wohnzimmertisch eiche sägerau

wohnzimmertisch eiche sägerau

hey guys, in this tutorial i want to show you how transform new and boring wood into an old and interesting wood just by using a bunsen burner. have fun watching! for singeing you need a bunsen burner, wood oil or wood wax as needed a steel brush, rag, brushes and of course a lighter. if you buy the bunsen burner that i added in the video description you just take the gas cartridge and put in into the casing. pay attention to the upper and lower part fitting together and that the screw threads are on top of eachother to prevent it from twisting. then tighten the lower part. as soon as the black thing is linked (you'll hear a clicking sound) to the opening the gas cartridge is open. if you want to switch the cartridges just push the black thing in and you can exchange the bottles.

when you light it you shouldn't untwist it a lot, because if you do that the flame will be blown out instantly especially when doing it outside and it's a little windy. with the singeing process there is not much to keep in mind. it's best to keep the flame at a certain distance so that only the yellow part of the flame, the hottest point, is burning the wood. then you go over the wood until you reach the degree of blacking you wish if it gets too dark you can lighten it up with a steel brush that in the end you'll need anyway for brushing of ashes. so if it is too dark, you can reversible but of course it doubles the work load. here i have tried to show you three different degrees of blacking. the one in the front is somewhere in the middle, on the middle part i worked on much longer and spent more time on the same spot

and with the last one i just went over quickly which i think is the most beautiful one because you can still see the natural texture of the wood. plus it takes less effort sageing as well as less time for brushing. for brushing i would definitely recommend doing it in the basement or the garden. don't do it in the living room because of the ash flying around. the sageing itself i would recommend doing in the basement also because there's no wind pushing the flame away from the wood, so that it gets irregular and makes it difficult to reach great patterns and degrees of blacking. right, then you use the steel brush and you brush the wood until there's nothing left on your hands when touching the wood. don't go over it too much so that the blacking disappears. now you can just leave it like this. there is no need to burnish or oil it but i like it better, when putting on just a tiny amount of wood oil or wax. on the left side i used a basic wood oil, a hard oil. on the right side i used wood wax.

there is not a big difference between the two i just like it better working with wood oil but you might as well just wax it in with a rag. there is really not much more to say. it's not too complicated and i think this technique has a really beautiful effect on the wood. you can easily transform a cheap wood into an expensive looking wood. if you liked the video i am always happy about a thumbs up. if you have any further questions or comments just use the platform's comment function and i am happy to help you. if you are interested in watching new videos coming up just subscribe to my channel. and now go out, light up your bunsen burner and fire you own wood. have fun doing this and have a great time. yours niko.

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