schaukel im wohnzimmer

schaukel im wohnzimmer

storytelling huff juliet edãºkame team julieta lives with her father and her mother and whiskers, her hamster. many saturday mornings, her father takes her to the park near her home. it is a park with swings,

slides and lots of kids to play with. but what juliet likes the most is to make sand castles with whiskers, her hamster. they mix water and sand in their buckets, they give them some magical touches with the shovel and rake and get some fantastic sand castles. so the park is the favorite place

for whiskers and juliet. but today juliet and her hamster whiskers they have been playing a long time in the sand. and her father said to her: we have to go home how? i want to stay a little longer. we're having a great time. but it is time to leave, juliet. come on.

i do not want! i know you do not want to stop playing, but playing time is over. we have to go. and juliet became very, very angry and said: no no and no! when her father tried to hold her hand,

juliet felt a strong heat in thebelly. just here. heat ran up her body and it rose, and rose, and without knowing how, she began to scream and clench her fists as well. suddenly, the head of juliet began to grow and grow and grow. but ... what was going on?

her head had swollen like a huge balloon. she felt her feet lifted off the ground and they began to rise a little, and to rise, and rise, and she floated. she floated in the air and she rose higher and higher. whiskers, her hamster, he was very worried about his friend juliet,

every time she was more angry as more and more angry, she got more inflated and higher she was. her dad looked at her as she floated and when she was about to reach the trees, he hold her foot so she would not rise. ugh. goodness. when juliet felt the hand of her father she was relieved,

because she was afraid of heights and getting down from clouds she was so afraid. with the help of her father, she fell to the ground. and her head, as if by magic, it was leaving the air. when juliet was on the ground she calmed down a bit.

juliet! you've upset a lot her dad told her: what made you so angry? is that, is that i do not want to leave, i want to continue playing in the park. i understand you, juliet, i know you're enjoying but the time to be in the park it is over.

now let's go home. her dad gave her his hand juliet and he started walking toward the house. she was still a little angry. whiskers had taken a big scare uppercase when he saw juliet with that tantrum and when he saw the head of juliet it swelled and began to fly

mamma mia! whiskers hid behind the castleof sand. whiskers was very worried. if he is ever so angry, and he entered a tantrum, he would fly? whiskers and the house was still worried. i did not know if juliet was still angry so he approached his friend juliet,

he moved mustaches muzzle and asked, are you angry? have you already have a huff? is that is that i was having much fun and i did not want to go ... although i like playing here at home too. you had to have seen you, juliet. red, red you were,

fists clenched, screamed and screamed and your head was well, like a balloon. you started to fly what a tantrum, juliet! juliet looked at whiskers and juliet asked if she screamed much and if she was very angry.

she had once seen a child very angry, very angry in the park. his face was red and cried strong, strong. the truth, i really do not know what was wrong. whiskers moved the muzzle. i was very scared when i saw you so red

and i hid behind the sand castle. you looked like an ogre. juliet also was scared a lot she did not want to fly again. juliet ran to see her dads who were sitting on the living room couch. dad, today in the park i just got really scared to fly.

his dad gave her a hug and said: don't worry, i was at your side to help you. although you screamed very strong but i knew that gradually your anger would subside. that will happen to me again? juliet asked. honey, your being angry is normal.

but not floating out of anger next time, remember the time playing in the park it's over. it ends when mom or dad says it and we're going home. remember also we will not change our mind

even if you're very red or even if you float. juliet had understood the lesson. she didn't want to float. so the next time she was going to be just a little upset. no more. juliet gave them a hug very big for her parents. now she know

how to manage her anger and not float and climb to the clouds. and you, too, have you ever being angry? if you enjoyed this video, click on like, share it, leave me your comment and subscribe to my channel. see you in the next video. bye now.

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