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hello my creative weirdos! welcome to another mr. kate decorates! oh my gosh, i'm so excited! we are working with home depot, thank you for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this project, we are totally gutting a bathroom today you guys. and we're working with the cutest and funniest couple the rooth family, check 'em out -hello mr. kate! hi guys. my name is brianna,-and i'm sean/shawn and we are the rooths

our story is we just made 1 year wuh-woo! of being married *confetti* congratulations to us also, -we just purchased a house. and we've only been here for 6 months but, -it's a lot of work to dowe gotta lot of work to do and we need mr. kate to be as awesome as you guys are to come help us please renovate our bathroom, 'cause i just can't take it anymore. *music* and this guy right here, he's not the best. oh mm, no. doin' the work -i tried, i try. you do try! i give that to you, but we really would love it if you guy's came and helped us complete our dreams.

we hope to see you guys soon! -bye guys.bye! okay guys, we're about to go meet brianna and shawn, and see what their bathroom looks like. and hopefully help them renovate it? oh my gosh, this is gonna be major! hey! nice to meet you! -nice to meet you too! hi.. i'm joey! hi. nice to meet you. what's up, shawn, i'm joey! ooh! did you guys paint in here?

yeah, this is actually her idea. oh my gosh! it looks pretty! thank you! we're trying... we've been working, yeah, on a few little projects. this is the bathroom! it's small it is! like you and me! and you have some water damage.

i see, around the tub. i mean, this is just beautiful.. yes.. gorgeous... i can tell so, your taste! yeah here, i'm gonna get in here. to free out some space. *laughter* i mean if we can, you know downsize it, i also feel since it's a smaller bathroom i can make it feel a little bigger let's have a little more floor area yeah idon't know if you guys notice but you

don't have an exhaust fan. i mean thatcould play into some of the some of the the paint situation we see going on here. we're trying to make it more ours, you know more stylish and just cleaned up we're just trying to give it some love and care yeah absolutely.-all right well bath time on three one.....two......three! oh my god, how cute are they? i'm soexcited we're gonna totally transform their master bathroom we're gonna get inthere we have so much to do so joey is gonna go get in there with hissledgehammer and i'm gonna start shopping i'm gonna go and shop online picking out all of the items that we need to fully transform that bathroom let'sgo do it! oh what's up guysdemolition time, take the door off here

alright guys so really quickly let'stalk through the plan so this door first of all i took it off because it's justgonna be easier to work in here without the door on but we're also gonna re hangit we're gonna make it open into the bedroom as opposed to into the bathroombecause this bathroom is so small we're gonna knock this out of here we're gonnacompletely replace it with a brand new shower with the delta up style systemswe're not gonna give them a double vanity it'd be nice but this is just toosmall, what we're gonna actually do is we're going to change this to an actual singlevanity size but put it on that wall we're also gonna take that window outand put in a much larger window

all right so we pretty much got thebathroom demo out there's a couple of issues one they tiled over wood it's nothow you do it, so we're gonna have to rectify that the other issue is we havesome mold i'm not too surprised based on the water damage of a saw earlier butit's definitely something we have to fix so we're probably gonna have to replacethis wall or else we'll deep-clean it one of the two so we'regonna work on that so progress day one okay guys, so i am about to pick out a bunchof stuff i am on because that is where i'm going to be gettingeverything so obviously the hero in that bathroom is going to be their new showerthey have a tub in their other bathroom

so they're totally cool to make thatjust into a straight-up shower which i think will make the room feel that muchbigger so i am going to use the delta up style shower system which this is likeone and done like you just get the whole system and then you get to personalizeit by picking out a specific tile for the little tile detail but this will cutdown our installation time by like two days like it's way faster so yay for speed. so okay i built this shopping board here which you guys know i like to doespecially when i'm shopping online i like to take the images and kind ofcompile them into one mood board so i'm just seeing how all the different thingsplay together i am obsessed with this

floor tile like oh my goshbreanna and shawn thankfully agree on the style that they like, they like theblue and white they also like kind of all white everything else but i want tobring in some contrast so i really like this darker patina for the fixtures likethis really beautiful venetian bronze for the faucet i also really love theshowerhead like its square and like brings in just kind of a structure rightbecause obviously this floor tile has some more like round shapes and it's alittle more like bohemian looking a little bit more whimsical okay so thisdelta up style customizable wall system is awesome because it comes inthree pieces and it basically just

attaches to the wall so rather than hotmopping you just put in the delta shower pan and then the up style shower systemjust comes with three wall panels and you just install those directly to thestuds, which is so much easier and faster okay so this is how our hard finishesare looking for the bathroom obviously lots of littleaccessories but we don't have a lot of space in there, you guys remember in thatspace like you could barely fit in that bathroom the door opens in and youbasically walk straight into that vanity and even though it had one sink it kindof extended past so we're gonna make the executive decision and give them aslightly smaller vanity with just still

one sink but it's gonna make the spaceso much more movable so this vanity is perfect it's 28 inches wide which islike the max wick we can fit in that space it's really maximizing the storagefor a single sink vanity and i think probably over the toiletwe'll do some like floating shelves where they can put baskets andadditional stuff so we're making sure that they have ample storage in thattiny bathroom. alright so i have my cart full on i'm gonna check outwe're gonna get all this stuff in time for the bathroom because obviously we'recommitted to redoing this because joey has destroyed it in there but you knowhow it works

gotta destroy before you make itpretty i'm excited. welcome back guys as you can see we ended upreplacing this whole wall because can i stand on this? uhsure i mean it's yeah you're just gonna put your feet in their new shower. wellthere's no walls in their shower yet. but anyways they have that mold on the walland ultimately we decided to just replace the drywall and replace the twoby fours because the 2x4 just had a lot of water damage so. i'm glad that we made that decision. yeah we're leaving them with a healthier bathroom. way healthierfrom like the guts out. yeah we also framed out our giant window. this looks somuch better and also like think about

this cuz this is the back wall so whenthey have this door open we're also letting more light into their masterbedroom too. the big project for today is we're gonna put up the shower panels. comingtogether! so the thing that's cool about these shower panels is it's a super easyinstall you don't have to water proof you just basically install it directly tothe stud so we have our studs that you know are in your wall and then wejust attach these one by threes that are basically our horizontal members thatwe're gonna put adhesive on and then we'll just put...our horizontal members? yeah so it's super easy we're just gonna put ouradhesive on here and then also we'll use

some of this double-sided tape to justkeep it stuck while the adhesive dries so why don't you put that up i'll startputting the adhesive up and then we'll bring in the panel. ohhh panel over the horizontalmembers copy that, joey's so bossy today so alright these are obviously all ofour finishing materials which you guys saw on the mood board but look at themin person oh my gosh our floor tile, it goes so well with the color scheme thatthey already have going on in their bedroom it's just gonna be so beautifulin here and then here's the showerhead i really like using dark metals inbathrooms especially when you have like a lot of white going on because thatcontrast just looks really good

especially in a small space you wantcontrast. right, okay so here's what we ought to finish we got to put cementboard down on the floor okay and then we'll put the tile in we're going tobring in our vanity then, we also got to put the window in and so next time wesee you guys we'll have everything installed it'll be ready for the finaltouches and hopefully they'll like it. yep i'll be wearing my new crownshowerhead crown. quick update we're getting there we are almost done we've beenworking nonstop on this i haven't shaved we're getting tired but we'll get intothe finish line right now we are just finishing up this shower system and itcomes with this six and a quarter inch

channel and you can put any tile inthere so it's like a diy customization we're using this really cool mosaicwhite tile that we're then going to grout with a gray grout it's just goingto be a nice seamless look we put in a proper exhaust fan because obviouslybefore they were having a moisture problem in here, they also have this window that can open and close, we also flipped their before the door was openingin so we flipped the door so now it opens into the room which just creates a lotmore space in here so i think that was a really smartmove. oh my gosh how good does it look in here you guys so excited today is thebig reveal day we've gotten all of the

hardscape stuff in here right we've gotthe floating shelves we've got the towel bar the towel hook we've got thisbeautiful roller shade that just kind of filters the light on our new big windowbecause of course it's a bathroom even though their backyards right therethere's probably not a lot of people in the backyard all the time it's stillnice to have privacy and the light filtering is so pretty i mean this bigwindow makes such a big difference in here like i can move around in here nowyou guys like it feels so much bigger and we didn't blow out any walls like ahokay styling let's do it!

oh my gosh you guys i am thrilled withhow it looks in here what do you guys think? i mean i'm blown away by the change thatwe were able to make in here literally keeping the same footprint essentiallyin this bathroom right? we didn't move the shower we didn't move the toilet butthe biggest thing i think we did in here was create space to actually move aroundso we gave them a smaller vanity with storage so it got all the storage goingon down here but it just creates an area to move around and then changing the tubshower combo into just a shower really opens up the space you have that wholelook of it feeling seamless with the

floor you can just step in. i love thedetailing that we did in the shower like i love that you have that ability tocustomize it and we did that little, what shape is that? it's sort of a greek key almostkind of thing and we did a light gray grout to really distinguish that shapeso we're keeping it monochromatic because of course breanna and shawn likeyou know an all-white bathroom but they like blue and white they like a littlebit of gold i mean let's just talk about this vanity light like oh my god it'sgold it's mixed with the black it's got like the modern touch to it, it brings inso much light in here we added the exhaust fan they didn't have beforeremember?

like how much water damage there was inhere with everything around the tub so like we added functionality of abathroom in here i'm obsessed and also this window, making a biggerwindow made a huge difference in here bringing in the light because they onlyhave two windows in their master bedroom so now they can leave this door open andthey've got the light now streaming in from here as well so it's reallycreating a more 360 experience in the entire room and the styling is so cuteand obviously these floating shelves provide storage the baskets allow themto store all their lotions etc but it's still out and accessible so yeah. you did such a good job. joey did such a

good job in here. you did so much tiling and stuf i like our bathroom. weneed to re-do our guests bathroom okay okay let's go that breanna and shawn. oh mygosh they're gonna freak out. i mean they're gonna be, they've been in such suspense. close your eyes i'll show you into position okay we're gonna i'm gonnalead you forward. think about what this bathroom looked like before one....two.....three! this completely..... oh she loves it right? you love it? yes! i can't even speak man, it looks i don't know if you noticed but did you noticethat the door opens the other way now?

we have room, we actually have room! you can get out of the shower and dry yourself man....look at the shelf space. we have a plant i can't believe how much bigger it feelsin here like i remember before when we came here to look originally like we alldidn't fit. now there's plenty of space. i can twerk in here! so are you glad you sent in your submission video? yes it's been so worth it! thank you guys so much! your welcome give me a hug! we've been here long enough, we're family now. hopefully you guys have some good bathroom time. i got first dibs in here. wait what?! enjoy your shower. we can share. thank for letting us tear apart your bathroom, and then put it back together. we're gonna leave you guys. get in the shower, see if you both fit at once

oh my gosh that was such an epic project for such a small bathroom i mean obviously guys renovation is not what we usuallydo. yeah well bathrooms are also one of the harder rooms in the house torenovate there's a lot of steps. especially when you encounter like mold. yeah but weovercame. we did and they loved it which is obviously the most important thingthere's such a cute couple. thank you so much home depot for sponsoringcollaborate on today's video we could not have done it without you guys,all that stuff looks so good. so good! pinterest worthy. i think i think theyscored so that hey guys that's why you want to write in because every once in a while you get a full bathroom makeover. you get

a free bathroom makeover.make sure and thumbs up and subscribe join the creative weirdo family. we love you guys so much thankyou so so much for watching it means so much to us and we love you and rememberto stay creative, stay weird, stay you because why not?! we'll see you next time bye!

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