zuhause im glück badezimmer ideen

zuhause im glück badezimmer ideen

nice that you look at this new video! but before we start, we want to thank you very much. for we grow tremendously hard and last weekend reached 10,000 subscribers! thank you very much, and we hope as soon as possible tapping the 100,000 subscribers! we do indeed have a christmas special, so watch this rather well today because wad evening? klink then even on the information card on the upper right. thank you for your attention and now comes the video of today's top 10 most expensive things world, a video inspired by the idea of ​​esma values.

that life now costs is by now known once money. without money you nowhere and you end up on the street. but luckily you have not so much money to make a decent living leiden. products that you necessarily need to live are in fact made cheaper so you can live a good life without money. but this applies only to products that really are needed. so for a car phone or you just pay the full price. but this is just to pay for a lot of people.

unless you want to buy a special version of a product. for something special, is now more expensive. and sometimes people turn a little by this thought. thus, the most expensive boat in the world $ 4.5 billion. naturally get in return or a beautiful boat, but the price is very off are related if you look what you do could do with that money. are you curious about what products are made more expensive so ridiculous? keep watching for the top 10 most expensive things in the world and leave the comments which 10 of you the most ridiculous and why.

shoes are especially for women are often the most expensive garment. you're so 100 euros for a pair of regular shoes, and if you want a special time do maybe twice. in addition, young people grow even further in their shoes. so it may be that you still have nice shoes, but you do not fit anymore. and then 200 euros still very much money if you've worn these switchers but three times. but if you really want to do extreme which represents 200 euros for nothing. the most expensive shoes in the world are in fact ... wait for it ... 3 million! these are obviously heels and they are once again completely covered with 4600 diamonds mini.

the shoe was created specifically for the fiftieth anniversary of the movie 'wizard of oz' celebrate and they were worn by the lead actress in the film. but according to the shoe maker this is all worth it. for he said, "a shoe is more than just a design, it is a part your body language, the way you walk. the direction you go is determined by shoes. " all sounds very nice and abstract, but we believe it is nothing more than a sales pitch. cars are also a very good example of a luxury product. almost everyone has one well, and some even two.

with a car you can easily move your pieces and travel finer than in public transport. where you almost always have delayed by disruptions or weather. however, a car is again much more expensive than public transport. this've just got myself in hand. you can namely choose to nab a used car for 2,000 euros, but if you have some wider you can buy a bmw for a big sloppy 40,000 euro. and if even that is not luxurious enough, this car might be something for you: ferrari

250 gto. one of the most exclusive cars in the world two years ago for 52 million dollar was sold at auction. this is obviously ridiculous amount of money, but it's even worse when you hear what the car when it took just released, namely: 18,500 dollars. in 55 years, the car is 281 thousand percent in its original value. not bad! which cigarettes often have a negative image and linked to tokkies and low-skilled people, cigars have a much more positive and smoking them even seen

a delicacy and something for 'elite' - say the rich people. and if it is something for the rich people, then obviously it must be expensive. therefore, there are literally thousands of types of cigars which some euro rates reach into the thousands. and the most expensive cigar in the world? it costs a shocking $ 500,000. these cigars are over 600 years old and made by the mayas. right now they are in a special cigar museum, so they probably will not be smoked. and that's a good thing, because when smoking such a cigar is literally half

million dollars in smoke. sin. the number 7 in the list is believed to also properly moved out of context. we are talking about because the most expensive hotel room in the world. now hotels generally been quite expensive since you have most of your stay is sleeping on a bed. but the royal penthouse suite 'in the swiss hotel "president wilson' stores really everything. one night's sleep here because costs $ 68,000!

in the suite you have your own elevator, gym, piano and more luxurious. the suite offers space for 12 people, so if that $ 68,000 too much for you , then you can invite some friends and then share the bill, not the it is cheap, but anything is better than $ 68,000. in the room besides having the world's richest people slept like bill gates and michael douglas. people for whom such a hotel room probably just as 'beautiful' because it is seen all in pure luxury living ... every website that you can visit via your browser is recorded in a register.

if you want to create a site with original name, this is not usually a problem and costs you do this a few euros. but there are also names that everybody wants for his website. think of names that say exactly what the site such as telefoonhoesjes.nl. as many people already foresee that other people want to have a name, they buy all these sites. and then if someone wants to have that name, for example telefoonhoesjes.nl, then you can buy from the owner usually for a few hundred euros. very smart of course, because you earn easy money with it and you also very

takes little time. and this happens on a large scale, so large that entire industries and auctions are. very good domain names can easily cost namely 100,000. and if you want to go international, so with a .com domain, then you save really hard. the most expensive domain ever sold was the domain insurance.com that insurance means. the value of the property was a whopping $ 35.6 million ... hopefully they have recovered it, but since insurance in america are a billion dollar industry, we think so. the number five on the list is a phone.

one thing that is taken today by people all day and what a day checked 100 times. often positive messages on social media, but a phone is also very are useful, for example in emergency situations. and that is to many people a 'good' reason to buy an expensive phone. but you can overdo it, for example, the new iphone x, which is called the iphone x said, because it has a value of more than $ 1000. an amount that many people still biting goes too far. but the iphone x is nothing compared to the 'diamond rose iphone 4.

the iphone 4 has been especially pimped by as much as 500 diamonds on the side stuck down, and 53 additional special diamonds on the apple logo. and if that were not enough, also the home button replaced by a special platinum button containing an even more special, and therefore expensive, diamond. and that's not all, because with this iphone, you also get a special box, or nouja, say chest. the iphone is in fact delivered in a stone coffin with a weight of 7 kilos. not so very practical. this whole joke takes only a total of 5 million dollars, and then you do not have another new

x iphone, so if you had the money, you probably'm do not want. for many luxury goods you are forced to purchase other products. when a car for example, you've always needed fuel and parking. well fuel is often not a problem, but a parking space is already difficult pieces. the city is always too little space, and when you finally have a place, chances are that it is too small for your car. therefore, like many people in a city their own parking. sometimes you get it in your house, but usually you should just buy this and that, costs again a lot of money.

in amsterdam starting prices at several hundred euros per year, but for the people in new york is nothing. in the district of manhattan will cost the most expensive parking namely $ 1 million. just for comparison, which is about the same, every day, to get the 24 year a parking ticket worth $ 115. which is completely ridiculous that you pay so much money for parking a car which is probably worth much less. unlike cars and phones you've surely really need a home. but as long as there is a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are in, most people can do

redden. unless you mukesh ambani called. he has namely the most expensive house in the world that lies in the indian city of bombay. a house is only expressed a little light, because this "house" has 27 floors, 3 helicopter landing, and 6, underground parking spaces. moreover, it included 600 people sitting in this house to help with the cleaning and protect your home, so you can do important things themselves. and as expected, this may cost something. the exact sale price of the house is unknown, but it is known that the construction of the whole

has cost plus complex apparatus and the like, $ 2 billion. and because the contractor obviously wanted to earn considerable fees for the sale of the house will the sales here have ample located above. in terms of money is the number two still pretty it from this list. but this is more the relationship between price and product a bit for our idea is taken out of context. in second place is a clear spring. right, those things which are birds. the spring is, moreover, a bit more special than that of a duck.

yet, many people will not be willing to more than 10 euros a feather to give. if you do the same you can hold your best but just as good as the most expensive spring ever sold cost $ 6,800 dollars! the spring came from a rare bird that has been extinct a long time ago and then was supported by the chief of an indian tribe. so there is something of a history behind, but i'm not gonna lie to you, $ 6,800 dollars a spring is just ridiculous money. and we have arrived at the number one thing with his award as the number

two quite is taken out of context. this is because an airline ticket, something known as the magic ticket to freedom is seen. and therefore many people may actually cost something, but is around 1500 euros really be the max for 'normal people'. well this is not really because you can fly to almost any destination for this money, but recently playing them further than the distance of the flight. indeed, there are also many options to make your flight more comfortable, for example, by purchasing extra legroom and a wider seat.

something that many people do best. but nowadays airlines go very far with it. besides business-class instance you can also complete compartments afhuren where you during the flight can sit quietly. and the airline 'etihad airways' here is the king. their most expensive flight because going from abu dhabi to new york for a not so friendly price of $ 64,000. it's all settled and you drove to your plane with a limousine, where then spend the entire flight in one of three rooms you can stay.

you have a bedroom, bathroom, and 'living' on board with their own butler. so you have to do nothing. you also have your own cook who is available throughout your flight, or you may unlimited food at an altitude of 10,000 meters, not wrong. but whether this 15-hour experience is well worth the $ 64,000 we do not know ... too late me know what you think, it is worth the money or not?

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