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joel usually but at this time has moved to a new time period on sundaynight insuring their larry douglas and carryon and on the move will kill tomorrow night on n_b_c_ annul here's another amended his briefperiod of mutual the the story you're about to hear it istrue orleanians printing king's in this day brings your

dragnet oh and amanpour from side well mister barone as chemo personaldestructive investigator special role there's evidence of wanted your job find the woman or find her murder the documented problem an actual crimeinvestigating called by the men who

unrelenting listened and watched on thesecurity of your home your family like uh... for the next thirty minutes in cooperation with the los angelespolice department you will travel step by step on the side of the law to enactlocate transcribed official require from beginning to look from crime topunishment dragnet is the story of your police force inaction was when protesting was warm in los angeles we're working the day watch a homicide

our partners been romero the boxes atbaxter and see the detectives findings right was on the way back from lunch it wastwelve fifty six when i got a room forty two promise of yaoo point forty five am now i hate thatsome force and his or her quote right here trying to remain eric kelby conan datefor yesterday says white disappeared from their home avalley sunday night

so you think she left it happens every day of reckoningmemphis with them uh... what should i well yesterday in itgary started as ned number closer missing whenever luggageeven after pocketbook behind for money found out the neighbors are missingwoman is a seventeen-year-old boy but upon marriage their only child mother daughter naked

should you think about him on this very kilby impressive pretty graduate will surely nocooperation most the time you left then i don't know if it does naropa trailer regularly for now agnes crumble kelby is thirty-ninekilometers second husband freshman but i've been there for the boy was born disappeared sunday night from her home

by forty six left over from seveno'clock but i'll be calling monday afternoon think that is why it might be spend thenight with his sister we found out she was in you make the boy you are devoting yet another kid came riding on a bike where we'retalking with neighbors kind of talk to the north film and came across from inside thehouse

penny stock eat non-stop from on tuesday forms was our job to find his wife tohave to go primary steps of the free than those for you i'm better framing relative bathroom isthat it's a perfectly and more smoke in a couple of the ranch vicki strict nothing i'm thalia boys this is one of them you've got the names of missus kilby'srelevant niamh right over here year hair

until you've been donor there is anything else funny about theguy i am i don't know within a few kelly was absent for some reason didn't strike me asreacted when your normal guy reacts with his wife is stupid uh... they'll how would you react toforget it worrying are questionable i just know foreign matter

this is one of them if the homicide about a copy of this report loopholes misimpressions organic uh... yet all right sir four o'clock that was kilby steps when they want

think something's happened would love it i'd year in police work missing person who doesnot have happened several cell as organized as a part of the homicidebureau according to bar getting who took thecall the boy said he suspected instep batu needed while in albany ny betweenhim and police office he thursday afternoon at four p_m_ reston the corner of hollywood boulevard in fairfax avenue at three fifteen venom and brought herabout the meeting place

burial and cotton coffee job we arrived at three forty five at eight minutes to five until they werestill in iran youngsters not very strong let's wait a while longer incense want more potent no thanks visible in the show

thank them for granted pat demanded that we're not going to have aproblem but the director of the mystery envelope schoolroom allows itself wasthat will back him a car or international surrounded by a six footthe wireframes looked like almost everything overboard around insideiverson bar bro calvin has little air volume and a lot plato realty havingtheir august stock up on that i would like to ask if your question forimportant mister kelly i think that it's not right now

does cat but uh... now video on quietly coming back these watchdogs of mine a pretty bigcase we can talk it could get uh... it has to tell me there's acertain romero my name's friday we've been assigned within your wife'sdisappears i'm anything yet nothing that many of you know

we did does exactly what happened inthat u_s_ disappearing remain well one u_s_ later and if there is no he was gone you can accept sunday night dinner aboutseven o'clock manly time for that and that's when i'm in the front porchfirst name will go further before it went outsideto look forward to gone nobody star leave mister kelly not that i know ofmaybe some of our nosy neighbors i don't know about your steps that was here onsunday night no per show some other kids when did youget back to jail

uh... ten five where he stepped down now we look over my life my stepsonsmokeless galvan places that time uh... to go to my sisters now hammer and feeling bad things motherdisappeared ticket exchange google already takenover uses to still be this afternoon what's that got to do with it we'd liketo talk to bruce no now i can about the voice to upset

ice analyze i'm glad you got to have torely on listen if you can get off this property right now no cuts given me saidnobody giving access to all the world's largest atanasoff regulars are close tothe way about your wife and i say you can see the book before you cut couldn't find phonegenerals batch that somebody else to correctness it'smy business anyway nobody else star business building things and go you talk about the difficult particularly we're takingin proquest doc

you've come through that gate number letthese dogs goal accidentally eighty to two dollars one thousand years ago fairy tale returned and made his way upthe path into the house five minutes later he came out without a word to either of us who camedown the path close the gate behind them and got in there way back to headquarters shatteredpleasantly about the weather nursery business dogs

report of the vote of the city hall wemet the reason for a sudden change in government his lawyer reinforces the door particularly one of the interrogationroom lawyers and the world would rather questionable lawyerobjected to out of every three questions where was hopeless renewal over the world really killed me but we did get the nameand address of his sister was a stepson

bruce was doing at the very last that i got back in the kind of oddhowever the general brigade isn't that right here on realsleeper and i'd like to know how the steps in this debate with us thisafternoon on the picket goes matters department but overburdened wrestle sister's house audionews bludgeoned manbeing fourteen delaying working on certain had a good break very quicklymoved to right

mcp consumers looking measurement well-kepthickman upon a lot president ron arnold it american being played resulted length we must deal with thirty every year without your brother earlier todaymister lee so that you brought his stepson bruce here to stay for a while

blessing bruce include yet about or not a half ago i went to the storeand i think that he was gone having any idea where lending oneproblem and i don't think that before you can go there is nothing wearing my feet worried about anything for it is about mothers that if there is youknow through everything will work aroundcommon

we went in and both the house over fromone end of the other wasn't reasonable we go back to kilby's nursery in sendingletters out whatever later then we came back down hamburg kept aneye on this but the kilby's home until midnight no one came around the five minutes past midnight thelights went off in the living room few minutes later in the background the next morning and then i checked infor work as usual at eight o'clock

network after the homicide by turning but make it through so positive that hasbeen in a program of scale beefing market st yet but not part of it thewhole fed up with mcveigh for instance at a lawyer firm and dennis and his lawyers thatwith an interrogation room and tell them not to answer questions number twotickets telephone call maybe doesn't get along with his stepfather that happensyou know but he's trying to get back at him forsomething or other maybe from last kelby hiding them out

fisheries are in the month no one would think you can that the other woman walked away fromhome seminar nobody starstruck matheran no clothes no additional money effect of the family doctor rested sources tell me was in perfect health wedouble check the wonders file repeaters by missing persons couldn't find a newone about a relatives in town eminence addedup to me at camp won't take much more well one thing is certain the womancouldn't have gone right rock 'n hectic

yourself a studio the hospital center for repeatedly recover the cityhas a description he's been almost four days but nobodysenior how does that add up to you it doesn't even a move on it check everyone images cabbies friendsand relatively free and try the neighbors along as i have been a cop neighborshave been able to tell everything about anyone void

elected and i mean for for staffordwesterners or bank restoring inner are saving statement showed a totalbalance thirty one thousand five hundred sixty four dollars and seventeen cents for separate checking account had abalance of a hundred and forty two dollars and seventy one cents at the farmers mutual sleep on therecord of an insurance policy should adness tromble calvert there was a twenty-three like policycovering letter in the amount of thirty thousand dollars

the beneficiary was listed as theinsurance and bruce trumbull kelly that living a former senator group if not insurance has been eric cantor the kind of taking your financial statusthe odds were piling up there from only casual reports we militarykilby was approval man it was pretty as well if he wanted and needed money badlyenough to kill bearing at all or more is necessary to murder his wife maybe a stepson through

penalized item in terms of missuskelley's friends and relatives our first opposite the apartment of canstill be sister a talkative maiden lady in the earlysixties avenue active metcash elaborate because i think that we and will support that he might be hot ifthey request marykay about all the he says he thinks it will have for actingthe tidak repeatedly house strange anything too many good reasons why yousister would leave midfield knoll they had yet because roland

and criteria that demand about those deliberate pointing to the idling aboutthose anne minner or will they get the ball and all you know angers including talked bad about it all aren't untainted by a few dollars forgood on its way through rock formations let you know i'm not broken kept rolling all don't yell at me capable

head of the extent of the informationwitnesses brother sister next week on an air missus james b_trouble eighty three years old regularly understand requested let aloneand he hadn't seen any sadness in the year after that we paid a visit to one of thecalories friends missus lowey and humble making the acting any good readingwriting with me he didn't about bootstrapping you know maybe anneke next week on a busy mccloud who workedfor the remainder of the story

that we thought that the fed i and mining my work nothing i wasn't i can to attract i think half an hour for lunch and ifeel like a prepayment unexpected and i think the bathroom not the peking to the people trying todo i'm contacting and when i couldn't tell you exactly what you mean there told he said hi fi

colleague i didn't personally bussiness nightline thing never done anything you need yes unharmed driven by the people working mennonite thanks to the list oftelevision friends relatives employees we started out on the neighbors

none of them saw missus colby at sixp_m_ the night she disappeared through the neighbors at the southernwhatsoever in addition candles and a quarter this is doubly reflected in her carekinda return putting them in happens mister and missus expert and i got backto leon the lightest o'brien captain burningzones romania de-mining and you know what the captain's hang aroundfor a fast learner caving pretty good deal of fear

i've got some austria just walked infive minutes ago when you meet frank who often brucekelby he's waiting in the next room when it's proven that who's guilty was small for a seventeen-year-old backhere in the middle of the second time because they couldn't beat the baby madewith us on the phone because his stepfather apparently did overhear theconversation problem dracula sisters on alhambra we asked him why was unsure of hisstepfather was responsible for his

mother sudden disappearance for onething all three of us usually go to the early show on sunday night eric mooney but sony ericsson even feeling good andhe wanted mom to stay home and take care of him learning to read going into the show soi did what time did you get home sam not nine thirty quarter to ten that was used it for the dilemma anduh... sitting in the living room reading thepaper

you notice anything unusual about theway active he was not received jumping more than usual i think anythingelse when i came into the front yard andmister daunting not over their palms they did have some women are streetcarsand won't be thompson research women heat doesn't want to travel theseedlings what would you step ought to be doing mistreatment disease it is the work that night looser number posturing glided throughthe greenhouses and it has in the green

others we traveled i think the letter of it's my job is to get the greenhousehansard kept gravel another not money i think spendingbefore saturday what do you think it means uh... i don't know why i don't think about it and i just know we've done somethinghe's done something to our digestive for giving a reason to keep him away fromthe police officers of the day no certainty he said people were gettingosian he said it might be better for me overhis brother's he's his sister

do you think your aunt bertha might knowwhat your mother is no we hardly ever see her we don't know what went wrong we read your mother and your stepfatherargued about whether you should be paid for your work in the nursery when i started to work for you promiseto pay me i was thinking of the by thirty onemodeling even after a couple months whensomething i ask him he told me i'll be glad to work for mefor nothing and your mother i stayed

with him over that we sure did was handling the bartendersfree anyway uh... to get away from her as place lastnight what britain has had something to do isyou left me alone she locked the door to my room evenly screen over the window in my roomwas nailed down but i keep it out and got away idea stated friend's house last nightboredom but we do in a statement removed

but i'm not going home and i'm not going back to breakfastplace here now get a room i'd like to stay at my house a few days stern i salute you sir maybe i better not mom might not like aor take care of that myself and get some dinner surgery i'm sorry sir all right

company rethinking he could be lying network here he would bring fear reunionnow is found that by now from a system ofthe boys gone he probably figures the police station is the first place ecomwouldn't do much good pulling the now then could even questioning ten-to-one hislawyer doing for us when we got back faced the problem how do we get the riskof a without his lawyer finding out

month-to-month anymore and can't readmore about premises saying thank you be looking for same and might do it interested by the perry county owns so that we can all labor and if we could use questionable and at night it wouldn't take much tomaking tougher activity dr get out there in the early morning andbring them in for questioning as quietly

as possible albion at six a_m_ if you want me beforethen call me at home right thing cabbies got a smart lawyer going to befunny i had to convict him without a body corroborating evidence you could four acres at the camp in hand of bodies and foreign person i mean this case is intendingit's just beginning the next morning ben and i met at theoffice a few minutes past four a_m_

erica quasimodo not at all andrestaurant where we started for the government out of alaska wrote which of course pounds of thanks forspeaking with us to keep the dogs play periods of time was twenty-eight minutes past four wentand looked at it was done with the regain governorship get out of the time either way down theroad leading recent right away catalog dogs are below

overpaid and would like to accompanycustomer or silverdarkcure here monaco and i'm handling accumulate company primary anglicans bad what'sgoing on the house commitment there that napoli dot in this incoming notit's going to get you go obsessive rebecca accused of there's my steps and waited and waitedfor the delay white you're gonna pay for they shall havegood jobs is not the first time i heard that the other let's go uh...

at blackburn kittens out there volatility in houston faced with a smileto my work thing in the office and stay with him falsify seniors como kilby instead okay friday you bring in delving used aninterrogation room benzworld somebody celia don't think so

i must've salvi's lawyer says in thenext room no kelby again refused a request of theadvice of his attorney relief that they kept internetional too manypeople and the nurse really formal tell these movements shortly after seven o'clock at nightjust after nightfall we tried once again to bring in tel aviv requesting withouthis lawyers knowledge it didn't work little and we've booked in his lawyerbeing reviewed it scored we had to

release him again the two men are trying to stake out thekelby plays reported definitely that somebody was chipping away or wheneverunknown visitor short of the nursery and drove off celtic nothing to do about it next morning particularly and with abort accidentally i think is given as apretty good lead there's only one way we'll ever get aconviction that's by finding the body of evidence to tie kelby and and i will doit for two weeks that looking in a new

rosa bed next to one of the greenhousesin cal business rate became came up with it last night first counties crazy about saving adollar and make a montana industry trade especially where you havea limited area to work in like every you cultivate every for the ground every bitas so you've got is planted with something cabbies not prepared to waste anything especially is not the kind of would notgrant life out when he could plan something that might bring in a fewdollars next season

bruce tells me his stepfather has everyinch of those four acres planted everything accepted six by nine foot by the groundand that rose garden sounds like a lot of stuff to me frank so i said he prepared that piece a graphof planning late saturday afternoon his stepfather monitored ready for saturdaymorning the product around still vacant minorplanet yesterday care less time here through before i came to work thismorning i called them and i stayed up next to the nursery determinant butstill empty

for the chance for me when we look it over i don't want calibrator is a lawyer toknow a thing until we find that body women working we'll order up of crew from the crimelab thing take probing screw that popping all around it think alicewithout any guesswork out of the fairgrounds been worked over lately whenyou want to start beginning office at eight thirty tonightif my hunch is there any good we'll find the body

within minutes past nine at night wehave to be told the police infinitely jones and his assistants barrel randall robinson announced a back door of the kelby leftabout kramer or dark blue crew embargo on the usual supply working forthe dogs will nearly double layer we found the empty plot of ground rulesthat next to the greenhouse exactly as was described as a crowning would go so late

please for the five feet down idealist outdated some adult day care the dogs sports and revelation right here university of those interested in nobody's and no more than just relaxessolar allegedly with me so the whole story in on the ground don't think so

judging from the station about how israelis cattle feed killedhimself none of that his children uh... you mentally alert watching at thedebt up the pace romero you've got a picture of iteveryone and didn't at the right down here and should be enough

uh... then i went back to the crimenotified communications to broadcast the one for murder on eric kelby that description began with adescription of the car license number of the car i was driving with rebroadcastevery fifteen minutes then we went back to her house we found the front door online wheninside our own one-bedroom we find clothes scatteredover the bed and the poor it was only one also remaining in thecloset on the table next to the bed without anairline's timetables

we got to the following notifiedcommunications through it all points details of railroad station cholesterolsan airline and then to send out any pbm intel inside after that we check of the airlines one of them told us that i'm answeringshelby's description of the package for mexico city the plane is scheduled to take off atten forty that night from burbank airport stands watch at four minutes past him

he called the detail of the airport inorder to then we go over to check in person it was ten thirty five pm and then itook up positions just inside gave three where passengers were boarding pointseventy two for mexico city kathleen coke zero at about four minutesmore mature line we waited the crowd up quicker departure time camecloser at ten thirty nine erie county came tothe main entrance across the terminals too deeply into a parent and domesticpositioning when frank u_s_ buddy him

pot i don't know what you're talking aboutin their own connected and we now your lawyer can have this time but a nice trip spent begins i didn't know what i was doing theinvestigation a huge aeromexico thing someone come from last ah... i didn'tmean it she slapped me they were arguing about the blessed me with

out of your gonna tell me but your children you mister klein mud happened there remain care to protector at calvary was tried and convicted ofmurder in the first degree he is now awaiting execution in thelethal gas chamber at the state

penitentiary u_s_ demanded favorable dictatorstranscribed fired technical advice or dragnet com office of the anyway whartonacting chief of police los angeles police department tonight programmers better suited towilliam j_ western europe the washington view people department along the eveningof march or nineteen forty-five gave his life mature might be moresecure fire reform welfare you'll enjoy myprediction wagner guadalupe diamond with informatica

floral usually heard of that time thatwill be when your time period of time tonight surely he relied campaign manualnight on n_b_c_ and really the national broadcastingcompany there's another and it is great forinterview joe them maintenance the story you're about to hear is true only the names have been she's toprotect the innocent and deeply for who right now

garden or real-world disappears one hundred at the ground thirty thousand dollarsroom one room the document and almost an actual timesinvestigation lulled by the man who unrelenting leased and bought securityof your home your finally and delight for the next thirty minutes and walkright in the last and hopefully

department you will travel that mighthave on the side of all-black broadway brand died from a couple of frombeginning to end on prime punishment dragnet has the story of your colleagueboys inaction let's do the toward plugins they're working the night watch ahomicide bipartisan romero positive expectancy keepsakes on either side as on the way back to the states officeit was three twenty six a_m_ in the bathroom forty two

homicide and apple yes where he respected leadersin a minute and i would what you just as itself a fourteen shehas trouble distressed and i want to take a left hand renegade and and itgoes on inside those united isn't a complete with the house want it such a way to business as usual refillspower three thirty a_m_ thank you off the rate of twenty minutes of thegap off martin sullivan vice president thirdnational bank at a twenty two-year-old daughter theyhad one

rolled letting being from didn't and you know mortally wounded melanoma against brutality and i've beenout here usually little levels of uh... buildersof this little before one o'clock yesterday afternoon eleven last night hegot a letter one thirty thousand dollars ovens andgot that kind of money into no where there is almost out of his return

romance in our hand delegates to thegirl out of business school caracol outta class were by those six it was a bit of afamily but teaches what was his dog have a good one and all of them and of coursewe finally got to look good to hear if i was nine went about as well as you can the used car witnesses that it was ablue sedan didn't get the license number of the many they remember what thedemocrats wise man one sixty reference to target them is a copy of the water usual waited now

i have your daughter's judy getdesperate thirty thousand thirty thousand dollars quick if you want herback relaxing don't forget to resolve here andthinking through standard weren't lol listing of the name moneyless at the original your please your stuffthe kind listings for friends and like-minded aladdin's pareshan rosebushes which would thank you and uh... and with them and and

bigoted and exactly what you have tounits uh... contingency and near the two men who have been independence and listen yes uh... manager of mister faction i are you sure about all this e youmight frightened do something to do the in these meansjustin into it and know how you must feel that

can-do attitude squashing system integration pregnant development mumbai learning and okay okay added on the table second in command and denver when this kind

and and and and and continuity in the middle of the loopinterested positions really park required morals involved and dr come along bring thirty thousand will be told rule those telecast

stores to do or anyone else gifford women's tennismeant to do these days away them so i was going out there alonehidden momentum you'll be hit town because of thecountry any plan went on during one of the back door and theresult of a rising weekends ourselves in the trunkapartment has closed the door on some black suspects of the door to pushbuilding from the inside few minutes later mr starr to k_-martcatholics armadillo

agreements provide we've put up ameeting place in chile in part they waited nothing happened but five minutes passed by the start ofthe tunnel florentine sonya skills list salmon

bound to happen anything else macy and convert terms train one hansen cold feet maybe dissuaded over the world and governor more than you might like jack kemp

multinational painters hugged mr starr yay we're three digging literally missusunhook they'll come back here again to be once you make it a lot for uh... okay market roadblocks cockpit donor copyright

helpless uh... congressional action boo boo boo boo u_n_ me yet plant monday crystals development gotback on she contacted and mccormick and bathroom whom we can

history hand-in-hand bound for dean whathappens sometimes one kind retrieved from thewith him on william wants momentum rang and i don't know howto learn demanding latinos opens ultimately isindigent care beginning in any way pretty british not pick my word foranything and dancing katie katie control and it okay tocontrol what's going on drummond liberal d drugs were marked as importantdevelopment

goldenrod during exam all-pointsbulletin continued his car and the girls have been done in the dark side of thelaw enforcement drug hearings in the same level definitely radio every dollar solomon upon completion of businessdevelopment uninspected not because i think suspect without going to thefollowing he'd raised almost gentile latin viablethe serial number needs once there was probably between the moderate and thenreject by homicidal so by the wolves in legal terms of the trade three separatecontent to cover his tracks well do you agree to somewhere just lettingfive hundred square miles we know we had

to find the perfect was eighteen minutespast six months that backed up by it's probably going to do a good credit limitresolutely drug nicotine repeatedly teams and going to put money into mutualinterest and the groom ruthlessness stay away from selling the kids and editorslost a little admired it over the crime lab memories are good friends like you lead by the president's economic tounemployed are no sentencing it down into the going to make onconsulate and interact with a writers but i don't would like to go to a half percent uh...incident inhibitors economy eat thirteen

going to be word standard forward five dollars just don'tunderstand about benjamin those two points we just have to about lettingthem make them something open files literary listing that is full of ideasand donald alpha deeper professional but the building donald albertine held hostage in themorning that surprised the eighteen hundreds of new uh... background yet oneprevious cramped reporting in los angeles has tripled heated occupation ofthe task for the rest of the bankcard third national made women about overtimereport and lauren passengers is not

perfect and even for the for exampletrying selvam when the vice president so that was the one who prefer chargesagainst featuring felonies prosecuted with is given and three placed on probation on may sixteen ththis year he returned to his home in beaumont depression as thirteen eighty mechanized anand him on the phone then taken to confronthim present taking his baggage and there'sno better than my son antics and reading

and go to the grand time and he wouldjump with a double as well with the battle with that will put it down anduh... ambled did good you and granted removed you know opening pressure on the damn thing people maintain united typically springclasses last tell jokes from out of the i'd on school grounds magnificentlysalim birmingham i don't do much we've been in the face of one of my texted

book notes of the same kind of papersdepression showboat pieces of paper from the same time jected to be the covenantcontinued opus amendment canceled funded after two and i'll keep adescription of the broadcast throughout the year what to expect all departments or maybeshe was brought back the entire state member station every post office in thecity dot com wrote might come through the mail bus depots railroad terminal tothe airport and all of their own throughout the city workers picture mail into how single syria was broken downinto little square mile districts in the

house the house and come back firemen were assigned to cover swimmeroutlying towns and cities request into the city by five o'clock this afternoon thegreatest reagan operation in the history of the city's was underway who should our people were somewhereinside twelve minutes past five m got the callback from sonoma hopefully acai uh... report one time weapons like that

well thank you live survived animated have moral that wasthe first two want to two months of metro breezes tormenting thirteenmembers of maine nebraska legislative fixed rate for one uh... bystander wasbusted university for a little more bus tickets it wasn't for the first time dispersedseason a_b_c_'s google insults through and labor analyst which is not a problemon the twenty for the times you would need to get into the settlements as youcan and fears were sensitive mandolinvisited

rai dead tsp and predecessor's insist on justwon't go citizens bank and with that the anyway the recession roaming withhis office within ten minutes ago suspiciousmovements softness he's getting more money

five thousand dollars dancer lovers ofthe bills yeah let him get out of my sight and yearsand now we've got to find out where he's going to meet he first because there wasa sauna yes stitches known about it hysteria let's go inside by post uh... business on date thank youso you went down doctors were month but i wasn't there the six-day fast against

well yes well you know we'll be right out was by himself limitless here more often he give you don't have any yeah that the newspapers wildfires in the area were notifiedcontact made with the first redone the

controversial here and gerry adams lined up leads on michael solomon standing in themiddle of the rolling into the swing learning five hundred feet down the hill with theprivate residence resolvable was the only billions gilliardi uh... point one million mechanical bull on trans found the bodyof myself we notify the crime lab that and harlemdespite a subversive emotional shock

lifestyle tells the story duties right believed it went to bed picked the offices of when will he be command police gcs crime as his own vision thing i'm computer stupid

at because she said told his six required but the man in complete thank you stick to get the moneymississauga i got out of it parking next time student they've been in the room mister sullivan

goldman's and heat could not be seen cancer comedian the independent who complete attack items did you see his car usa keepers beyond the scope two three

postscript propitious time did you seehis car and with with chris when etc globaltrade he wasn't there if you could couldn't competitive agreed

the movie remove the conclusion that that millions so that before it went into a state of completecollapse remarks on the donald l he definitely an information doesn't need to relay butseveral divisions rebroadcast of the entire police radio system teletype was dispensers officerscommunications assistant police stations around the country processor of yourpresident

the dragnet was real sat down and he wasgoing slowly in which swelled with like limited release a list of the numbers onthe ground in the next year doesn't plan on television who have pages serialnumbers given fixed rate that that is because the people here however westlakeone of the bedroom mansion held this town never forget thatreminded you know make deals with killers no workanything related citizenry's analyst upon americans killed by theinsiderpages thinking about those treatment butcertainly until yesterday

every story about the field experiencesthe good stuff every day making his scrapbook and intelligent and remarksnow no one so far and everyone of them was crypto policemen blog-post the bodies have been doingswell and minuscule and yeah spaghetti what concert iraq's at whatthey found the body left him alone can't bosnian taylor checking on when inc williamson adjunto

the season in this calhoun jill becausethey're such as their just to see goes back into the sea there at one case next only marginally mainly department los angeles rationalizing six x_-rayed for one night when we come back to the office feedbackand immediately use of the cancellation of the one order of the blue sedan manyare to be doing in the state dot the car

in the event he decided to come backtoward abuses coroner's report elicited resistance relations time of death must be acceleratingapproximately rupees when our as requested can't be right if he's wrong hooves as her mother till den take a call up to five oh threeweather thanks lifetime

with the american cancer by was reversed we'll be right over summarize the money bags it shows upbeverly in highland park the man's name was about donahue theoperative a used car lot on the corner of beverly in thailand islamist earlythat morning he sold a dark blue late model coop to amanda davies nema spreadsermons some and pay for the contents i mean you told us that you have to saythat the members of a bill that the banana demonoid staring them a check outyou know everyone and his colleague

doctor look officer did you know igenerally do online suspicious ground into a bit small managed to lose weight and get thefull descriptions would have experienced all right let's get on the air at allwith ties to find one in the breaks while i was waiting for you to leave them as best we have to do another pieceof the rest of money just got a busy downtown requirements toward clark wasunable to remember who gave her the bill the detailed throughout the generaldowntown area was strengthened

house-to-house search of the necessityfor due to some of the murders why dont the afternoon dragged into the earlyevening at twenty minutes to seven that i had ahamburger or cup of coffee in the drugstore at least broadway in spirit rebecca luker check the communicationsworkers in the neighborhood again nine minutes daily managing thedescription of the housekeeper was seen crossing sunset boulevard just below myson seven minutes later the same andreported near the intersection of hollywood boulevard was promised

communications relay the informationtwenty one minutes past data archive the cd a lot of those mothers wereconcentrated on hollywood boulevard area from dollars curriculum freya privateavenue the santa monica boulevard twenty four minutes past the an officialand someone was pessimistic guys put on hold on hollywood boulevard into ourbond street the number of them and in real-timenearly always redouble plainclothes officers were stationed at everyintersection to keep an eye out for this contract at eighteen minutes tonight productivegroup which degree but that morning

responded by him and i guess paulhollywood boulevard in growing up would call investment to five oh three out his bright lights is there cutting-edge despite the first i want totalk this morning about america limit how we have uh... here the character must

got listed there right here uniquely themselves just don't know if ijust brought home matthew differently no i don't i think that uh... arguerepressive practice commit bring a tendollar-billion cabinet officers inferences shockedconfusing apologizing for a lot of version of the original is disabled stardom i think you know good wouldn't agreefundamentally about a half hour ago you

show it was a keeper like your we'relooking to cement mentioned ireland as well you know he has left the pitchercompartments reminiscent of throughout dinner of the show anything to say so anything didn't even ask question ofcomplications tribunals indicate a controlled jorge okay tocontrol for us control for well frequencies for some ofthe murder suspect o_j_ resembled interfere in the southeast courtroomhollywood boulevard in fairview w surrounding areas control for have arguments stored in thegeneral area hollywood boulevard

interview used to keep it a lot of lifeof the intersection of hollywood boulevard and right charity travel office at the embassy democraticunit sixty one eight of what the intersection of hollywood boulevardlessons to be travel office building in a town units and you're listening to uswhat we are going to be here indicating democrat does it mean with the rest of one-half mile it wascompletely blasted readjustment there was never at nine twenty three women has an impacton the severe manager's office expand

eyeliner kind of operation at ninetwenty eight a detailed fourteen men walk down missiles on the link for thefears about the cause of this error the orchestra pit pickett was stopped every likhna theaterwas turned on aspect and has been an island coming out in front of the stateback ten million faded intended theme it does great-great-grandmother development thatthe other even if it out i went back to their electoralanalytical at cooperation there's no need to panic here okay

opelika economic result it by the mainentrance each one of you will be checked ideological santabanta diplomatic corpsgraduate gay every actor to cover the entireblockaded don't wait a while and it really the come on man actually management home one elevenprocter and gamble right what regards right on target relevant fighting and uh... over here the question

alright first again it's that you know what'shappening did no one i was still custom kidney andliver uh... and of interactive processing forcefully his brain parents removed ligament worker

to protect them donald alfred keep their was tried andconvicted of return the first degree he was executed in the lethal destinedfor as the state penitentiary brown you have just read dealer reasonable and ithink maybe provide boyd companies listening he is the onlytime tell me what it would believed that money benighted program with the kids aregoing to determine that marshall gandhi's bland more general rule on themorning of the five-thirty burton nineteen forty gave his life

would you agree with you more secure brightman broomfield toward detail alongwith uh... tomorrow night on interest time room and it is great parade of mutual manuel it it and is the brings you progress old older liberal or older lonavalapayroll a brutal what little one of us burdenrivers daughter your job black man documented all of the actualcrime investigational fundamental

unrelenting late and what you know ifyour home you know who i am alejandro and haldeman thirty minute incooperation with a lot manually allotment will adults biden and won't let obamawinning willfully i'm beginning to end magnitude magnitude story of yourreports inaction take we're working with me what bustedexperiences was eleven fifty am your districtheating oil spills employed worldwide treatment room uh... maymester goodman's band pretensegoing frances went with him

reinventing without him makers on him janet clinton romero and with a few minutes your chest brightness instantly accompanied yes ithink between joe friday can you tell us how ithappened you're quite happily watching tell me

figure it joe well you do if we got to find out how tohappen directing traffic east broadway for st because called stopped break open how many men in the country hi john breakthrough

google vista and the pedestrian just you know mastered backup eternally just ask uh... john in life dark hair mask backup pointed a gun the recruiting he in origin

no reasonable production here what about the elementary cuttingt_c_m_p_ describe him yet again then took got to cut the driver john it appearsyou know and that way we got bynum you gotta help he mentioned is underway should be in aminute can you tell us the other men in the car when he looked like when you look like impressions

yeah all the other man john we got thedriver one of the other men look like lead come on down weinstein location complain stick and then and he and too always picked up a family member things got a bollywood then you don'tjust put a gun and shoot him an noticing in downtown houston

today we got to say that they can'tnotably explaining all i know it's a good shot jumping as my little light and might be a late night koreancritique uh... opens for you but i think it was agold prices my megaman really roommates were warned swinging baker'sbut well stocked on television okay determined young well competitive questions but it wasmentioned testimony but this guy and i'm

willing to disconnected another serious yet because he's done the family guy satellite two kids when he she remarried as we did you know the reason said there was noneed but we're gonna make you on this becauseyou know i don't get

and only but you should have share joel davis they will doctors minty sub list that wewould be back in a minute much i don't have it who companies eager so we have a nicehedonic accomplished enough at m_i_t_ appointed bickered get mad whenemployees devastated perceiving a slut director because ithink that the people to bring pictures that i liked it it was definitely identified as john wegot three good witness

identification between the chocolatechip policy pickers getting your money goes to court who uh... yes no you interested he made a good time did he say anything that help one mine said a prayer here

god artistic superig hat nobody does when i make a decade isdiminishing soaring street i make form of the branch of government uh... radio still has a lot of the crime labis running through morgan no uh... makeup and unemployment or do youhave a couple report i would still be interpret impeachment predator plans kind of car industry and taste of theratification chrysler cirrus

the pick up some of them swatches hands candidate for the highlights okay kenji alma but perhaps bars on when his own i've come up with a small well i guess i open it no deal might talk naked attractive who is theother democrats i would give writing my dear on which ahuge

maybe they're scared they're part of the game maisie who was the other gal went to work come on because you're wasting and nookay pick where we go kick creek planets are calling on doctors

intimate capital the gun first likability astroshere we recall we're told uh... that tell you about it duplicative nutella dining room and junk like u_s_ her women figure it out alright demolition nice to you guys

do it denied electoral inducted employement in the union leaders with personal thatultimately at one thirteen pm november sixteen while attempting to associate his body was taken to the county morewas posted all of personal like spot on the lateralor aristocrat given to our office at eight thirty five innings morningvenneman chief detectives at baxter

usual gambit was granted we'll examine president for what it'sgoing broke in animal each one of the dentist and u_s_ armywent on makes it easy the commitment in the end of animprovement as well that is that your traffic of would be missed a bit worriedand without having to yesterday morning dot he's bundling first at ten thirty five a great coop for thefirst stop sign vickers was driving famous that'd ordered on the back of apedestrian zone

pictures pollination aniket figures jason three-mile report on the lumbertruck guy would undoubtedly time checked or a man who make a war zonebecome ic that's an interesting point richard gere spending and unemployment pictures could have been absent duckstanding over georgia street didn't know e-tickets

section alan you find it by talking yeah yeah good they're overly foreign business and crime i just foundvickers address by hand mostly scene silver dollar hotel

we see the mr james baker's six dollarsand fifty cents room three forty five where'd you find them on the front seat in with the toolsanything else nothing about prince too and a smudge will begin on the making ro cram so much for granted smith noneof the question misses them julia two months if we can make it paidoff we located the silver dollar rhodeisland graham between sixteen th street

we go was an all time frame buildings rightnow in the undersigned getting out of that i was promoted again from managers name with a brigade we should have a picture of james livedredoubling identified him as one of his warning and told you told us that theycould state of the hotel one week in rome reported it checked out the windowwoodpeckers daniel on this day alone quiet man

the ebony visited wouldn't know paid his bills spend mostof his time away from the hotel good tenant that they could have a friend herelittle maybe one room next to mister wicker's he still lives here to amuse to be aneffect and we look at that room vicar st in worcester gauge whose c history

this way this mandated was friendly with wantednamely nag raymond room three four three in israel now nowent out buddy this morning here they are later how well would you say met with his newengland couldn't saying good tenants both of them pay their bills they go out to getting to know eachother well wouldn't know night don't cry litigation boswell restricted we toldyou that we appreciate your cooperation

collaboration don't pay the rent sajan slump this when d here three four five canada nothin but uh... there verdict mean you know all my rooms are clean it means that wemissed it did well if you chose nights from now

s next door in id mag don't about this poking into otherpeople's rooms not regularly there's murder the minister of admitting that ended in terms of should i ask questions don't you known died as a friend staying withinabout two weeks now not in march enough

don't think so dropped back your kitchen he'd brownokay mhm he candidates because their then is outgoing what you've done to the room i'd like you said knight was even visit his friend great friends forty five automatic in his hand

but it's not knowing the bureau anotherforty five look in his bag i don't cry he pays his bills lieutenant and i get outside on his phone manyyears or outside for the contents at if the books rates are you doing who's gonna pay for the damage testmister nice friend here well say why worry pages bills goodtenant

woohoo going on and and and and you know theyhave a little really minimal arena benadryl nearly two million for the worddocument that and then you know here in the nineteen twenty one from papers bottom as well in the hotelroom he was i don't know i didn't mind ganem nineteen ninety-six watch extremekansas city missouri bombing at the headquarters we hadguarantee of the individual questioning reading needlessly was what what do you knowuh... it was a real

in the manual maintenance on ultimately jail atmosphere return photomerger like remind him down jonsman enigmatic international instrument yeah lawrence you'll get my girlfriend mansion underneath rightly ordered geochemicalinto the pit of despair person handsome regions victim wanted and fourto forty three desertion u_s_ arafat could have done for the storm here what about the make almost currentlyfound mistaken

sent taylor's brimstone red warburton two armed robberies to assault weaponsthe monarchy moving long-time toys very soon using it young field her friend comethis winter annie hamp nearly as women make rearming or technology will women languid reward regional miller lite and regional dennis i'm lyntillman

gonna run regularly blanco hangin but you're worried no we're not worriedand you want to be i'll make you laugh here ted in women i think no for yousend me up for we're gonna try big toe island you know bakers and and for me whose controllable and we found you i'm not were in maneuver stadium

vickers might kill him you run withinyour hands are dirty to i really didn't make it through night didn't come backthough still waiting not that quote if you're going to printthat's close enough for us antonen all workers you mean you didn't know he said i don't know we got this is theinitiative good story monday more no okay and the playground

hilton it'd him plays on it universal corpse before that non-union hit me back and looked utility right it back out enough belief this way again against a cow hollowrebecca she printed now he's my friend i'm not in who is ini don't know it he he

rifampin and things like producer of freddie stakeout awkward oc buck ok dave thankscongress going can call here you know me better colorado a young man just pickedup night at the hotel it incriminate you your own life like whereby they completely again theofficers on the way in the article but made no mention of the blessings ofcanada still watches identity and you indicated that were planning a job a bigwhen we know that you in a way to get on the witness standhere so it's a really nice

and didn't take too long to recreation when you do so little time living in nyc he hadn't gotten down and let me ask you wanted man okay open a month him a good shuffle you're gonna have some time and again

lowering of chi game keep yourself that game for two better with three leonard cohen you get to that first office came as quite a bit likegin rummy very very soon for jokers silverstone fifty points withhim

read three eight caliber twenty to get out black streak in freezer thatlisten shouldn't say they've been asking thecall of the pack heck went to pray it's been described by the same is injail together read three you can createmelissa block three what happens when you free nobody can pick it up steal a dummy ended binding and i'm sure you'll change yourmind

you don't think you know and then to have a good deal of fifteentimes day coming plague joining us accepting i'veonly played up before hebrew partners with full nelson esoteric thank expecting thirteen fifteen fifteen right now now one of them analogous to the earlier and openmemories which chile spent a moment

well you have a great here you got a couple black three eighteenyears old year find the kind of big it was a red trees by three dr allrestaurant that's right do you know what black reasonable mediumusing the phrase about add and where you know i mean find out what he had entered your herejokers are wild immorality count near one of hundred-point read your user witha hundred jokers got fifty unit things like that i don't understand how simplecannot be guaranteed playing you get it done together

okay here it is really uh... running jobyou have any black green really really really wanna bag but no law that woulduh... landry read the bag but that's not the only thing i can do it and no no issues can be losing things really theonly difference is usability lab we have the heavens anywhere in order to pick upthe men know the blackberry it's going to mean that morning all right miss clark maker silicon wheni when i return pandora talent uh... right and anyway in that time

twenty after one and a little while pero frazier company messenger leaves ofone twenty to get the payroll they're demanding again what is your least one twenty eight two eight then what did he leave one twenty we did bank it nominee to comfort with thecompany their news brandon again ways to make a major goes to

at the box like a national thirty-two where they're going to commercial reality clay street and then check itout of communications embark on a block of the area committee taylor dot stay with us down and k feature training olympic danny apparel division as a policedepartment to and apparel division it's

an emergency you know mister happened is i can't by policedepartment we gotta get your payroll issues goingto be held up to date elector building house yeah after frank he'd finished god

alexander regularly and win in a minuteat no time half the manager on duty pleaseallegedly movement holland hello hide image each other his itin friday police department hecalled the paramus given the brighter coming at the banquet higher alice herr

hai chair has was charged with a method to usechickens which are decided by the police department the payroll maturecollaborator coming at the bank yet any of the payroll of thanks payrollsurvey canada nanoscale inhibitory cattlemen absolutely bridgesinadvertently bipartisanship tonight acquired

gone the road required the down hammy wanted child continues let's go wonder why he cried so hard you know

and all of them some people in my and symbol of what'sgoing on never know when to stop the and eleven the repaired here right down and the only surviving memberof the hold up to you was tried and convicted of a crime ofassault with intent to commit murder is not serving out his sentence at thestate penitentiary ba brenda six determinedly reminding methis prohibition twelve technical advice or dragnet domas of acting playboy there besides program is dedicated to proud ofthat particular washington d_c_ police

department and go on the evening ofdecember thirteen nineteen forty six didn't live so that your might be more secure and no band and realizing that things will run well thenyou than the select a great deal about the stuff like a great deal about phil harris forinstance we like your beautiful blonde wife alicefred in fact we like the donors i was

very shown and it just happens thereturns to the embassy arab tomorrow why don't you take art buyers can listento one of the funniest rolls around anywhere that the bill that i was very shorttomorrow what most of the same n_b_c_ station burden for the stars on n_b_c_ who

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