wohnzimmer möbel designermöbel

wohnzimmer möbel designermöbel

this film shows the marketing and the factors which make the grissner carpentry business successful. what are the factors influencing the success of your company? well then, it simply grew from good relations with the clients, i just meet all their requirements. factor number one: no order is too small for the company. if someone wants us to repair a broken ikea chair and we do it for him, then that is exactly the right thing to do. and if the next customer needs windows for his whole house, then the house door sticks and needs repairing... no order is too small and no order is too big. many companies want to cherry-pick, if not a beautiful sitting room and an order costing €50,000 … well, the customer picks that up straight away

and then in our business it’s all about co-operation, getting on together and certainly, i preach to my team: we live from satisfied customers. and you can also think about that somehow as a recipe for success. paper and marketing. paper is patient, you can write everything down on it but when it’s not right, you don’t keep to it, then it’s a waste of that piece of paper how important are the craft trades in this area? you can certainly consider a carpenter as a local service supplier as an apprentice, i used to work making coffins as well even lying in them, testing them out. that’s how it was, the apprentice had to lie in them.

then the lid was closed and that’s also a story. today hardly anybody will experience it in that way. and naturally wood accompanies us from the cradle to the grave. and when you get the hang of it, it’s a healthy raw material and indispensable, the wood, a spruce tree takes 70 years to mature before cutting. i always say that for every generation the wood renews itself. are there any advantages in being a member of the ‚holzwelt murau’ project? definitely. this is our big chance in this region. we’ve got the holzwelt murau, we’ve got the grebenzen national park. visitors come from 1000 to 2000 kilometers just to re-charge their batteries. it’s a pleasure to live and work here.

i make roughly 50% of my annual turnover in and around vienna. every 14 days, i spend 2 days away working. my fitters and also my son, the younger one who was in vienna yesterday for the day and there i’ve got customers which we got from tourism. my first viennese client came on holiday to visit his mother in her cabin on an alpine meadow. and here i’ve always been ambitious, i’ve always said i live from satisfied customers, a deal struck on a handshake. my parents always said a contract is only a piece of paper which you can tear up and throw away, but what we’ve agreed on a handshake that is binding. it’s a question of honor and that’s what i tell them at the final exam for apprentices it’s the honor of the craftsman, the ambition of the craftsman which i did, we don’t need a legal

guarantee. our guarantee is valid longer than the three years when i supply a kitchen or a cabinet. when my furniture doesn’t last very long, then we don’t look so good.

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