schiebetür glas wohnzimmer

schiebetür glas wohnzimmer

interior workshop julia sheveleva presents to your attention a design project of an apartment called cowberry cream. the style of this interior is a cozy modern classic. the interior turned out to be very lively and quite bright, but at the same time it kept its refinement. an important condition in the planning of the kitchen was the removal of a separate dining area. light and warm colors are complemented by accents of purple, blue and green colors. the facades of kitchen furniture are also bright with panels. the apron is made of beige relief tiles. the mood of the whole apartment is felt at the entrance to the hallway.

here on the floor is a carpet of tiles. a tall mirror, in a molding frame, widens a small space. in the bright corridor, attention to itself attracts a blueberry-colored console. from the hallway into the living room are sliding wide doors with frosted glass binding. they create a feeling of lightness, let the light through and give solemnity to the interior of the living room. in the living room there are two zones. the first is for watching tv. the second zone is working. the door to the balcony replaced.

the layout of its bindings repeats the pattern of the interior door. panels on the built-in furniture, a wide ceiling cornice and curtains with hooks emphasize the style of the interior. in the bedroom on one of the walls used the composition of the framework. the opposite wall is covered with wallpaper with floral patterns. the perimeter of the room is outlined by a cornice and thin molding. the doors of the wardrobe are classic in shape, but made in a rich blue color. the bathroom and the bathroom are separate, but the customer wanted to see them made in the same tile. for the walls was chosen beige-cream tiles of different formats. as accents, a relief tile with different geometric patterns was used.

for the floor, we chose bright hexagons of rich lingonberry color.

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