sehr kleines badezimmer ideen

sehr kleines badezimmer ideen

this is really bad idea probably all over the bottle sweet so when we go out our balcony, i'm walking down the street just like oh let's do this boys and girls walk on the beach come on hex go slow let's go there are snakes and gators in there that's a new thing that they used to do this used to be a beach that you can go swimmin on their word gators and snakes now if any of you guys remember hearing that on the news, but yeah they got this all roped off now when i used to just be beaches and good play and stuff like that for the beach

we are like 30 minutes away from the beach everyone's ready to get out of the car i've been driving for like two and a half hours, because he made some stops and huxley's kind of mad you see in the background. he's totally angry bear, and i don't want to shave when i get when i get to the hotel just because i'm gonna get straight to the beach so i'm gonna try to use this i have no idea if it works. i have not used this since high school i remember it smelled horrible and i don't even remember if it worked so i'm gonna use nares, and then i found the razor cuz i need a shave my pity is my bikini line is perfect

but everything else needs a little tlc so i figured since we have 40 minutes to go the stuff sets for only three minutes, okay, we can do this have enough baby wipes to do it and you're just tired, and you don't want to close your eyes he's been trying to close his eyes but he refuses to close them radley took an hour nap in the car are you cool heiko? ha? ha got your new doll. can you close your eyes just close them close your eyes

stubborn this kid can fight sleep you can buy anything he just hates ooh. let's do the application okay, i don't even know if i'm in shot oh i don't know how much you're supposed to use, but that looks pretty good. let's zoom out. okay. i got the application on that's in liar and make sure i don't have any little baby hairs right there cuz we're going in the film get them pasty legs oh, ho good dumb face legs okay super chemicals on my leg sometime cheap one. see it works. all right. i am nares dup, and i have to be honest with you

here we go chemicals applied and we're ready to go to the beach so i've got a little reason for my pity's and we've the best news is with all of this happening we're just gonna be able to pop out right to the people were coming back with the same time so let's turn a little bit of cream. did you listen to what your way? we've got a morsel a little morsel? but the good thing is if this works it actually will be worth the unpleasant smell so we won't find out and i hoping that it takes out all of the hairs versus like a patch here patch there so there's only a couple ways to get to clearwater beach, and the bridges are all slam packed this is only one way to do that and kill time. it's an art are the legs we just najran it up over there

get it up close person my hair's not very thick either. i don't have to care. i don't know why are you worried about to be honest? oh, it does leftist beauty unibrow, would you ban the beach? i'm gonna give you my honest opinion on mars. i think it's a bus it says so this one did really good it got most of the parts, but there's a couple like the patchi's which sucks? but i guess it's better than nothing and this one didn't you barely any cause you got to bust out the razor, babe? nope, i have a feeling that mike is gonna melt their skin off or like she's gonna go out on a sun and just like completely just grossed it off. it's gonna be horrible

do it don't do it. oh god. she's doing it this has a really thick layer, and it's a really bad idea probably all over the bottle to do it what would you do? what would happen if you put this all over your head? oh? you know what i can totally try it my head shaved i don't know if i want to have a completely bald head as it is really bad for your brain because all that chemicals right there near your nerve we can do a test you'll see if i'm any smarter or bachelor all right

so my genuine honest opinion is that i don't think i would buy it again it got my legs super smooth you cannot feel any of this for goals or spikes or anything so the hairs off? mission one accomplished but there's little patches and areas and i have like ocd about certain things if i shave my legs i want it done the right way so that doesn't work for me so much but it did the job for the most part and the weird thing was it only worked really well on one suite so when we go out our balcony we got a view of clearwater beach, so we got the gulf right out the back

that's actually pretty nice pretty cool, huh grandpa larry and grandma paul are somewhere down there welcome to the beach hawks the gulf of mexico man that was that guy that forgot my sunglasses on our trip, i finally just picked up their all here's why i need my hat is because of man it's been so nice just showing and hanging out here and we're actually getting close to the sun setting which is gonna be awesome to experience here on the gulf and just join the weather, it's so nice. it's supposed to like be really nasty and raining tomorrow, but we're still gonna enjoy it

we're gonna have a blast and we're gonna go at the boys get some locals out so we're gonna take a little walk to the pier find some ice cream enjoy the weather. i mean it's like literally perfect outside and look at this view and you beat it like when you truly beat it i found a three-way kind of cool at the end of the pier now is all i have a bait shop a fishing pole shops all around us. they're all just fishing thank you we got some good ones it's like a beach tradition course. we've got to get ice cream and walk away with the girls just really just throwing all their clothes and faces

on the rock and roll guys actually the vacation has been amazing and i have to say one thing. i don't know how everyone else's kids are so i can't testify but i but i do feel really really lucky because when we go on trips our kids are so good sometimes jim and i joke that they're better on vacation than they are in real life because there's just so much to do and they're really exhausted by the end of the day, and they're just tuckered out but every one of them has done, so well, and they've enjoyed the trip and memories and the experience in the fun

it's just been nice to get away oh wait okay, so you did come back here there is a little cove oh no the killer mike and i were talking you know disney's awesome. we love going there with the kids but sometimes the lines and just everything can be super overwhelming and just you spend so much time waiting in lines that you're not out actually enjoying the whole event whereas

here, you know you get a hotel room. you just go to the beach. we're walking around. they had these festivals going on there's so much to do and you almost get the same effect at a cheaper price and it was less stressful because he had the ocean there's so much to do that you don't wait in a line for it's crazy like i feel like disney is kind of hard like quite. enjoy every little single second just because there's such long lines and my little people are so it's hard to have two two-year-olds that through a line for 15 minutes well, we also didn't lay our fast passes up like they not only do the house we're supposed to room services for guys we're gonna watch the to shade her breathe

shades whatever we'll see you guys tomorrow bye guys

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