luxus möbel modern

luxus möbel modern

female speaker: the obama'sare staying in d.c. for two years after thepresident leaves office. chuck todd: he's about togo from commander in chief to couch commander. the president: --you, chuck todd. what am i going to doin d.c. for two years? (music) the vice president:get around to london, mr. president.

the president: i can'tgo every day, can i? the vice president:which do you like better? these? or these? the president: joe,they're the same. the vice president: theycapture different moods. the president: joe, ineed some focus here. the vice president: comingin here during aviator time, thinks everything --

the president: i'msorry, what's that? the vice president: isaid, mr. president, you got to be practical. and look, youcan drive again, you're going toneed a license. you love sports, why don'tyou volunteer to work one of the teams around here? the president: is thisthe washington wizards? i understand you're lookingfor some coaching help.

let's just say i coached mydaughter's team a few times. hello? female speaker: 44. the president: finally. so, i'm going to bein d.c. for awhile, and i thought i'dtake up driving again. female speaker:what's the name? the president: barackhussein obama. female speaker: yikes.

well, since you don'thave a driver's license, you're going to needa birth certificate. the president: really? female speaker: really. the president: it's real. female speaker: is it? female speaker: but is it? the president: oh. michelle left her phone.

let's see here. huh. she's got snapchat. obamacare is great! and it's really working! sign up now! male speaker: breaking news. wolf blitzer: michelleobama in hot water, after posting thisvideo earlier today.

the president:obamacare is great! no? mrs. obama: no. the president: did it geta lot of views, at least? mrs. obama: honey, enough. enough. why don't you just talkto somebody who has been through this. i got to go to soulcycle.

the president: she's right. i know who ineed to talk to. hey. it's barack. listen, couldwe get together. now that is a great movie. john boehner: yeah. it gets me every time. tom hanks: so long, partner.

the president: so, yougot any advice for me? john boehner: so nowyou want my advice? first, stop sending me allthese linkedin requests. and second, here's thebeauty of this whole thing. you've got all the time inthe world to figure this out. you can just beyou for awhile. if you know howto do that again. the president: soi can just be me. and i can wear mymom jeans in peace.

i hate these tight jeans. john boehner: that's good. that's good. yesterday, i had a beerat 11:30 in the morning. and you know, mcdonalds nowserves breakfast all day long. the president: andmichelle's going to be at spin class, soshe'll never know. john boehner: right. let it go.

and it won't be long, you'llbe able to walk right out of the oval office singingzip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-day. (laughter) and you've got plenty oftime to work on your tan. and you know what? i finally got the grandbargain on a sweet chevy tahoe. look here. you want one?

wolf blitzer: breaking news. former president barackobama on his 347th round of golf for the year, andit's totally great. and gloria, not aproblem for anybody. gloria borger: i can't thinkof a reason to care, wolf. and believe me, i've tried.

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