schiebetür für wohnzimmer

schiebetür für wohnzimmer

aco faã§ade channels perfect systems – easy to install increasingly extreme weather conditions require more and more complex drainage concepts with its diverse facade channels aco offers systems for a secure facade and terrace drainage. this channel system is available in stainless steel as well as in galvanised steel. it works on two levels: it drains the surface and at the same time it conducts the water through the drainage level underneath.

the system benefits: quick drainage of surface water, prevention of waterpool in the facade area and protection for the interior against humidity. for the system aco profiline which is continuously height-adjustable there is no need to define a precise installation height during the planning phase. due to the modular system the channel elements can be installed quick and profitable. the installation of the aco facade channel in a gravel or grit bed

is not a problem because of the closed channel base. the facade channel develops it full effect in front of a doorstep if it extends the entire width. furthermore it should be installed sufficiently close to the doorstep. the use of grit smaller than four millimeter is not a problem because experience shows that due to wedging only a little amount of grit comes through the drainage slots into the channel. the water-bearing layers are the sealing and covering layer

for reversed roofs the insulation layer needs to be added. first of all the end cap is installed which can be easily adjust to the installation height. the end cap with its stamped slots is inserted into the recess of the end of the channel body. afterwards the first facade channel can be placed into the prepared grit bed. the height of the channel is preadjustable with a screwdriver. to ensure an ideal drainage the facade channel has four millimeter wide

drainage slots at the side of the channel body. the continuously closed channel base ensure a high stability and load distribution. furthermore the closed channel base guarantees that the sensitive roofing skin is not damaged. the assembling of the channel elements is easily made with a tongue and groove connecting system. the end compensation element enables a comfortable and continuously height-adjustment between 10 to 55 centimeter at the back or front of the channel element.

during the assembly the channel base is completely separated from the channel frame. the channel element is placed inside the base of the compensation element. after that the preferred compensation length can be built. the center compensation element ensures a continuously height-adjustment between 5 and 50 centimeter. the channel base is completely separated from the channel frame. both channel elements are placed inside the base of the compensation element. thus the preferred compensation length is built.

the aco profiline offers variable corner elements as a complement it makes a variable angle up to 90 degrees possible without complex cutting of the channel bodies. the height-adjustment is the removable grating it is easy to reach. using a screwdriver the height can be adjust continuously. now the floor covering can be distributed. afterwards a simple fine adjustment of the channel height follows. finally the grates are fitted and locked on top of the channel. all done

aco facade channels are suitable for distributing various coverings, for example panel and wooden coverings or roof greening. suitable for every aco facade channel system there is a branch train available with lateral drainage slots. it guarantees a secure channel flow towards the gully. the front side of the branch train is set against the drainage slots of the channel body and is fixed due to the overall system inside the gravel bed.

a connector for the branch train secures the single elements from slipping. the branch train is joined to a gully top for roof gullies. the gully top for roof gullies ensures an open access to the roof gully. the height can be continuously adjustable. additionally the raising elements make it possible to adjust it to the preferred height of the gully tops for roof gullies. aco facade channels fit perfectly to every ambitious architectural building project. also it offers the best technical requirements for barrier-free

constructions. the aco facade channels match the highest standards of quality for architects and planners. aco facade channels – flexible heights, timeless design and excellent drainage.

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