badezimmer schmal ideen

badezimmer schmal ideen

hello welcome back to the prefetto refuge, intoday's video i will show you what i do to maximize spaces and organizethings in the bathroom. i've always lived in really small housesand try to exploit all the centimeters available even when they were not there by nowit has become a natural instinct, it is a part of my dna. as we have already seen in previous videoson the market we find accessories to save space to organize anything, and even ifour bathroom is really tiny, with some right strategy and intelligent help,we can dramatically increase space available, well then, let's see from whereto start.

the two main problems in the organizationof the bathroom are: do not have enough spacehow to organize things. a very small piece of advice i wanted to give youas an introduction if you need to restructure a small bathroom, and you're choosing the bathroom fixtures,try to prefer a built-in washbasin or suspended, and not by column, this wayyou can insert a piece of furniture below. always choose wall-hung sanitary ware and a showerinstead of the tub. take advantage of vertical spaces. like in every other room even in the bathroom isuseful to try to exploit vertical spaces free, check if there are corners whereto be able to add furniture or shelves, and we exploit

even the most hidden and small cornersniches. a space that is usually left behindfree but that could be exploited is the part of the wall above the toilet, wherewe could hang a narrow wall unit or some shelves. we use hooks to hang clothes not onlyfor towels but also for many others things like the laundry bag or forhang our costume jewelry. eliminate maxi packs. we often buy bottlesand other products in maxi format for one issue both savings and respect for the environment,then we try to eliminate the packages

original from the bathroom, decanting the productin smaller containers and we store the family size packs in a closetoutside the bathroom, i spend time in the closet in a box of products for the bathroom only. use detergent leads. i call them pans detergents buti do not know if there is another term, they are comfortable not only for detergents but also for everyoneother toiletries, comfort lies in the fact that in the absence of spacethey can be taken out, so for example if the family is large and the bathroom too muchsmall to not allow things to keep of everyone, everyone can keep a basket in theown room, to bring if necessary

with personal products in the bathroom. if you have not hung anything behind the door yetit's time to do it, it would be a pity do not take advantage of this ideal spaceto hang towels, bathrobes or even a shoe rack useful for keeping everythingwhat we need, if we have a normal towel holder we can multiply itspace by adding simple hooks. maximize interior space. we occupy all the space under the sinkmaybe even just with open shelves like in my case, we maximize the space insideof the cabinets and drawers adding some shelves or stackable containers orattaching adhesive hooks to the doors.

delete. we do one before ordering the productsnice cleaning of all almost finished products or those never used that have already expired. we group by category. let's order them by category according to the principlefundamental of the organization of the like with similar, then we divide all productsof make up, those for the face, those for body, hair, manicure etc., let's keep themin separate containers so that it's all easily visible and accessible. keep close to what you use.

leave everything you use every daynear the sink so you can reach it without needing to move, you can keep themthings in a cabinet with a door above the sink or add shelves. use glass jars. use transparent containers for the little onesobjects, i really like using jars even those of the yankee candle are fine,if we want to reuse a jar without effort we leave it for two hours in the freezer and fifteenminutes upside down and then soaking with hot water to detach the label. while for small manicure accessoriesor brushes we can fill glasses

that we do not use more with rice. keep detergents in the bathroom. keep detergents handy for theeveryday lightning cleaning, you can leave them even in a basket like this we havealready seen, or in a basin. we organize the medicines. usually the place used for medicinesit is the mirror cabinet with opening door above the sink, but i do not love it so much,i find it inconvenient for small objects because the shelf space is very narrow, thoughwe can however solve this inconvenience adding containers in glass or inplastic of the right size, or we can

leave the boxes in plain sight the importantit is always add a label. i prefer to use this furniture foreveryday bath products while i prefer to keep the drugs in a chest of drawers,which is currently a real disaster has arrived just the moment to put it in order. start with the first drawer by removing the productsexpired or no longer used, then at the end i will keep only the products of oral hygiene ethose to shave divided with these containers of ikea that i love. well the first drawer is done, let's move onnow at the second where i will only keep the drugs. first of all, i will remove the expired drugsand even the syrups that have been opened

for a longer duration than thatindicated in the leaflet. subsequently i will go to divide them in baseto the following categories: pediatric medicinespainkillers and anti-inflammatories antibioticsstomach and intestine antihistaminespain relieving gels and patches natural and homeopathic productswhile those vets if you have them i recommend you to put them away somewhere else. we use drawer separators or containersto keep them divided and position them so you can see right awaythe name of the drug as soon as we open the drawer.

another good habit is to writein the box to whom they have been prescribed and for what so we will remember it toomonths later. it is also useful to mark the name of the drugand the deadline above all of those we take more often. and finally in the last drawer the necessaryfor first aid and aerosol. if we happen to leave often we leave onetransparent sachet with the drugs we carry always below and we also write a listof everything that contains.

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