sandeiche wohnzimmer

sandeiche wohnzimmer

recording? okay, so episode number one take one oh sh*t wait do that again i don't know why i clapped omg guys omg big news

big news, big big small news big small news omg we're having a baby! *theme song starts playing* can't wait to decorate, there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg we're having a baby?!? *push push* i am 11 and a half weeks pregnant

i literally cannot believe we are making this video right now like this is such a big deal for us so, we wanted to make this very personal announcement to you guys because you guys have been on just our journey of a business together obviously you've seen joey and i together. we've been together for 10 and a half years and obviously its taken us a while to get to this point we literally just hit 3 million subscribers and now our family is going to be a family of 3

families come in threes oh my gosh i'm going to start crying. this is too early to start crying. obviously we have a ton of decorating videos we're constantly making for you and don't worry. our channel isn't going to turn into baby central we're going to continue bringing you the normal, decorating makeover videos we're just going to add in a little sugar on top some omg we're having a baby videos so do you remember how you told me you were pregnant? yeah.

you were pooping he was pooping in the guest bathroom. -'cause i'm respectful- because he's respectful- and i slid the positive pregnancy test under the door. but i didn't see it! you didn't see it. i hear him, like, getting up, flushing, washing his hands... and i'm like, crouched, on the floor, looking under the space of the door, like when the hell is this guy gonna see this, it's right there! i slid it in!

kate! (laughing) we're really excited and we're really celebratory about it amongst ourselves so we're hoping you guys will be really happy for us, but just know that we're very sensitive to all the different types of stories that are out there. we know how individual and personal the process of growing your family,

deciding to get pregnant, trying to get pregnant deciding not to ever get pregnant- all of those decisions and things that people go through can be heartbreaking, can be so hard, can be all of the above. so we are just so excited about this process,

obviously this is our first kid, we don't have one that we have been hiding from you guys two cats- two cats, kids, which, guys, if any of you have fur-babies, you know how important they are to you, so i feel like that's also a reason why it has taken us so long to have kids- we didn't need it. we didn't need it. we have roxane and winston and also, we were growing our business, and

you know, enjoying each other's company, joey and i are best friends, soulmates, business partners, all of the above. we're really, really lucky, so i'm gonna start crying, but, i just- i'm- i love him so much that i, like, just wanna experience this with him, like, i just think being able to bring life into this world sounds like

a really cool, really scary (giggles) process, and i'm just really excited to do it with you. like, i feel like my love for you makes me wanna be a mom. yeah, and i- and i feel like, i know how happy this is all gonna make you- it's gonna make me happy, too, but like, i want it all to be completely successful and happy and healthy 'cause like- yeah-

i live to make your dreams come true. that's so nice, why are you so nice? he's so nice. but it's my dream, too. yeah, your- it's your dream, too, i wouldn't do this if it wasn't a co- dream of ours. yeah- no- this was a very thought- out process. yeah. i feel like, a lot of times, people have kids on accident, whatever, not in this case,

which is no judgement either, but we were very planned, and calculated about this pregnancy, so we just wanna share this journey with you guys because this community of creative weirdo's that we have around us is like the reason that we get to do what we do and be with each other and work with each other so like, we love you guys so much, oh my gosh i'm gonna start crying, i just really appreciate all of you guys and all of your positivity

all the time so i just i'm really excited toshare this journey with you and like i said don't worry we'll have decorating videos still coming at you and if you are like oh my goshbabies who cares don't click on the video yeah let's bring you up to speedokay so here's how a pregnancy works okay a lot of people wait until the endof their first trimester to tell people because the first trimester is when youcan get like your first round of tests basically like seeing the baby'sheartbeat is like the first huge thing which should we cut to that? that's kate or that's the baby? a 6 mm person like a pencil eraser. so fast forward to our 11 eleven week

scan normal. i don't even like that word but i do now. normal is a good word i like to be weird and abnormal but not with pregnancy you guys we just got back from theultrasound we're looking at the text message. this is so high-tech look atthis okay first of all it definitely has a who nose like joey look at itwaving we still don't know if it's a girl or a boy. we're gonna find that out tomorrow. my boobs are huge. okay so obviously we are so excited i'm celebrating being normal guys know i like to celebrate

everyone's uniqueness so but yeah it'sas far as pregnancy goes normal is what we're striving for i'm like so excitedalso to be able to tell people. yeah so we called joey's family first we gotlucky because his parents were over at his older sister's house and she has twosons obviously our nephews and then we call joey's brother and sister-in-lawand their kid jonah and they were at a reggae restaurant inflorida what are you doing? hard to hear you we're at a bob marley restaurant. hi uncle joey put jason on as well are you pregnant? yes!!!!!!

oh my god.. congratulations. thank you! hey buddy how are you?tell grandpa to come i want to see him dad happy birthday how funny was joey's mom like literally. she dropped the phone they're so excited yeah you're gonna see thedifference between a midwest reaction and a new yorker reaction yeah we callmy grandma in new york my grandma who is very different hello are you still awake what time is it there? is this a crank call? i'll call the police we wanted to call and tell you thatyou're gonna be a great grandma. oh my god i'm gonna faint. oh my my my that's wonderful, kate when?

the due date is like june 1st. another gemini. gemini's are very difficult people i'll tell you. have you found out the sex? joey and i don't know yet and we toldthe doctor to tell tests and tomorrow we're gonna do like a gender-revealthing okay do you have any guesses as to what gender it is? joey's definitely your favorite grandkid. she's acharacter i also called my dad we didn't film that because he was on a plane it was confusing but he was so excited he asked if he could be called nanu which is whathe called his sicilian grandfather so he's already requesting his name andthen we waited till the next morning to call my mom because she's in paris currently and so the time change and everything

but she's so excited too. hi. hi guys. you're gonna be a grandma. oh sweetie, congratulations. when is your due date? june 1st right between you and joey i'm so happy for you guysthank you you're gonna be both great parents this is gonna be great it's socrazy - the cats out the bag you know oh my gosh what if i'm having a cat that's a bigfurry maine coon ok i've been pregnant now for i mean it's technically not 11weeks cuz you start out and you're already four weeks pregnant so obviouslythere's been some videos that you guys have seen where i was already pregnantwe just weren't telling people yet in particular i was seven weeks pregnantwhen we were shooting the colleen nursery video which she didn't knowobviously she didn't know we didn't we

literally hadn't told anyone and ofcourse she like asked me in the video like when are you guys having kids and i was likeoh i wish i could have told her but i was too scared that it wasn'tstick so i was keeping it secret you also saw her eating a burger and i sawyou just go i kind of turn it away so that must be your weird food cravingsthe symptoms are real i thankfully have not had crazy morningsickness to the point where i've thrown up but i just kind of had like abaseline of queasiness so i'm just sort of like feel a little all the time andbut then i get like really really hungry and want to like eat my arm if there'sno food around like it's like the type

of starvation i've never felt beforebut of course all i want to eat is like sandwiches and pasta and whatever so i'mprobably already getting a little bit fleshy er that's kind of my body typeanyways but you know what i'm gonna be a little meatball and that's just how it'sgoing to be and i'm gonna enjoy it and it's gonna be finei'm not eating excessively i'm eating healthy like i'm being responsible butyou're gonna look amazing no matter what joey's been so sweet he's been so supportivetelling me he's gonna love these are you gonna love on my stretch marks and mypotentially saggy skin and all that which makes me feel really good and soeven if you're lying

that's really nice don't tell meotherwise you know i'm not lying he's like it's gonna be beautiful that's why he's the best and i'm so glad i'm having a kid with him.that's really really nice. do not worry you guys are just gonna keep thosepositive comments coming on how good she looks and as much as i'm excited aboutthis process i'm also like petrified about it you and know that i'm alsohormonal and very sensitive so please be extra nice and know there we goand we read all the comments of course because we love you guys we want to knowwhat you're thinking how you're feeling i'm just so so so excited and honoredand thrilled that we get to share it

with three million people what oh my godi wonder we'll probably have four million by the time this puppy comes outit's gonna be a puppet gonna be a dog that would be really really great i would have a lot ofexplaining to do so we're just gonna do some of theseupdates every once in a while we are gonna be bringing you the omg we'rehaving a baby series it'll be you know obviously there's the beginning and thenand the happy end hopefully to the series we're totally gonna keep ourother schedule as well so like yeah you know there's gonna be just as muchinterior design kate may be sitting more in some videos than in others we'regonna be buying only no voc paint so

there's no fumes for me for the littlehappy parasite we're gonna be smart we'll be very smart we'll be i'm i alsoget really tired and all that stuff so you'll probably see me rug cuddling bymyself. it's just gonna get better and better and better everywhere so don't fret. and we're so happy to share with you guys. you're our family, our family is growing one more small human all right good job i loveyou so much i'm so excited okay guys we're gonna go i need to go nap and welove you so much and make sure you subscribe and hit thatthumbs up i know just because i cried a lot thumbs up for emotionnext up gender reveal so see you then and remember stay creative, stay weird, stay youbecause why not we love you so much. bye!

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