wellness badezimmer ideen

wellness badezimmer ideen

good morning germany :-) dont be suprised, about my scarf or my voice i had a awsome night yesterday i was driven in a georgeous car its the car of a friend of mine. he is a actor we was cruising trough hollywood it was amazing! yesterday night i walked on the walk of fame and i saw michael jacksons star

i can understand why the people aks, why do you want to go to amerika, sometimes i think the same, but these are all things i only know from movies and tv and its cool to see these things in real now! when do i have the chance to enjoy that experience? so yes, it was great yesterday and today its getting more georgeous from day to day. today we going to the universal studios they booked vip tickets for my brother an me.

for a vip experience tour its a diffrent studio tour to the normal ones. we can go behind the stages, and see more then the others and you guys know, that i love movies! im a huge movie freak, and i like watching movies on my sofa and thats why i am so excited for that tour. so how is the sound qualitiy? do you think its better? i have a good new microfone

i already said that i tested it on the ifa , but at this time it was to expensive but now i got a good offer on amazon and i bought it. *that was my brother, hes in the bathroom. i also will you you my outfit of the day in this video so you can see wich outfit i choosed for today. im curious what you are saying about it. and saddly its a bit cloudy today i looked out the window this morning and thought

what?! no! close the window shade and open it again but that doesnt worked.. urgh but yes.. never mind.. im looking very pale right? im going more inside im excited for the day i hope you will enjoy this video! our driver is expected for us with a nice car :-) and im very excited! its going porno xd i have to put my sunglasses on xd

to looking more cool :-) lets check where the car is isnt that a great car?! with this car we go to the universal studios! its the brand new camaro what a great sleigh xd now we are over the "studio valley" there is the universal studios and all the other studios lets go over!

isnt that a great view? we are there!!! my brother: james bond is nothing about our driver xd you dont know how exiting it is! we are in the vip lounge now and waiting for our tour guide my brother has our vip card we getting these vip tour now. you can book it, but it will costs alot money!

the normal tour cars, and our :-) because the studio tour takes more time, i will show it to you in my next video! thank you for watching my video we will see us at my next video! i hope you enjoyed my video! it would be nice if you subscribe to my channel and giving this video a thumb up!

thanks for your support!

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