wohnzimmer wandfarbe dunkel

wohnzimmer wandfarbe dunkel

good morning guys... oh good morning guys, it's loren. i literally just woke up ,where have i been um? *pouts* you know what? it doesn't matter where i've been cause here because here i am now sitting in front of this camera, and i'm gonna vlog today look at me go so right now i'm about to do my makeup get ready whatever whatever whatever i need to get my nails done really bad, look *shows flawless nails* wow you cant see

*yawns* let's see where the day takes us angel, your just the cutest ever i'm coming okay, guys, so i was just informed by me madre that we are going on a little two-day vacation umm...to the beach with luna and her mom so that'll be fun but now i have to get ready like kind of quick so i guess i'll just show you guys me doing my makeup. also this headband comes like so in handy i don't know if that was proper grammer probably not

*peace sign* homeschool i'm too lazy to actually properly wet my beauty blender, so i use water bottle angel you got your tutu on hello princess this color shade color whatever like whatever pattern you feel like doing you give yourself like a little like illuminati moment right she's looking pretty dark this might be the wrong shade, but we're gonna rock with it, okay this definitely is not my shade definitely like orange right now. ahahaaha

i'll figure out i forgot to put primer on it doesn't matter what does primer do anyways (nothing) so now that we're a nice shade of pumpkin orange? we're gonna use a concealer and a lot of it to try to lighten up my mistakes i saw a beauty guru put it right here last night like on their lip and i feel like i should do that too. okay my face feels heavy air conditioner is ruining my makeup tutorial that literally did nothing so james charles taught me to use a beauty blender for your powders so that's what she's gonna do did i blend out my nose yes?

who is snapchatting me at this hour? i'm literally i'm about ten brow hairs like i'd they don't exist but my mom doesn't have really thick eyebrows either like neither my parents do so i'm just blessed. i think that this eyebrow no, no this this eyebrow is shorter than this eyebrow so i took extend this one and shortened this one. if that makes sense, but my eyebrows aren't even yeah my eyebrows are like distant cousins, they're not even like sisters let alone twins. they're like those people at school, or you're like that's my cousin, but like you're not related whatsoever. that's my eyebrows

what goes one are already oh? oh i forgot to use my clear mascara on the eyebrows cuz i'm too cheap to buy brow gel. eye you see i used to get made fun of a lot in school when i was like in elementary school i litterally had no eyebrows and it didn't even occur to me like eyebrows were a thing and then i was home-schooled like halfway through sixth grade and

then when i was home-schooled. i learned how to be makeup and then i went back to school i was popping that popping like popping off. you know what i mean i mean it was a rocky start like the first eyebrow pencil all i had was a blonde eyebrow pencil and my eyebrows were really angular. no one told me that it wasn't it wasn't cute and then i figured out that your eyebrows should be visible so i'm all dresser. i've got my gremlin shirt on reppin the squad and now we're gonna meet with luna angelina and hit the road angel just got a bath she did really well didn't she guys queen of boba

doesn't care feels keepin. thank you all right guys. we're on the road the journey begins angel palm is ready everyone's ready right guys a angelina's ready well this and once we go to carson go shoot over carson you alright guys we made it we're at our little hotel on the beach am i right girlie. yeah it's a girlie night angel has made herself at home. i'm gonna set up camp for a little pee pee pad. you know i mean we have an ocean view

this is our living room for all of our living good morning guys so your girl is going to the gym. it's like 9 o'clock in the morning i don't really even know where it is where's the gym lobby? do i even have a gym here? where's the gym? i just ran like four and a half miles, but i had to stop because my shoe fell apart and was digging into my foot. i've had the same shoes since i was in middle school, so it's time to get new shoes look so ugly

i thought okay, it's a glass store. you can see right through my he's a cloudy day so we're about to go parasailing i've never been luna's been i'm a little bit nervous my feet might be a little chilly cuz i put fliers on it wasn't really thinking yeah one of these boats one of these boats five merci so

my makeup so we just finished parasailing i'm getting hypothermia as we speak all right guys so i had to shower because i was real salty and now we're gonna oh, yeah food guys the girls hungry, what's up guys my phone died so i couldn't cause we were watching the olympics, but yeah now we're gonna go to bed luna still hasn't taken our glasses off goodnight luna! yeah, i forgot to film an outro i'm editing this video right now umm i look really gross right now cuz i just got back from the spa thank you guys so much by the way for all your support recently. it's been amazing

i knowi haven't been active on youtube a lot lately, but things have been really really crazy and there's a lot of amazing amazing things coming up i'm very excited for you guys to see i'm super excited, and i love you guys always always always thank you so much for being such an amazing support system i couldn't have asked for a little a better little family will be vlogging more i promise i just have been super busy, and i love you guys. i'm gonna go to bed now night

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