rustikale holzwand wohnzimmer

rustikale holzwand wohnzimmer

there is no harm in letting your plants in. the green color can make you feel relaxed and the oxygen can make your mood to be good all day long. more on that later. this is 5 cheap tricks how to update your living room by 1. tire table to make this table, you need 2 unused tires. measure the rim of one tire then cut plywood with the same diameter as the tire rim.

next, screw the plywood onto the tire. then, stack the tire with plywood on the other one. hot glue the entire surface of the tires and wind rope on them. you may install caster wheels as well. 2. move in your plants make sure you don’t bring the big ones though; your living room will look narrow if you do so. small plants in small pots are great. combine this idea with incense

and you will get relaxing experience in your living room. 3. stack the magazines this idea will require you to stack the magazines on the floor; it won’t look messy if you add adhesive tapes on each back side of the magazines or books so the stack won’t crumble. put the stack between 2 chairs; it will act as an end table. put the small plant pot on this stack to make it more appealing.

4. add more accents the pallet wall, the fruit crate organizer, and the flower jar above can give your living room a rustic accent. you might want to add more accents to your living room like adding rustic decoration like pallet bench. it is easy to make; you just need to take a pallet and cut them to pieces. after that, install them altogether by building the seat then add the back side.

to tighten them, screw each connectors or glue nail them. you can paint it if you want to. 5. sell some furniture some people would put many stuff in their living room and forget that less spacious room can be stressful. therefore, make sure there are only usable furniture and decoration in the living room. also, if you find your living room to be stressful due to the amount of stuff you put there, then take some decorations that you don’t need for and sell them. that's it. i hope last idea you heard not give you a mini heart attack

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