rote sofas wohnzimmer

rote sofas wohnzimmer

hello everyone, welcome to the marivo channel in today's episode, we will open to ourselves the latest lego friends set and this is mia's cottage the kit number is 41369 in the middle you will find 3 minifigures mom, dad and mia we'll build a huge mia's cottage for ourselves it looks wooden. and there is also a horse

and rabbit and a climbing wall the house is very spacious, see it has open spaces and there are definitely many accessories the catalog price of the cottage is pln 300 i've been waiting for another lego friends cottage for so long and finally it is earlier, we've already lodged stephanie's house emmy, oliwia, now it's time for mia

i am very curious if it will be nicer than the previous one the set contains 6 bags with blocks together there are 715 elements a lot of folding there's a horse, two big blocks there is also a huge book with instructions for submission it is very thick there will be a lot of folding for sure and there are also extra stickers

we have the first mini figure. this is mia in this issue he has very red hair, see he also has a blouse with nuts and green shorts there is also mia's horse, gray in patches and here we've built a well here it turns, and here is a bucket with water my guess is that we are now setting up a kitchen here we have the first locker, and hide in it cutlery, knives

it's in the first drawer. and in the second drawer forks we have an oven and a bun is baking inside and we also have another locker and there is a sink in this place we put a pan on the kitchen there is also an egg there is also a mixer with a cherry i have not seen such a flower at lego friends yet

and here is the place for a shoulder blade there is also a cuckoo clock there are also doors and see, it is so extra transparent sticker. here are these leaves there is a shelf with a figurine and some plant look, we have 2 more mini figures here this is dia's father and mother mia's dad's name is angus he has a mustache, brown hair and is dressed in a shirt

mama mia is ann. look, he has long brown hair and freckles like mia and she is dressed in a green blouse the whole family is very similar, right? there is also a hare in the set mama mii has a camera i think she likes photography. there is also something for the horse there are reins and here we have a hanger for them and there is also a saddle

and here are the containers for the horse. pink and green for food and drink and here is the extra rock there are also stairs to the upper floor there are also carrots for the horse and water there is even a frog for luck there is also a great sofa. in green there is also a mini table with a mug and a telephone

there is also a table for 3 people in such a semicircle there are purple chairs perfect for the whole family and on the table there is a baguette, butter, milk and a cup someone got dirty here there will be a bathroom in this place there is a toilet with a cistern and toilet paper there is also a washbasin here are the next door. this time they are on the balcony

with such beautiful patterns and they are transparent here is a great balcony. look, there are even flowers there is also an extra barrier for the first time at lego friends, i see a beehive and from this side there will be a climbing wall but extra very colorful and now we're furnishing mia's room

we put the cabinet there are also rollers mia also has a desk and a chair. he can learn here there is also a green carpet and a helmet and mia sleeps in the attic he also has a ladder that he can enter to bed and sleep there is also a pillow

and a lamp and here we built mia's house see how amazing it is the house is amazing and unparalleled half is made of wood, see it also has a wooden staircase you can see that the family likes to live in harmony with nature there are a lot of flowers and there is also beehive and from the side of the house is an extra climbing wall

there is also a place for horses where he can eat on the ground floor is a living room where you can relax and drink coffee or tea there is a kitchen where mom prepares delicacies there is also a table for the three of them where they always eat together there is a small bathroom upstairs and the spacious room of mia, see it is really very big

it has a place to study and it takes place upstairs to sleep. but extra, i would also like to have such a bed i did not expect mia to have such a house i could not wait for lego friends he'll make a house for mia. and it is really amazing all these finishes give him charm write to me in a comment what do you think about mia's new home? you like this? and who liked it more?

stephanie, oliwia, emma or mia? quickly leave a comment! mia can not wait how will i show my new home to girls also, if you want to see how mia guides you girls after their new home it's quick to leave the paw up how will you get 2000 paws up this will be another new fairy tale from lego friends

and i still have a question for people which very carefully watched our movie how many rooms are there in mia's house? you know? it's quick to leave a comment we send greetings and kisses to all viewers see you in the next movie papa, papa

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