lounge möbel wohnzimmer

lounge möbel wohnzimmer

this is the royal castle in budapest. it’s a major tourist attraction. it provides one of the best panoramas over the city. that’s why so many locals and tourists come here. i am regina papp, editor in chief of welovebudapest.com an online portal for this hungarian city. i think budapest is really a city where tourists don’t know what to expect. is it a post-communist capital or is it more western? you don’t really know what to expect. i think budapest has many faces. even as a local i don’t know them all.

we need to drive out of the city, as we’re going to a place in the suburbs. i want to take you to a special, truly unique place. this is a must for any visitor to budapest. this flea market is the largest of its kind in the city. coming here, you find a totally different culture, a different side of the city..1500:01:33,720 --> 00:01:38,240budapest has many faces, and this is one of them. you have to experience it and become a part of it. there is a lot of history here, like these military things from russian times. there is also a lot of nice furniture in a classical style. this place is great for treasure hunting.

it’s not like stepping into a shop where you know exactly what you want in advance. the only question is: are they fake or real finds? you always find something interesting here..2300:02:19,720 --> 00:02:26,000we became a democracy in 1989, when the old system changed. it was a major political and economic transformation. hungary has a long and interesting history... with a lot of ups and downs. this is reflected in the way we act. this is the 5th district, the heart of the city. it’s the most flourishing and developing part of the city right now.

it’s a nice neighbourhood, full of interesting things to see. this local chocolate shop is a family business... which sells handmade chocolates with pã¡linka, a hungarian brandy… and with pepper, or even salt and other unusual ingredients.3400:03:17,200 --> 00:03:22,080these are a must to taste or to take home as a souvenir. the best thing about this part of the city is that it’s so central... but still a little hidden away. it’s close to the main roads… but remains a calm, relaxing area. you don’t have to travel out of the city to find those things. this is a mecca for vintage clothes.

it’s mostly second-hand and vintage pieces... but you can find hungarian designers too. i think fashion is becoming more and more important in hungary. especially young people want to dress in a unique way. this shop is just perfect for that. no two pieces are the same here. opposite this garden exit is csendestã¡rs. this is one of my favourite places. this unique cafã© looks like a sitting room. the interior is made by hungarian art students.

it’s full of freedom and creativity. if you wish to write or are looking for inspiration... this is a perfect place. it’s also nice to just have coffee. i hope you liked this neighbourhood. to relax, we will check out one of the best places in town: the turkish bathhouse velibej. we are back in buda now. we are walking towards the jewel of this district. the bathhouse was founded during the ottoman era.

it was built centuries ago in 1574. it is the biggest turkish bath in eastern europe. and looks pretty much the same now as it did nearly 500 years ago. budapest is quite famous for its thermal water. this is why the romans called this part of the city aquincum, from aqua. thermal baths are not just good for health and relaxing... they are also about meeting and coming together. i’m taking you to szimplakert, the first lounge bar of the city. there were many empty houses.

the owners didn’t know what to do with them. the buildings were waiting to be demolished. and then someone had the great idea to create a nightclub here. he put in a lot of old furniture... second-hand posters, russian cars and things like that in one place. and now it’s become the place to be. hungarians are outgoing people. they don’t stay home sleeping on a friday or saturday night. if they have a bit of money, they will definitely go out.

i hope you enjoyed budapest and that you’ll come again.

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