ideen badezimmer einrichten

ideen badezimmer einrichten

almost every family has a car. if not, they'll buy one. so we got you 10 life hacks for cars: when it is too hot, some foods can ruin fast. take a look at your glovebox. often there's a hole which can let the cold air from your air conditioner in. now you can conserve your purchases in an improvised fridge. in the summer the steering wheel often gets very hot. this is very unpleasant. everything you have to do is turn your wheel by 180 degrees

so that the topsite is down. if you want to drive you just have to turn the steering wheel again and the cool part is above. if you ain't got an bottle opener or a lighter in your car, just take that metal piece of your seatbelt put it on the cap like in the video and press it with your finger. the lid immediately pops away. if your girlfriend is riding your car and you are sick of searching the right sitting position: take some insulating tape and glue it vertically to the sill

and the other one to your seat. next time the strips just have to match and you got your sitting position. you forgot on which site your refuel tank cap is? take a look at that symbol. it has a small arrow wich shows you the direction of your tank cap if the streaks after washing your car bother you: take a look at you car's trunk. maybe you still have some window cleaner from winter it contains alcohol wich perfectly removes the water drop traces. your wipers don't work as good and got hard? don't throw them away take a cloth with spiritus and clean them

next you need silicon grease. apply it on the rubbers to make them soft again then mount the wipers to your car, they'll work great again. if you get out you`ll sometimes get an electric shock. to avoid that, touch the car before you get out of your car or close the door with your feet. every time you refill your oil, you spill some of it? take a screwdriver and put it vertically in the opening and let the oil directly go from the screwdriver to his goal.

if you have to drive on bad roads, just deflate a little bit air from your tyres. they'll get softer and spare the undercarrige. also it will be more comfortable. if you are back on good roads inflate the tyres again.

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