badezimmer beleuchtung ideen

badezimmer beleuchtung ideen

>> hello, we're at the booth of vanory. i'm speaking with patrick fomferra - he will explain the special aspects of the lamp "estelle". here we have a smart mood lamp. our goal is: we want to bring atmosphere into the living space. and for us, atmosphere is a very dynamic thing. we say we need a flexible solution which always adapts to the mood of the person. and therefore we have the opportunity to change

the appearance of our decorative lamp shade. on the one hand, we have static images that differ in shape, but also dynamic appearances with different colors, so you can really create the right mood for any situation. through the smartphone app a large catalog of different animations is available, so you can really choose your favorites,

save them and then directly access them via this touch panel here so you can always changet it again according to your mood or liking. >> thank you. >> we're here at the booth of nyta. we would like to introduce you to the lamp "pong" by designer simon diener and johannes marmon will will tell us about it.

the lamp pong is a mobile pendant lamp. mobile in the sense that it is battery operated it has an led bulb and a long cable so that you can take the lamp with you wherever you want to go you can swing it over a bar, a door, or a branch if you want to go outside. it is also outdoor compatible and ip44 protected.

the special thing is that at one end the battery can be unscrewed. this part can be separately charged via usb you can also have a second one and replace it directly and screw it on again. the lamp lasts about 7 hours at about 700 lumens. it is switchable via a gesture control yes.

>> very nice. >> we're in hall 5 talking to katrin casper from nui studio. she is a project manager and explains her indirect lighting a very nice decorative system. exactly. so these are our "mygdal" plantlights. the special thing about it is that you do not have to water the plants in it. it is a completely closed

ecosystem. the led works in principle like the sun so the plants can do the photosynthesis as they do in nature. we have mouth-blown glasses, handmade metal parts, we produce this together with a company from the harz and our lights are also "smart". i can just show that on the ipad here. we also have a "tunable white" in here.

so once you can turn it on and off as you can see here now and you can also dim them. and now i'll show you how to change the color temperature from a cooler light to a warmer light. of course, a timer is also integrated and with any bluetooth enabled device you can control that. >> very beautiful. thank you mrs caspar. take care and good luck.

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