badezimmer ideen modern

badezimmer ideen modern

hey this is rick with custom concrete design in lake of the ozarks missouri this week we're over here in four seasons off horseshoe bend and we're gonna be ripping this epoxy off of this garage floor we've got to get it back down to the bare concrete probably got a few cracks that we have to repair over by the closet over on the left corner

but you know as you can tell it's coming up here in spots where the where the tires roll in and we've already started the grinding over here machines ripping it up pretty good so we're going to continue that and and get this thing prepped up today and ready to go for the models epoxy okay so we've got all the the old epoxy

coat off of there ground it all down did our repairs it's all cleaned up a couple dark spots that you're seeing in here probably is just a tiny bit of moisture because we just got through mopping it here i don't know about public twenty minutes ago but it's all prepped up and ready to go for some tan epoxy and we're gonna come back over that t an epoxy

while it's wet we're gonna toss on our vinyl chips they're gonna be brown dark brown black and white so we're gonna get started we've got everything set up here we're ready to go okay we've got the chips long and it all cleaned up right now we're mixing the epoxy and getting ready to apply it in about one minute

okay this job over in four seasons is done we actually completed this yesterday but i couldn't come in here and shoot any video because it was wet so i thought i'd come back today and if you guys are watching this on youtube please subscribe to my channel like the video if you liked it leave me a comment let me know what you think ask

me any questions i'll get back to you see you guys on the next job

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