sat 1 wohnzimmer

sat 1 wohnzimmer

are you just laughing at me? fine. onward! - what? *laughs* do you wanna have my mobile phone? - no! wanna make a call? - no! hello? hello? mike? he's here! should i give him to you for a second? okay. it's for you. thanks.

hello? how old are you? errr... six. yeeees! no! - not that much? no how many's that? 1,2,3,4,5,6...6! are you not 6 years old?

yes! - so, why did you say no just now? what do you like to do? grilling! -grilling? deer... pork... deer? - yes! - from deer or rewe (supermarket charn in germany) ? from deer! like the deer... ...because my father is a hunter. that's why you grill deer! have you ever gone hunting with him? - yes. shoot.

i have shot before. - i notice! i have the feeling your life is so much more exciting than mine. can i be friends with you? yes! you already are. what thing do you find totally awesome? tennis! i'm number 2 in cologne. so who's the number 1? - amelie. who's the best (female) player in the world? sherapowa? is that... - sherapowa, yes, but she doped!

she doped?! - yes! is... amelie doped? i think so. and you? - no! despite dextrose. name five things you find really good! my sister has such an hover-board... and there also is a seat... there you can just hold on to and simply kick the pedal! i guess i've never driven one before...

broken! it is broken. - what (do you mean with) it is broken? what do you like about tennis? the winning! - very good! winning is always better than...? - losing. because losers are...? - loser. and loser are...? - stupid. you broke it! do you like vegetables? yes. - what vegetables?

salami! where does salami grow? - on a salami tree! on a salami-tree grow...? and they just hang like that? -yes! and when do you know that a salami is ripe? at first they are... errr... i believe... white! first they are white and then become...? the... normal ones! what is great about moms? - she is always nice!

always nice? - always nice! always? - always! immer? - completely always! she is very nice. - but nett is also the little sister of...? (german saying: scheiãÿe) sweet? yes, nice is the little sister of sweet! is your mother that nice that, if someone would come and snitch something from her, that she'd be like: "have a nice day"?! no, she wouldn't do that.

she would go to court. - probably to court. - exactly. at the end of the day it was probably amelie. yes! - yes. what was the best present you ever got? a plane... i got that from my... what is that called again...? probation officer? - no... from the brother of my dad. - from your uncle? - yes.

what's the sister of your father called? - aunt. - aunt. and if your uncle is married to your aunt what is that? eifel! (small part in germany)

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