heizkörper wohnzimmer bodenmontage

heizkörper wohnzimmer bodenmontage

this video provides you with a step-by-step guide for the installation and operation of your comfort control system... ... that makes the control of your elkatherm electric heater easier than ever before. to operate the comfort control system, you first of all need a wlan router... ... and at least one control device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. you also need of course a comfort control router. the comfort control router is delivered to you with a data cable... ... an aerial... ... a power cord... ... and an adapter plug.

screw the area into the recess at the rear of the comfort control router. connect the comfort control router with the data cable to the wlan router. connect the power cord to the socket in the comfort control router. connect the other end of the power cord to the adapter and plug the adapter into a power socket. wait until the green led at the comfort control router is lit and then install the comfort control app. depending on your mobile device, download the comfort control app for the configuration and control of your elkatherm electric heating system from... ... the play store, the appstore or www.comfort-control.de. ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same wlan network as the comfort control router. open the app and accept the general terms and conditions.

to synchronise your comfort control app, confirm that you wish to install it on your mobile device. the installation must only be performed once. should synchronisation not start automatically, use a cable tie or a paper clip... ... to briefly press the recessed installation button at the rear of the router. please note that it might take several seconds until the mobile device shows the synchronisation progress. after synchronisation is completed, the leds of the comfort control router flash several times. the system is now ready to be connected to your heaters. on the start page, select the "heaters" menu. before you can add a heater to the system, you must define rooms known as zones. these zones can be, added, configured and edited under "settings". to add a new zone, select "add zone".

first add the room that contains the heater that is closest to the comfort control router. in our example, this is the "living room". now assign the heaters known here as "modules" to the new zone. to do this, select "add module" and enter the power rating in watt of the respective heater. the power rating is printed on the type plate of your heater. in our example, it is 1000 w. confirm your entry. message "waiting for module ..." is displayed on the mobile device. press the push button at the side panel of the respective heater so that the router can connect to the correct heater. your elkatherm electric heater is now linked to your comfort control app...

... and can be controlled from your mobile device through your wlan network. apart from the basic settings, the comfort control app comes with many convenient functions and features. you can for example set up weekly heating programs and control the heaters in your rooms individually, based on your requirements,... ... or adjust the heat output of your heaters while you are away from home. for detailed instructions and information on all configuration and control options, please refer to the user manual. or visit our homepage at www.comfort-control.de

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