badezimmer ideen rustikal

badezimmer ideen rustikal

these rustic bedroom dã©cor ideas can inspire many homeowners, whether it is permanent owners or rentals. everyone wants to decorate their house in the catchiest manner, creating elegant and good looking piece. however, not everyone has the resources, including the money. but if you are into creative arts and you don’t mind spending extra efforts and hours to do the work, these inspirations can deliver great outcome for your personal space. this is 5 rustic bedroom dã©cor ideas

for renters and permanent home owners by your list maker 5. solid wooden bed if you have solid wooden boards, you can change them to a functional rustic bed. mind you, though, that you need to make sure that it is really strong and solid, because you will need to have a sturdy support for the weight. you don’t want to have the bed collapsed while you are on it, do you? the project may take an extra effort and time,

but such a work will be paid off in the end. you can have a sturdy platform that ensures your good night sleep. as one of the creative rustic bedroom dã©cor ideas, you can expect greater satisfaction from this project. 4. lantern sconces generally, lanterns are used in hanging manner but these lantern sconces combine the wall mounted efficiency with stylish and rustic lantern design. you don’t really have to spend money to buy one if you can do some creative work.

attach the lanterns to wooden plank, and immediately turn it into a wall sconce with unique design. it is up to you to arrange the details but this idea is perfect for homeowners who want to improve their house without spending tons of money. 3. mirror shelf it is another piece of functional dã©cor accents that can function for several purposes. for a starter, it is a mirror, for sure. but thanks to its additional shelf and storage compartment,

it can also function as a narrow and small shelf. when combined together, this mirror shelf is great for your bedroom or bathroom. find out how to manage these rustic bedroom dã©cor ideas so you can have a natural piece without having to spend a fortune. the mirror can come in any size or dimension that you want – the arrangement is up to you. 2. rustic bench do you have solid wooden boards or planks? why not turning them into a bench?

you don’t necessarily have to make a big or wide bench – a compact and small corner bench will do. paint it in a natural color. if you want to retain the color, simply varnish it to create a glossy effect. before we get to number 1, i invite you to check subscribe button under this video. if you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot. thank you for that. 1. tree branch coat hanger you don’t need anything big to create these appealing coat hangers.

make use several solid and sturdy branches, some wooden planks or blocks, and done, pretty much. with a little craftsmanship, you will be able to turn the branches into something artistic. even when there is no coat to hang, the piece can make a unique wall accent. it is simple and inexpensive, and yet very stylish. that’s it, you should really try one of these rustic bedroom dã©cor ideas for more creative design. if you learn new things from this video, express your feeling using like or share button under this video before you leave. if you don't like it, share you mind using comment area under those buttons and tell us what you want.

then dislike it if you feel have to. see you again later sometimes in the near future and thanks for watching.

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