wohnzimmer mit eichenboden

wohnzimmer mit eichenboden

hotel polo's treasures, venice 2017 traveling in italy. this time we decided to stay in venice for 2 days. and they chose a hotel for themselves, which is located in the heart of this delightful city. and it's called polo's treasures. the hotel is located near the rialto bridge. just 5 minutes walk from it. before the hotel we got to the vaporetto. several streets passed on foot and our hotel was very easily found.

and so we settled in venice in the hotel. this is our number. it's called marco polo. there's a hall here. number is calculated generally for 4 people. such a kitchen-living room. there is everything necessary for life here. there is a hob, coffee machine, sink, microwave, even a grill put. all kinds of dishes are interesting. here you can cook everything. large and roomy dishwasher.

here are all kinds of spoons, forks and plates. and also a fridge. the water is already standing. that's a compliment. here, as an extra place for a man done. interesting interior, classy curtains. they used the same fabric on the walls. this zone behind the bathroom is also covered with a soft cloth and panels. the ceilings are very high. you can still see the old beams here. cool of course it turned out. let's see what we have here. very classy oak floor.

here is a bathroom. built-in sink. there is water. shampoos, shower gels, body lotion. there is everything you need. hairdryer. here is a heated towel rail, bidet and toilet bowl. there is a window. overlooking the next street. you can reach the nearest building by hand. all perfectly.

the hotel is new. it can be seen that the plumbing is also all new. and here there are two more rooms. the main bedroom. here everything is decorated in the same style. class panels, the wall is covered with cloth and everything is very well selected. fixtures very cute and pleasant. it's also a soft wall. and these things i liked, which are very original for the hotel.

such pieces are made. it's very cool that there is such a zone. here you can hang everything. very interesting idea for the hotel. and this form repeats the venetian windows. these can be seen on the facades, the same geometry. made in a very classy style. and there is another room. the room is for four people. one bed is planned here.

and the second place is here. separate room. also for one person. there is a bed, an armchair. everything is done in the same color scheme. there is a neighboring house. someone is lying on the bed. everything is done very well. that's the kind of room we got.

booking of this room, for 2 nights stay, cost us eur 295. this room is for 4 people, but since we booked the hotel close to the date of arrival, the air-conditioned rooms no longer exist. and so we decided to book this one. of course there are also double rooms, if you book in advance. we really liked the hotel. both interior and service, and its location. and so i would recommend it if you are going to visit venice.

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