gardinen badezimmer ideen

gardinen badezimmer ideen

today is the 13th,any superstitious people? no? you'd have stayed home, right? welcome everyone!today's topic... for many peopleit might be a controversial topic, so judging by your presence hereit means that you come with an open mind:"life after life". in some cultures, above all in the east,this part of everyday life. in the east, when i was in vietnam,i saw the special altars they build for the dead, their relatives,because they believe their journey

does not end here, they continue,it's not an end. here in spain, the tradition is catholic so most people don't believethere's anything after life. you die, that's the end, right? anyone here who still believesthat to be the truth? i don't think this talk is for you, then. life after life.since i was very young i always felt there had to besomething else, i wasn't happy with merely beingsuzanne powell,

a girl living in societyin northern ireland. living an ordinary life in a small town where half of its 20,000 inhabitantsare cows; being a heidi. i used to look at people walking aroundthe town's cathedral, getting married, us throwing rice,petals, confetti. they had five, six or ten children,the usual in ireland. in the weekend, families visitedthe grandparents. until retirement... when grown-up childrenwould take take of their parents. i used to think"this cannot be all".

what happens later?i remember i used to look through the windowwhen my parents sent me to bed, very early, it was still daylight,and i looked up to the sky and thought: "is there anything else?i wish there was". something told me inside: "suzanne this is just the continuity of a much longer existence". i had many dreams of palacesand castles, of swords and battles, of princesses and queens,of love stories and unrequited love.

many stories that just seemed talesfrom my fantasy world. they were so real to methat i woke up and thought: "what if it was true?"but i never shared that with my parents or siblingsbecause i felt so lonely in that regard. when i came to spainwith a death sentence hanging over me i was starting to contemplate the ideaof what would happen if i died. at the same time i was thinking:"i have no time to die, there must be something elseand i know i've come to do something, what do you mean this is over?"i said: "i don't believe this".

there was where my quest began,while in parallel i searched for life, the meaning of life,while searching for the meaning of death. what happens when you leave? i recall reading books on the topicand being captivated. there's a book, published many years ago,that i read: "i have seen the light",a book by an author called betty shine,she is sort of a psychic. i was fascinated by those storiesof when people die and go to the other side,through the tunnel,

and return to tell everything. curiously enough,in all these years in spain i have met various peoplewho've died and come back. they confirmed my suspicions and my own theoriesabout what happens. in ireland, when i was in college, i was shopping in belfast and had an experience in front of a shop. i was window shoppingand felt like i was dying.

i suddenly could not breathe, but it wasn't my asthma,it wasn't anything and i remember trying to sit down on the floorand no one took notice. i sat down and felt i was out of my bodyand simply said: "no, no, not yet".i suddenly go back inside my body and say "fine, okey,that's it, i'll do fine. come on, now i am trulygoing to do my best." i felt i was wasting my time,that there was something, that i hadn't... yet understoodwhat exactly life was about.

something was missing and the experiencereally made a difference and i was no longer afraid of death. i don't know for sure what happened thereor why in that moment. i later realised that i had diedmany a time in the same life. i just wasn't aware that it was a death, you die for a nanosecond and come back. how's that? when you go to bed, go to sleepand set the mind aside, the body rests,your nervous system is off.

shut down. your other body, the mental body, that ethereal body, that spirit,that soul, goes on a journey, goes out.leaves your physical body and this body remains dead. if someone comes and lifts your armlike this: plof, it falls. you are not there.have you seen the face of a child when they are deeply asleep?what happens?

there's nothing there, the world couldcollapse, they wouldn't wake up, they're completely gone. that mental body travels,it's out there in other worlds, or nearby; the closer you are to beingawake, almost awake, it's quite close, but when you are goneyou can be in another universe. in the omniverse.when you learn to sleep consciously and you go to bed saying: "i want to travel in the universeto learn", you can wake up in the morningand remember that dream.

we are multidimensional beings. what happens when someone dies? when they finally die. let me first tell you of a experiencewith a friend many years ago,he was one of the first friends who explained his experience;his name is alfonso, he rode a bike and died in a curve.he went through the tunnel, arrived to the other side and a relativetalked to him and asked: "is this really over? you wanna comewith us or prefer to return?"

so he studied the situation,pondered that if he were to return he could fix some things,settle a few accounts... so alfonso decided to come back. when he did, as usually happensto many people who go to the other side and return, he came back with psychic abilities, like a very strong prescience. they come back with some wisdom,a knowledge of something they didn't know before.look, alfonso had the ability

to travel in time. in his mind, he could jump ahead of timea few minutes, so he could ride his bike and ride curvesknowing what he'll make it to the other side,not risking an accident as he could bend as much as he wantedwithout hitting anyone. alfonso and i had long conversationsand he explained to me his experiencesand we sat in an outside cafe and he'd say "that man over there willstand up and go to the bar ". half a minute later, the man leaveshis table and goes to the bar.

"now the lady will open her purseand take something out" it was all very funny to meand i wondered what he'd tell me! careful, i cannot have any secrets. i was fascinated by his experience. he was living with a new vision,a new perception, and it makes you wonder how he does it. we have that amazing capacity,to travel in time, to go forward or backwards. when you become aware you no longer

stick to the purely three dimensional and you begin to flow insidethe time-space. you move differently,you go ahead of yourself, you know how to make decisions. everything is less rigid,becomes more seamless. another man died and wentto the other side, went through the tunnel,where you can find people you know or people you don't. what's that tunnel?simply a black hole.

that's how we travel. what are our chakras?black holes. we are a set of black holes. a black hole spinsand we can go in and out of many dimensions trough black holes that transform and transmute everything. so he enters that tunnel,what they call the tunnel (a black hole), ends up in the other sideand meets someone he calls "father" and keeps saying"father told me".

-he died of a heart attach, by the way- "what are you doing here?we had a later appointment. besides, when you finally comewe'll throw a party to celebrate a well-done job". and this man said "oh please,don't make me go back down there, it's really hard to live in planet earth. -it's what you looked for,what you asked for, what we agreed, ok?" so he returns, explains his experience,

dies again and he's told"you are here too early, go back". he finally died, happy,with a smile on his face, not long ago, about two months ago. he was begging for it, he thought"hey, my work is done" and left happy. what happens, then? when we die, we'll go through the experienceaccording to our beliefs. if you have lived your lifewith fear and in the belief that hell or purgatory exist,

or that there's a final judgement,in your death you will experience exactly what you have thought,what you have vibrated in, what you've livedthrough your thoughts in life. if you don't believe in any godor have no religious belief and fear death you'll keep living in a dimension, what we call fourth dimension,in that same fear. your experience of deathwill be just as your experience of life. if you believe there's nothing after, then you'll go nowhere,to what i call home,

which is going back to your program.a person dies and they stay in the fourth dimension,wandering around the house or wherever they died and stay therewith their family and friends in that place, making friends. they will live that death,that state of death, as timeless, spaceless,thinking they're still alive, in the same way we've seen in the film"the sixth sense". it's real. if you fear something,you'll live it as an experience. there's another film,"what dreams may come",

that depicts that. she commits suicide...can't remember the plot, or she dies and lives in hell,her own version of it, and the husband tries to rescue her. it's just as you live. when children die and returnthey will explain this journey according to what storiesthey've been told. if you tell a childthat they'll see angels when they die then they'll be welcomed by angels.if you explain to them

that when you die you'll seelots of teddy bears, they'll see teddy bears, you understand? if you want to die in peace,what do you need to do? leave in peace. when i was wonderingabout those suicide bombers who think that when they diefulfilling their duty, because they're promised 100 virginswhen they die... they do that with a purpose and believeit's a gift for serving their country. when they perform that duty,a suicidal terrorist act,

they wind up finding quite a mess in the other side,therefore realising their mistake. and they must stay, they cannot go. they disdained the gift of god,of life, of pure energy... life after life... life after life. how should we die?and how should we continue afterwards? we came to this world with a purpose:to evolve, grow, live, be happy, multiply, be alive.

this place is paradise. in our evolution planet earthis a holiday resort. which means that in your evolutionthrough 800 million lives since everything was created, we decided to take a holiday. for that holiday we've been giventhe most precious planet in the entire universe,and seen from outside the beauty of planet earthis unparalleled. any other planet in the systemfades in comparison.

but we have got lost in the illusion. we're here living an enforced program. i always say: "no one can manipulate youunless you give them permission". if you say "i'm going to livethe life i choose to live, inside or outside of the system,i don't care; therefore i will be a free, divine and sovereign being,with all my power to co-create the sort of life i want to live". it's easy to do it, but we must undergosome reset of the program.

how do people die in this country,for instance? how? if a doctor tells you:"you have a week left". what do you do? let's go, how cool,i'll throw a party. how do we feel? we throw a party, music and all. what's your reaction?what comes first to mind? the mortgage!who's going to pay the mortgage. how do you feel? come on,you're told "you've got a week left",

what do you do? -you're off balance.-absolutely. -first impression, you're off balance. and do you believe it?-no. -maybe yes. -half and half.-you believe it, but you don't want to. you're afraid? you suddenly start questioningif there's something else. when i die... you're more worried about those left behindthan about yourself. what will they do without me?

in that moment you think of yourselfas utterly essential. i don't know what they'll do without me. but when you die everythingwill stay the same or improve, depending on what sort of pain in the neckyou were while alive... "oh, he's gone... joy". you know what we do in irelandwhen someone dies? we throw a party,actually we get drunk. it's called the wake,and wake comes from awakening. it's just an excuse for free drinks.

they all go like "oh, you know,peter has died in this town. -has he? what time is the party?" they wear their dark suits, go there, "my deepest sympathy"... "yeah, thank you,have a whisky or a beer". big party and the drunker they get the more they talk about the deceased. "he was so good,remember that time when...?" lots of anecdotes spring upand they have a whale of a time.

here, what do we do? quite the contrary,you must look serious. "how are you? well, you see,i have my moments, my days". and they're thinking"hurray, i finally got rid of him". but you have to play the role. what do they do in other countries?in india there're many preparations. likewise in vietnam. during the funeral processthey even respect that time, roughly a month,because in eastern countries they are aware of somethingwe don't know in the west.

when someone dies they have a period of 100 days in totalto be able to leave alone. 100 days to live a bitof a conscious death. to see what they do with the inheritance,how they fight for it, see who cries and who doesn't,and whatever. let's see how they party,how they live without me... they still have a vibrationof what before was their magnetic field joinedto the physical body. that engine is still there,with power enough to then say

"this is over", after 100 days. up until that time they can say"alright, seen enough, going home". or what i'd say: "i go back to my programwhere i will reprogram my life". what new suit am i going to wearnow that i leave this behind? after the 100-day periodthe soul is no longer there, that strength, that powerto be able to leave alone, so they need help.what kind of help? someone with a high vibrationwho can help that soul to have light enough to leave.

how can that be done?with a person who can truly pray in a very high vibration. nowadays, who can truly prayand not just parrot words? bla bla bla. who prays nowadays?only people who are close to their own death, elderly peoplewho are getting ready to leave after a whole life, they make preparationsto become used to the idea. also other people through techniques coming from other knowledgeor with a capacity to work

at a multidimensional levelwho can pick up and help those people to reach their destination. those in the other side readily understand when they can asksomeone for help. children are incredibly innocentand they can see everything. how many children have an invisible friendand say: "look, johnny". there was this film from a long time ago,where a man had died and the children could see him. he played with the childrenin that other dimension.

he played along and was partof their games and moved things but no one else could see himand the children laughed out loud as it was great fun for them. that's so real in life... what do we do with those children?we tell them: "nonsense, there's no one here,can't you see? nobody". what do we need to do?listen to them, listen to them. it makes sense because their mindsare not polluted and they can see beyondtheir physical eyes.

how would you like to program your death? you know you have a life program;in that life program you already set a deadlinewhich doesn't mean you'll meet it, it's only the limit. whatever happens, your lifewill not go on from that date onwards but in your program all is hypothetical..."if i take the motorbike on that rainy day i will rideover an ice plank and if i have drunk a glass of whiskyi will slide off and die. but if the motorbike does not startand i cannot ride it

but take a taxi insteadthen i won't die, you understand? everything is hypothetical,there are always decisions to be made. if you want to live one more day,before you go to sleep program yourself to wake upin the morning. "i will wake up tomorrow at 8am". that way you won't die in your sleep,if you need an extra day. every day of our life is a gift,and who knows best? those who have been given a week to live, because that weekwill be the most intense week

in their life as they knowwhat each day is worth, every hour, every minute, every second. while you keep breathing you can keep evolvingand you can improve your evolution. even if you've been a murdererall your life and in the very last minuteyou realize your mistake, you forgive yourself and say:"ah, now i know, forgive, i forgive myself, forgive me". that person can have a high evolution.

we are still in infancy as regards death,we haven't' been taught how to die in the western world. actually, they've sown the seeds of fearout of lack of information. what do all the researchers dowith all the evidence from people who have died and returned? they hide everything, they cover it,because most of the experiences are pleasant. i remember this the last... in the conferences about karmawe touched on the topic

of abortion and there was this womanwho said she had an abortion and died in the or. she went through the tunnel,met her two aborted children and woke up again,she was reanimated and realised the big mistakeshe had made. she was asking, looking fora way to free those children so that they could go backto their own program and reincarnate. luckily for her,she saw the karma video and found a solution to liberate those children,she had understood.

people who die in peacego in peace, don't stick around. they might stay a few days or a month,a maximum of 100 days and leave. a person who dies in peacewishes and accepts their death, die happily and leave soon. who does not leave? when someone dies and wants to die but their family cry:"don't leave us, joe, please stay, protect us, take care of us, pamper us"and they put flowers in his burial place, which is like a tiny house,a niche is called, right?

it's a small house, a place to stay. and they go there for visits, they talkto him... how can joe leave? he already has a house here,why look for another one? so, what will joe do?when you die, there's a duty and a compromise within families,and someone must come to pick you up. so if joe is out there in the streetand you die, joe will come for you. and where will he take you? you'll say: "hey, joe, this is great,here we are together, cool; i know you so i go with youand not with this angel here

whom i cannot recognise;better stick with the known". so joe takes janeand they stay together. then the grandfather diesand they go to pick him up. and they take him to be with the familyand they seem to be living in death. they group, create their own reality, what they want to create in thatdimension and live with the family. so, what's next? if joe diedof a heart attack and had a good relationship with a relativehe'll come and go from where he died -they always go back to the placewhere death stroke-

to the niche, to the little housewith the flowers and his name and the altar, and he will stickwith that relative with whom he had a special link. but if joe died of a heart failurehe'll end up making that relative sick because of his vibrationat a low frequency. and the relative will end upwith the same illness that joe had. the symptoms and the illnessof the relative are not his but joe's. that person visits the doctor and says:"my heart aches, i am tachycardic, i cannot breathe".

the doctor runs a check upand tells him there's nothing wrong. he seems perfect, but will wind up having the same illnessand dying of the same thing joe died. how can we help that relative?we must get rid of joe. joe and whoever else is with him. how do we do this?the reset. we use the reset. when we do a checkupit's a multidimensional one. we create a really high vibration,we have the skill to search for the root of the problemof that person's illness

and in a large percentage of casesthe root of the problem is some sort of joe. when we eliminate the root of the problem,the person recovers. i showed that, imagine,when working in a clinic with doctors, and doctors told me:"how can you have those results?" we were, of course, sharing patients. "would you like me to show to you?ok, i'll give you six months of my time and work as a volunteer in your clinic with other doctors;please, select for me

those patients who are most difficultto treat, those without a cure, supposedly;you send them to me and i'll write my commentsand show you. i was with them for six months,and many patients who had the reset donewhere discharged home. i was detrimental for the business. if i do somethingit's with all its consequences. they had to recognisethat what i did was real. typical case:a woman who'd been suffering

from headaches for 20 years,always to one side of the head. 20 years doing acupuncture,homeopathic treatments, pills, all sort of treatments,mostly natural, but for 20 years the headache didn't go.i do a checkup and, what do i find? a relative who had diedof a brain embolism. ok, reset; that woman never hadanother headache. she then scolded her doctor, and said"i have been paying you for 20 years and she got rid of my headachein only 5 minutes". there is where we can treatthe person holistically,

and look for the root of the problem,work in the multidimensional side of every human being. that part is not contemplatedby conventional medicine. thank god, there are doctors now that are opening up to thisand therefore the information is spreading and they even work with a quantum machine,which is a step forward. they're starting to look beyondwhat a 3d machine can see. we are starting to considera fourth dimension.

you want to die in peace,live in peace. you want to live in peace? do as best you canand hurt no one. easy. when it's time to dieyou say: "alright, goodbye". you know there are cultures,indigenous people... there's this tribe in africa,they live 120 years with hardly any illness,they live in a community. the chief of the tribe is the onewho decides if you have permission to die or not,because everyone in the tribe

renders a service to the community. so there was the story of this manwho said to the chief: "i am 120, can i go now?" but the chief was like:"mmm, let's see, we can still use you for those thingsyou excel at. when you finish that little jobyou're doing there in that little corner, we'll consideryou've done enough". so he finishes this job and goesto see the chief: "can i go now?-hold on, let's throw a party

to say goodbye to youand then you can die". so they did. that night he went to sleepand never woke up. that is to live and die consciously!since they all die consciously they all leave and nobody hangs around. they do not infect the othersand they each have their strength, their health so they can live upto 120 years... even more if they want. that's the greatest secretbehind the human being. in buddhism they understandwhat past lives are,

reincarnations; what are these? it's when you leave this outfitand you change into another. as a matter of fact, we don't die,we are eternal, pure conscience, pure love. what we have inside hereis the stupid mind, simply a program for this life, something we put in here as software so that we could live in this partof the world, in this culture, in this society.

very often, the mind is dirty,it's really muddy. what's going on now?since the vibration is changing, the frequency is changing,the structure of society and the entire physical structureis falling apart. what's going on with people? they're starting to perceiveand feel in multidimensions. when people start to relax and to see beyond the taleswe've been told, they start experiencing these things.

they have spiritual projectionsor astral travels, to experience things in dreams, to see inside the physical body,to go through walls, to use teletransportation and telepathy, to see the future and the past. they start listening in multidimensions and seeing other beings, existences;to be aware, to wake up. this is very disturbingfor the physical mind. when you are born there is nothinginside this mind,

so the only things that can be in hereis what you put inside. any idea or inspiration does not spring from the stupid mind. where does it come from? hard disk.this disk, whose is it? the mental body's,the spirit's, the soul's. that inspiration is your eternal side,information from other lives that we've saved in there. you know what's in there?people waste their lives looking outside to update that software,to save everything in here,

when, as they say, it's all already in. go there, leave the books,that's just ideas from other people. your hard disk has everything,but, is it physical? no, it's multidimensional. i explained this in the videoabout the multidimensionality of the human being,how to use our dreams to have access to this information,or through meditation. people who suffer a violent death were not ready to die.

what happened? when a personis involved in a car accident this is unexpected, so they stay there,in the same spot where they died. if someone is driving under the effectsof alcohol and they have an accident and they die in a corner,they stay there. they feel very lonely and look for companyand since in this universe like attracts like, they just waitfor another drunkard to drive by and distract themin order to have company. two dead. and these two are boredand look for more, and the road becomes a blackspot.

a blackspot there but no apparent risk,so why would a drunkard lose control of the car without thinking? because they are provoked. where you see bunches of flowersin the road you know that someone has died there. going up or down the rabassadahere in barcelona, where lots of bikers have had accidents,there are many. if we don't go and clean up those areas many bikers who go there frequently

could get involved in accidents. a person who commits suicidedoes not leave, they need help to leavebecause they realize their mistake. we shouldn't judge anyone. in my family in ireland,one of my cousins committed suicide,he threw himself in front of a train out of pure hopelessnessand my uncle and aunt were saying what a disgrace this was for the family. we speak a lot about the honourof families in ireland.

it's a very catholic country,at least in theory, they go to church and then to the pubto get drunk and... it's tradition, it's culture. they were criticizing the factthat someone committed suicide in the family and i was listeningto that conversation. so i went to my uncle and asked:"what's the difference between a quick suicide and a slow suicide? -what do you mean? at the end of the day,they're both suicides. -you smoke, don't you? -yes.-it's a suicide, a slow one,

because you're consciousof the danger of tobacco". he quit smoking that day,told me years later, "you remember what you told methat day?" he quit smokingbecause he was suddenly aware. and that cousin of mine,i can only imagine the courage he needed to do that. he was later helped,so it wasn't a trauma on an energetic level for the familyand the burden was not there. how many of you would liketo die in peace?

everyone? have you learnedto leave in peace? you're working on it.that's why you're here. we'll have some time now for questions,what do you mean we're not allowed? what does that mean?what aren't we allowed? gentleman, you just said:"we're not allowed. -that was me. -we are so conditioned from all sides,we can't... unless you go up a mountain,like emmanuel. -what aren't we allowed to do? specify.-we are told what to do, what to eat and drink...-we can't live in peace.

we cannot live in peace,how could you? forgive, forget and accept. that's it.that's how you achieve peace. you don't intend to change anyone. forgive, forget and accept:that's the formula to achieve peace. don't surrender your power over peaceor your happiness to someone else. i will be at peace whatever you do. you can boycott me, i don't mind. i'm not buying your story.this is my story, this is my song,

whether you like it or not,it's my song and i won't die with my song locked inside,i will sing it, even out of tune. it's my song, my story,my version of reality. i'd like you to know something: if we say there is this planet earthand that i am living my experience of my version,of my reality in my planet. out there they say there are"ten thousands" planets earth, because out there in cosmosthey don't have figures higher than 10.000 so they talkof "ten thousands" of planets earth.

if i tell you that for each inhabitantin planet earth -and we're talking about nearly6,000 millions currently- there are a minimumof 6,000 planets earth in everyone's reality. i am living my experienceof my version of planet earth and you are living your versionof your experience of this planet, and we can both be hereconstruing a life in this version of planet earthand there can be an earthquake and you live a disasterand i live a blessing.

according to your vision,your interpretation of your reality here, because when you step out of the limitedvision granted by third dimension you can see this is nothing. i am just a small fractal in 3d of what suzanne powell isat a multidimensional level. i borrowed this outfitto live a physical experience as an spiritual beingin this tiny point in the universe. the smallest of points in the omniverse,it's nothing. we think this is everything,we're so small.

this is an insignificant fractal. but if you identify with that tiny fractal you are lost because you can onlylead your life and your perception of itwith the stupid mind, with the program. you're saying they don't leave us alone, well then talk to your mind,set it aside. i've got all the peace in the world. it's my story. one day i wantto be furious, it's cool, all my bitchiness is out until i amdepleted of it, "ah, what a relief!".

why? because i am livingmy experience in duality. it's what we've come to do here,and not to play the saint the whole day.we came here to live experiences through our five senses, physical senses, and to feel alive in this experience,which is nothing. a "puff" in the universe. you say: "i've lived 800 million lives",that's a lot. exactly what you needed,the quota attributed to you so that you could qualify to be alive

in this planet earth,in your own version of it, to come here on a holiday,to this final paradise, in this cycle that is coming to an end. if you hadn't fulfilled your dutyyou wouldn't be here. i mean, here and nowwe are highly qualified beings, and stupid because we don't know. there is no one else in the universewith higher evolution than the human beings who are asleephere in planet earth. this place in universe is a coveted prize.

people are queuing outsideto be able to reincarnate here and now, they all want to be here to live this transformation,this big change for humanity and we are so privilegedto have this opportunity. and we're not even's part of the game. soon enough, they'll raise the curtain and we'll see the movieand look at each other and recognize who we are."jeez, you've put me through a very hard time all this lifeand now i find out

that you are my cosmic wife,my cosmic husband, my richard gere. let's understand... i read a fantasticbook many years ago, titled "initiation",by elizabeth haich. anyone has read it?fabulous, isn't it? it helps understand this story,this process. it's about a woman with her story,her evolution, who in the end finds everything out,who was who... she lives all those amazing storiesthroughout her evolution, overcoming obstacles,getting caught in all traps.

who's put all those dangersand traps there? we have; before coming here i've arrangedthis with all of you. you are also my masters,we agreed this: "listen, let's go down to earth againand have some fun". but before we come downour memory is erased. the angels of obliviondelete our memories: "off you go, enjoy it, play". but there are arrangements.what if i get lost in my story, illusion? well, i agree with you to meetand do to you this and that

so that you don't forget we had a pact. listen, mate, if you get lost,and he gets lost, then i'll come. there's a long list of pre-agreementsbefore we came down here to play this's a theatre play, my friends, and we are the scriptwriters,we have co-created it. there's no evil scriptwriter out therecondemning us to hell. it's real fun when you see itfrom the other side, quill in hand, thinking:"let's see how she swallows this". we pretend to be lost, but we are not.

when we die we even learn moreabout this story. but if your belief is that you'll diestill asleep, then you'll continue in your versionof illusion because you've simply moved from 3d to 4dto continue that story. you need to jump all the way up to 5d,the least, where there's no duality, to find out what this is about. sometimes when people dieand leave they contact me,they thank me for the push, they say they understand.

but in 4d they have another vision. there are many volunteersworking at that level to help in the evolutionof the human species. there's a wide variety in planet earth,but we're all related, the good and the bad,as there aren't goodies and baddies. we're part of a melting potto awaken and help each other. any questions about death, life... you ask, i will answer if i can.if not... i won't be allowed. -i've heard you some other timesay that we have lived...

-800 million lives, not here. -we can choose paradise.-in the universe. -when you're talked from this dimension, to tell you this is your last lifeand learning... -who speaks to you?-someone, a channel. -ok, that's a filter.-akashic records, someone who supposedlyhas a higher vibration and can give you that information,but it doesn't fit with what you are saying,cos according to the type of death

i choose to experienceor have agreed to... -you're already dead,you just don't know. -let's go back. i die in an accident and stay there and i attract more dead peopleuntil someone comes and saves us and pushes us upwards. -if you program that, yes.-if i die of an illness, you haven't dealt with this,maybe a cancer... -yes, sure, if you're readyit can be the end of the illness

and if you're willing to go it's liberating but if you dieof that cancer and your family is crying your deathand don't let you go, then you stay there. if you die suddenlyof an illness and you are not ready, say of a heart attack, which youweren't expecting, you stay here. -if i die well, in awareness... -you go back to the program.-how many times? i mean, is there a time when one can sayenough coming back? that is, that everything has been learnedand experienced?

that about the last life,that tune was catchy. which one is the last life on earth? -if you've travelledall your journey of evolution and you've programmed this lifeto finish off paying your karmic accounts, this life can eitherbe too hard or of service. of surrender, unconditional love,because you say: "this is over, i am going homeno matter what". when it's over, when you die,you can still choose. you can return and help humanityto evolve.

you can sit near god. you can go to another planetand keep evolving and go back to your cosmic familyin another place of the universe. you can still choose.if you are conscious. i know what i've's quite clear when you die. when you die in awarenessyou review your own life. you say: "oh, i did thisterribly wrong... i didn't do this,i should finish that... i behaved very badly here,created more karma".

you review all your life like framesof a film in flashbacks, in a timeless scene, because timedoes not exist when you die. everything happening at once,in fact in life everything happens at once:future, past and present happening now.but we are here, in a very slow and dense vibrationthat renders the feeling that there is continuity, that a frame is passing when it's not. when you consciouslywant to see the past and the future

you go up and downthat scale of frequencies. -what if my death is good?-then you are dead. you choose. we've already descended,we are in 3d now, at the end of our journeyand ready to go back. i mean, the destinationis not the fifth dimension, that's just a platform to shoot us up. it can be a fast trip towards the place where the creator of the universe isso that we can say: "hey, i've learned to be like youin your universe.

so now i'm going to this other universe,somewhere there, a completely different one,where i will learn their ways. thanks for letting me share your universe. george kavassilas explains this in his own experience,he consciously journeyed all the way in his conscienceto sit and talk with the boss. the creator of the universe.but we are all creators of universes, no one is better or worse,we are all unique, special, divine, precious,wonderful... and nasty.

why not?-how many dimensions are there? -innumerable.countless multidimensions. the mind tries to countin this experience, but we cannot count. -when we decide to come back to earth,how long does it take? -there is no time, time does not existwhen you die. it could be seconds,it could be years on earth. (unintelligible speech) dead people don't stay in cemeteries.

there are more in hospitalsthan in cemeteries. and people are afraid of cemeteriesbut not of hospitals. take the microphone. you must take into accountthat when someone dies they are exactly the same as when they were alive, the only difference beingthe absence of a physical body. if they were malicious they'll still be,if they were ambitious they'll still be. if they smoked weed, they'll still do. they'll have the same impulses,and that's the only difference.

if you were afraidof frankenstein or dracula you'll see a lot of them when you die,or if you are still alive and you have the ability to seewith your third eye into that dimension and you say:"i can see shadows and spirits", if you are afraid of draculathen those spirits will take his shape to scare you. they take the shape they knowyou want or don't want to see. if you're a true believerin virgin mary and there are spirits that are very ambitiousor simply want to play...

like in ouija sessions, for instance,it's quite terrible what can happen in those;i warn you against it, please don't play with it,it's really dangerous. if you believe in the existenceof the virgin and play the ouija, a mocking spirit will takethe shape of virgin mary and send you messages,and you'll think you are connecting with the virgin mary,who one day will say that your father wants to kill you:"you'd better kill him first, he's planning to kill you tonight"...

he's got you. he's giving youthe information he wants. and this spirit just wanted to...maybe he was a murderer. they know how to play with humansbecause they see we are blind and foolish. many people are pretty lost, especially when they start talkingabout their guides but they don't know who they are,because quite often those guides are just spiritspretending to be guides. they know who we are,from the other dimension

they know it quite certainly. so there you see joe and janechannelling who knows what. "my guide tells me, my guide this"... and they're partying about iton the other side. we must be very awareand be guided by our heart. i always say:"ask no one for advice, just go insideand do what vibrates with you". just because someone gives youa piece of advice don't think that's written on stone,look inside.

have your own criterion, what vibrateswith you and makes you feel good. there will be a lot of manipulationon that level. what's going on?human beings are awakening. they mistrust the systemand the system knows it. there's nothing more dangerousfor the system than an awakened human being. what's up now?people are awakening and the system is at risk;the system starts playing with that, produce great spiritual guides, gurus.

listen to my message, follow me,give me money. they create their ownspiritual world to trap you with their enticing words,their extraordinary prayers, etcetera. they create strong groups:it's manipulation. how can you tell the realfrom the unreal? just because they tell you,you have to believe in it? because you leave with a boost,they've praised you, they've called you an angel,a special being... we are all angels and we are all special.

and we are all demons,we live in duality. we had to live all experiences. we're dual, but what part of youyou want to promote in this life? what would you like to do with your lifeat the end of the cycle? what do you need for your own evolution? watch out, careful;don't get trapped in that... it's like this hollywood film:i love the film, it's cool, i'm channelled,i'm told i am this and that.. that's for your spiritual ego;go inside, the answer is there.

everything is there,work with yourself at that level. be able to discern,it's easy to fall into the trap. microphone here. -a person who dies because they werealcoholic and they stay... -yes or no, not necessarilybecause they were alcoholic. -can they manifest to the family somehowand ask for help to go? -when someone in the family dies,and a relative has dreams with the dead person,it means they haven't left. if they are gone you can dreamwith that person,

they can convey a message,but if you don't see their face they're communicating with youfrom above, and they wouldn't come to say:"hi, how's it going?" in this case, if they come from aboveto explain something it's going to be a warning. careful with your colon. if granny has visited mebut i haven't' seen her face, but i felt her and she spoke to metelepathically, or i dreamt it, that's a message,so i should listen to her.

but if i dream with my granny and i see her face and she tells me talesabout the family and what have you...granny has not left. that person should come for a resetso we can help them and whoever is behind. quite often, when we do the resets, if there are 100 people... how many people come?full house, let's say. it's a wonderful way to help get rid

of that heavy load in this world. this blocks the human mind. it turns people's thinkinginto something really muddy. many a time a person assumesthe personality of the dead one simply becausethey're not gone. years ago i had a boyfriend,long time ago, and this one in particularhad his grandfather behind. the grandfather was from leonand when my boyfriend was cross he spoke with a leon accent.

he didn't want to be helpedso i quit trying. it's quite curious how in life...he was from here, and it was odd to see his transformation,with that accent from leon. and also with his grandfather's attitude. quite often, if they want to manifest,they can do it. the person is in a nervous state,they star to say things and don't even know what they'resaying or why they're saying it. it's quite evident for us. have you ever seen the showof jordi something...

was on on fridays,with a psychic who spoke with... that's fantastic,to give visibility to this. but there's nothing she can do to help those behind. they cling even more when we tryto communicate with them, so they hold on more strongly. this is great, my granddad is here,i love him so much. so granddad says: "he knows i'm here,so let's play a little longer". ideally, those people should havea reset done backstage

and so we help those beingsto finally leave. that is the greatest importanceof what a reset is, both for your physicaland your mental health. our greatest wishis that it can reach many people, that they can learn,evolve at that level so they can help to bettertake that weight off their shoulders. off the planet's shoulders, actually,because the journey has been too long. at the end of the cycle, however,there's going to be a change, the third and fourth dimensionswill merge

and those who choose to progresswith mother earth in this process of evolution will stay to undergoall that transformation. other people will say:"i will evolve elsewhere". all is good,nothing is compulsory. in fact, what we have chosenhas already been lived. we've lived the whole experienceand now we are only watching the film of what we've lived. we're watching that film now. we are living the experienceof the impact of everything we lived

in the process,but actually we're simply watching a film. it already happened,we are somewhere else. somewhere in the future,looking back and saying: "look how we were!we weren't aware of anything". that's why i said you shouldn't worry,you are already dead. that's why it's said that somehowthis is not real. it is and it isn't, it's a dream,it's a film, it's a theatre playwe are seeing from somewhere else. we're playing and pretendingwe don't know what we're doing,

is that easier to understand?we are watching a film, we are watching ourselvesin that film and it's all done and dusted. we are co-creating at other levels,isn't that cool? "look, i chose to suffer, how dumb!why didn't i know? why did i choose? ah, but lookwhere it took me, thanks to that suffering i'm nowin this sofa watching telly. eating popcorn,and not gaining weight. ok, mic.

(inaudible question) there's different aspects. we have the physical side...that's the 3d outfit. we have a mental bodyand also a magnetic field. that field generates what they callaura when our chakras turn. the chakras belong to the mental body. the mental body vibratesthrough the physical body and one overlaps with the other. the soul is enormousand the physical body is small.

with awareness,we can turn our magnetic field larger or smaller. the mental body and the magnetic fieldare the soul and to carry the soulwe need that magnetic field to vibrate stronglywith the chakras turning or else you cannot leave. that is, the spirit escorts the soul,which is eternal, it is everything, and the spiritis just an aspect of the soul. we are all souls, we are just one soulliving a fractal aspect

that is a spirit, it is the oceanand a drop of water in the ocean. the spirit is the drop in the ocean. same as we can be here in a room and each room has a different atmosphereand they each smell different. you go to the toilet and the smellis different than the kitchen's, it's not the same smellbut it's the same air through all rooms. we differentiate ourselves like that.when we are joined again, since we've done a fractal separation, we've gone down dimensionsand expansion,

we've gone from unity to expansion, and now we have to go back. from there you say where you're going,you choose. we are those drops of waterin the ocean, what we call god. love, life. we are all gods. oh god! what happened? all. spirituality is justthe highest of sciences and there is no one in this worldqualified to talk about spirituality.

our 3d mind is unable to understand,to comprehend what spirituality is. we can only interpretwith the physical mind, and understand it onlywhen we abandon our physical mind and access our hard diskin multidimensions. i had this experience years agowhen i woke up one morning incredibly ecstatic and saying: "i know everything",i understood absolutely everything, i walked around like crazy saying:"now i know".

all of i sudden, i connected my mindand... "ah, what was it?" if forgot it. why?because i gave myself permission in other aspect to connectwith everything and have that vision, to say that i knew it all; but so you don't get a big head,now i turn it off. because you need to workand through your experience help others to understandwho they really are. so i kept what i needed to knowabout me in order to understandwho the rest really are.

just enough,i didn't need the whole display of all the information. i couldn't live with all of do you keep that to yourself? i had access to myself right thenand that's the experience to each of us to live and find ourselves again. when you rediscover yourselfit is a boost, a laugh, a joy to the soul so you say:"wow, i can relax now". i will enjoy this, don't take thingsso seriously, that's it. any questions?

(music) we can choose to need itor not need it. let me tell you something, in the experience of lifethe more awakened and aware we are the better we'll interpretthe signs. for instance, if barcelonahas a lot of karma to balance and barcelona suffers an accident,a small natural disaster, a slight earthquake, we as beings who wish to evolvecould say:

"we've had this warning,have we learned the lesson?" people would say,"hey, we've lived this first hand, no serious consequences,thank god, note taken. so now i'd like to helpmany people affected in other places because i knowhow much you can suffer". but if someone says,"haha how fun, the earth has shaken a little, who cares"and pays no attention, the experience of the collectiveconscience would cause a bigger event next time,so that we can take notice.

unfortunately, until humanity wakes up we will need stronger and stronger proof. more serious accidents,harsher experiences, more suffering...but if we learn the lesson and act consciouslywe can turn the page and say: "we don't need this, we'll be good,act like a family, help and support each other,we will..." that's how it works.same for someone who starts having accidents in their lifebut don't pause to ponder

or think they have bad luck... they'll have stronger experiences, but if they stop to think and say:"am i acting correctly in my life? am i being fair to my family,to my workmates? no, i am going to change". when you change,your experience changes, your version of reality. there is just one thing in the universethat cannot be destroyed and that's a true person.

a true person can bein the midst of battle and come out unharmed,maybe some bullets through the helmet, but no scratch to their body. a true and real personis indestructible. we're headed towards that,we've come here to learn to be true persons,evolved according to our essence, our nature. does that answer? -if the most beautiful experienceis the one we're having here,

why do we need to leave?i'd rather stay here. -then you'll be left alone. -but the earth is beautiful to stay here. -remember it's just a holiday resort. nobody lives a perpetual holiday. it's a break. it hasn't been alwaysthe earth, there are other places, we've been to neptune and venus. and now it's the earth...until it can hold this. but there is another earth getting ready,a new world.

-i wanted to ask you,if you are in a high vibration because you're meditatingand working on your conscience, is it possible that one of those beingswho stay behind clings to you? -no one can do thatif you are in a high vibration. when you are in a low vibrationthen lower beings will get hooked. in another dimension...when you vibrate high, for example in your daily lifethere are moments when you are in high vibration and others in very low. when will you get hooked?when you are low.

that moment when you are tiredand angry, i don't know... someone pulls one stringand you snap back, for anything. in that instant, you're trapped. when your vibration is higher againit all fades away. we are learning to avoid ourselvesin similar frequencies. like attracts like. if you go to placeswhere there are drug addicts you'll end up being one, because you'll be navigatingin that vibration.

it's easy to get hooked. if there's a big argumentin a bad mood and you enter it you are already trapped,and in the other dimension those spirits who broke the argument:"great, look at this fight" and they party about it,because they provoked it. they have fun playing with humans. they pretend to be ignorant,blind and deaf, and they have a lot of fun. if you don't want to be caught upin vibrations like those,

if you don't want to be absorbed there,vibrate high. how can you vibrate high?when you do a single gesture or act of charity you're vibrating high;when you are telling jokes and you feel happyyou're already vibrating high. when you hug someone with candouryou are vibrating high. when you're breathing consciouslyyou are vibrating high. it's easy: be happy,give yourself permission. when you're happy your vibration ishigh, but nobody is always happy or we wouldn't be herebecause we must strike a balance

and there's nothing wrong in being sad,we need to be to be in balance. those who laugh a lotwill end up crying a lot. we need balance.those spiritually high will have momentswhen they are spiritually very low. never judge the great masters. it usually happens the other way round;one hits rock bottom then ascends. once they are high upit's very easy to fall into the trap of spiritual arrogance and ego. that fall really hurts.

but since you've been there already,if you fall you can climb back up quite easily because you knowthe experience. you can become a demon from a god,but you can turn back to being god from a demonin just one instant. children get it quite quickly. children watch cartoonswhere they speak of these things. before i came here i was watchingin tv with my daughter interdimensional travel,aliens, superpowers...

and it's all very natural for them. who has the microphone? -i'd like to know whetherthe rest of creatures alive, animals and plants,are also multidimensional. -all of them, yes. -what happens with them?-the same, exactly the same. when you die you'll find your pets. however, with humans... there're humansand there're other humans. and humans not that human.

humans who came as beingsfrom other dimensions, as volunteers to comeand help their siblings to evolve faster. they've already completed their evolutionand they choose to come back as volunteersto gather the flock. no one is what they seem. you cannot imaginewhat their real story is. you cannot imaginewho your neighbour really is or who the tramp round the corner is.

by the wink of an eye,by a gesture or a look... scorn nobody,listen to everyone. has it ever happened to youthat someone has stopped you in the street, gave you a messageand disappear? i've met many a messengeron my journey, some of them quite funny,very casual, very how did that happen? i had this experience when i was goingto a talk and it was raining a lot, i had to find a taxi on a sunday morning, and there was none in sight,when all of a sudden here comes

a biker all dressed in leatherdriving in the wrong direction. he stops by the curbside and says:"need a taxi, madam?" yes. he rides up lã©rida street,sends a taxi towards me down tamarit street, when he was comingfrom the opposite direction... there was no one in the street. the taxi driver stops in frontof my house and the biker rides off down lerida street, in the wrongdirection, stops at the corner, slides the visor, throws a kiss at me,and leaves. the taxi driver looks at meas i sit in the car and says:

"morning, princess from atlantis,where are we going today?" i had the weirdest conversationwith that driver. it was such a boost for that talk! that evening i called my master who was in france and told himabout what had happened. i was more rusty back then,hadn't figured out many things. i was in the middle of my learning. he threw one of his typical remarks: "you must know how we workin this world".

no explanation. i understood that later in time,but i've talked to many people who have livedsimilar experiences or even more striking. open your eyes, sharpen your senses,watch out for the signs that are always trying to help uscomplete our process. set your rational mind aside, accept the help that shows upspontaneously, although you say "what a coincidence".

i just needed this and this personshows up and offers exactly that...dare to believe in magic. i had this patient, her husbandhad died and she was living... actually, i posted her story in the blogbecause she gave me permission. i remember being in bioculturaand she calls me. i had been helping her in the processand i knew that her husband wanted to waituntil the very last minute to make the most of the time with her in other dimension while she learnedthe zen capacity with me.

he was also attending the coursein the other dimension. i didn't tell her a word,didn't say a thing about what was going on, it was our secret,her husband's and mine. so she calls me as i was walkingaround in biocultura, in quite a state and says:"suzanne, you won't believe this, my husband just called me on my mobile and we talked for two minutes and his call did not get registeredwith a number, it just says there's been a callat the time, how can that be?"

i asked her:how long since your husband died?" she told me it was 100 days ago. he was saying goodbye, with his own voice,that was all. he talked to her and told herhow much he loved her, that he really loved herand always will because they'd be together again... what happens?when you die you meet your family because there is continuity, you just change your outfit.

when someone in my life diesi just say "see you later". it's not a trauma,it doesn't have to be when you understand it doesn't end here. there is continuity, celebrate it,throw a party, "bye, see you". those people who lose a relativebecause they commit suicide they simply need help to say: "i help you so your son or daughtercan make that transition". when they have committed suicidethey can leave in peace with that extra help so you can continue

with your life and that soncan go back to the program and choose another outfit,come back to the family, maybe as your grandson. we must help them outof the multidimensional trap. -are we always with the same family? -we are all family.yes, we have our cosmic families, each of us have a family. i've met my cosmic familyand i reincarnate with them, but all the families are interconnected

and very large. countless families,each with their own characteristics. they look alike. they have, let's say, similar qualities. can have similar gifts;when musicians get together or dancers get together,they belong to a cosmic family or musicians and dancersand artists at that level. some cosmic families look like animals. some people have a bird face,or an animal face,

they have their features. some families recognise each otherbecause they have the same mark or dimple in the skin,"look, i have this right here and so do you, same place and shape". those birthmarks are signs,some people have the constellation of their cosmic family in the shape of moles in their back. we must learn to interpretdetails, it's fun. when someone has birthmarkssee if they are family.

this is ok for now,i've talked for two hours. this topic could be expandedmore and more because we're anxious for information. i ask you to have an open mind,an open heart, open hands. judge no one, pursue your peace,forgive, forget and accept. live your life as fully as possibleand hurt no one, feeling intensely alive, be happy,don't take yourself too seriously, relax, you never knowwhat tomorrow might bring. don't make too many plans,enjoy today.

my daughter went with her godfatherto skate the other day and he's so stressed out by work... "juan, if you don't stop,life will stop you". off they went, my daughter and he,to the cinema just round the corner,and he fall and broke his elbow. he's been admitted to the vall d'hebron. he's suddenly found outthat he's not that essential, that all the work in his shopgets done no matter what. doctors keep saying they will operateon him next day,

but he's been there since sundayand still no operation. he's making friends, meditating, giving joy to other patients in the floor, he is a really happy man. he was told he can be operated onalong this week and once that's donehe'll be in hospital for a week. "you see how you have given yourselfa little holiday before breaking down?" don't wait until you needan accident to relax

and simply be happy. that's all, folks!

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