. i don't wanna break it oh the wholething flips. well dishes are done nice that'swhat i like. just like that they're all time to leavethe kitchen nice and clean the dishes done. put that in the kitchen in and there is the kitchen set. or let's move to the bathroom now thisis really cool i like a little bathtub the a nice bubble bath when they've beenjumping

up and down and in you know at muddy puddles. pushdown and there is an empty bathtub or you can flip and they have thebubble bath for the muddy puddle bubble muddy puddle bubble bath. this is myfavorite is the bath tub. in the bathroom there this is their washing machine is some dirty clothes in the wash stockyou flip it over

and boom no clothes to dry all empty so we will leave that nice and empty. put that in the bathroom. this part is the bunk bed that enjoyed his bunk bed comes in two pieces. the bottom piece has a littlepillow built-in i just noticed this look there's a little imprint on here you probably can't seeit but it's little george's dinosaur. then this is the top with the flipping mechanism as well

don't we wish we could make our bed this way. so there's peppa's teddy in her bed oh and there's george's dinosaur in thebed and some books and some toys looks like lego blocks.. and then voila, a nice clean bed so, i put that on the top now we're going to put this in their bedroom. and we're going to attach the ladder there's a hooked piece here

that we can see that those in the top and then we have a little table kitchen-table one side is food tohave pizza and salad and some orange juice and fruit. and then its the flip and the other side is is you must be doing some crafts on thetable have some books lego blocks coloring so we'll have been eats some lunch.we'll leave it on this side. we will put it in the middle and thenlast but not least is set comes with peppa ok she's so adorable

we love peppa pig here at toypals.tv, we love peppa she's so cute, she has a little heart apon. and a little piggy tail and don't forget dinosaur boy here comes george roarrr!! i love george he has a little dinosaur on is bib, he's so cute and the legs bend which is a neat little feature

so that they can sit on their seats. we're going to put the chairs out here. we'll sit peppa there to eat and we'll get another chair it comeswith four chairs back they can sometimes wanna fall out ofthe chairs i love it. here goes georgie. and then there's two extra chairs for probably mummy and daddy pig.. now i wish the setcame with mummy and daddy pig but it

only comes with peppa and george this set is a fisher price set that igot off at amazon i don't know maybe there's other setsthat come with the full family but.. anyway, this is this the set and it's soadorable. if your a peppa pig fan like we areyou will love it. there they are they're their living roomwhere they can hang out. there is the lovely bathtub so they can have great times getting off all the mud. okay peppa and george we love you your playhouse. now guys we're going to have some play-doh surprise eggs.

some peppa pig surprising eggs so get ready! okay kids surprise eggs time. so, let's get started take peppa apart and see what's inside look who's inside we have candy katz she came in the ballet bag. she has a little pink tutu she's ready to do ballet.

...and who else should be in there butthat ballerina princess herself peppa. "hi everyone i'm peppa pig" oh peppa we love your crown, you're such a princess. with a beautiful silver crown. she's not too graceful so there they arethe two little ballerinas and also came with an extra tutu. ok one egg down and two to go. who is it, let's see. it is mummy pig. "hi toypals.tv fans i'm mummy pig."

ok kids are final surprise egg. let's see who's in this one. can you see who's inside? "hi kids i'm daddy pig i love jumping upand down in muddy puddles." so now we have the whole family. we have peppa and george and mummy pig and daddy pig and we also have candy kat. well kids thanks for watching our video and peppa pig and her family say, "please like and subscribe to toypals.tv so that we can bring you lots more wonderful peppa pig videos."thanks for watching

bye bye

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