schlaf und wohnzimmer kombiniert

schlaf und wohnzimmer kombiniert

today's episode of omg we're coming over is sponsored by wish. oh my gosh guys... oh hello everybody welcome!! where does this staircase go? it leads to babies haha kinda, yes it leads to colleen ballinger's baby we're in her and erik stockland's house hi i'm colleen ballinger you might know me as miranda sings on youtube or netflix or from my youtube channel colleen ballinger and i'm so excited to have my nursery done by joey and kate!

how much of a crazy honor is this that colleen and erik are letting us decorate their nursery for their very first tiny human that they've baked together yeah i feel like literally every person on the planet was tweeting about this, ya, i think it was trending.. much requested number 1 on trending for like 4 months straight okay joey's marketing genius over here, yeah no it-it was one of our most requested ever makeovers so obviously we're so excited to do this, not only just for colleen and erik but for you guys too so this is gonna be so much fun. i'm so excited guys, if you're from colleen's channel welcome to the creative weirdo family

yes welcome we do a bunch of weird videos, they're actually not that weird but we do a lot of videos where we makeover peoples' homes so, it's a plus, so check out some other videos on our channel and hit subscribe button uh guys, go actively thumbs up this video because it's just thumbs up for babies thumbs up for babies this is gonna be an exciting episode, i know, it's gonna be really cool we have some really cool things up our sleeves okay lets go do it

oh my gosh.... it's's so weird to see it empty in here kate and joey are here i'm so excited! and they walk me into the room and there's nothing in it but this is such a good sized room though. yeah. especially because of the high ceilings, it's really nice. alright so colleen has a guest room next to her master bedroom that we are going to turn into a nursery because she's expecting. if you don't know that, then you need to come back to earth and start paying attention to things because everyone knows she's pregnant. obviously we've already discussed your aesthetic.

so my aesthetic my feeling when i'm decorating, which is never is very white, very clean and simple. my life is very chaotic and hectic i'm always on tour i'm always working. so i like things to look clean and simple. and especially for a nursery a white a nice clean palette. when you're in here you want to relax. so project nursery, so goal is to basically bring in a place for the baby to sleep but to also. crib, we talked about this you were like i don't really know what...i know i'm like the worst, i feel like most pregnant women are like 'i want this crib, i want this stroller' i'm like i don't know. i don't know how to do this, i've never done this before. i feel like i'm the only mom in the world who isn't planning every single aspect of my baby nursery so a lot of this is gonna be a surprise, i have no idea what's coming. your husband is like a creative type. almost daddy.

by the time this comes i think we'll be married, so husband, fiance human. eric is my baby daddy, he's my hubby, my man. he's my everything. eric is working today, he's a working actor, he's super talented so he's not here today but he will be here for the reveal i'm not letting him miss that. so eric is super artsy. he's more rustic too, so that's what we talked about. the combo of your sort of all white color palette with his love of wood and all that. he loves wood? he loves wood, oh my god. he will stop and pick up any wood on the street and be like he can make something of this. i love that! alright you know how we normally paint? we're gonna skip that and guess what we have. what do you have? wood! oh my god eric is gonna be so excited! we need to make sure we eric's rustic vibe in here. so we are putting up this amazing featured wall

of worn reclaimed wood but it's a total compromise because this worn reclaimed wood is white wash with a beautiful kind of grey tone white. so it still has that monochromatic look to it. but we're bringing in so much texture, so much personality. so this is going to be our center. we are going to build our chevron pattern on this. we'll start in the middle and then we'll work our way out. i thought chevron was just a gas station so this is very surprising for me to that it's actually a design and i think it's super cool. it's totally different. i think eric's gonna love it i love it. and the baby won't know anything because he's a baby and he poops himself. alright so basically what we did was we found the middle of the room.

and we are working our way outwards so that way we're symmetrical. if we need to trim on the edges we can just trim on the edges once we get to them. so i just use a laser level to shoot a straight line up the middle of the room and then we're going to just take off our first pieces and hopefully get them right because this is going to be the foundation of the entire wall. it's gonna look messy as we start it because obviously it's not fully filled in but once it's like oh, he's redoing what i did. i messed it up. no, i just want to make sure we're nice and tight okay, so is it tight enough yeah, it's we'll correct it as we go okay, so wood wall project is going really well

joey can just like take over because i have some diys plan with colleen that i definitely want to get done and then we have to you know kick her out and let her go nap because she's like very very pregnant and i do not want to make her do too much stuff in this room you're blocking your laser okay, i feel like... how did you know where to start? how do you know this is the middle? well thankfully joey is continuing this project and finishing this project. i use a tape measurer

oh so you knew where the center was? yeah. okay. i thought you just eyeballed brave, i have two diys. let me set up downstairs to do. whoa okay i feel like this is already taking shape too much and i don't want you to see it like but take a step back. take a step back and look at it's good. ya i know. it's so cool and eric's gonna like it right? eric's gonna flip. okay. all right. all right come with me. all right this is the last time you'll be in the room. goodbye room until it's done. all right, i'm gonna go into hyperdrive here. yeah hey everyone, we want to quickly tell you about today's sponsor

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ohmygosh suspenders and a bowtie. i can't this is so cute getting it. okay, so that's it i'm just gonna check out and i'm gonna get my item sent to me in the mail, which is reliable legitimate and provides good customer service and it's so much fun to discover the goodies. so you can go download the app and get to shop it now let's get back to decorating okay, we're prepped. are you ready? i'm ready baby's ready. he's kicking me a lot right now. really? yeah, he's ready. he's excited yeah, he's like over here. i don't know if he might do it for you okay, these diys are really fun and colleen emphasized to us just how important family is to her and eric. my family is everything to me

so it's important to me that we are able to incorporate family into this room somehow so you sent me all these pictures and they were all a bunch of you know, amazing shots of obviously everyone you've got your nephews niece here literally so cute so i just got them all printed but i did them all in black and white sometimes if you have a ton of photos arranged in a collage and they're all different colors. it's just kind of like too much happening so the black and white just kind of makes them all part of the same color palette now so that even though they were taken obviously at different times in all different places. they now are all friends

and so the thought is we have three of these square frames which i'm gonna stack like in a vertical row. okay, so the thought is we could collage the photos into two of them and then i printed two options from what you sent me for a center photo i thought these were so cute of you guys this is from your gender reveal which was so special and like you open your eyes and then obviously this one i just like loved the vibe yeah, i love it, too. yeah, these two pictures are both amazing it's so hard for me to pick but i feel like i have no choice i have to do the one where eric is jumping

in the air excited about this baby, right? i love it. so playful like eric just yeah, i mean, i think it has to be this i love and it's from this shoot that they did together while colleen is obviously very pregnant with baby so really it is a picture of the three of them. so this one's easy i'm just gonna pop that in one of the frame okay, so that you know, like the whole story that's happening here once baby's old enough and you're like he knows who's who and then you can be like showing him like that's blah blah blah or whatever and i love this diy project. there's pictures of my family all over my house so i'm happy that that bleeds into the baby room so that he can grow up seeing these faces

and getting familiar with them that one is so cute with your family laughing also miranda, yeah, she's part of his legacy. i know that's how eric and i met that's when they found out you are a boy no, it's so it's so hard to name a human hey, that's a big responsibility. yeah it's gonna be his name forever. are you gonna wait to meet him? i like i don't know, you know cuz i talked to him. hey, how you doing? so i want to be able to say his name and like if he's giving me a hard day i want to be like hey, yeah

fill in the blank oh eric yes, that's his brother chris and brooks. i love that so it's really just kind of creating a map and like i would do your layout first and okay, so this is looking so cute now that the layouts all done i'm just gonna use some strong mounting tape to get these pictures secured, but i can do that later. i'll frame them it'll be easy. let's move on to the next diy so i wanted you to obviously play around with some of the diys because i want you to have your hands on things that you're gonna be looking at everyday in that room with baby. yeah, so i thought to do a cloud mobile. oh cute

okay, so we're just gonna do some very sort of primitive, you know shapes of clouds and then we'll mirror image it and then once we have it almost done, we'll stuff in some pillow stuffing okay, like an actually padded lip tube. this diy project is right up my alley to do a little craft is my favorite thing in the world so to be able to make this cute little cloud mobile for the little baby is it just it's exciting to know that i had some part in this room so when he grows up i can be like i need that cloud so you're due in a couple months, yes

i'm due in january is this cloudish? that's so cute. look we kind of made the same vibe. okay cute no, yours is super cute. and then i just double it? yeah, so exactly just double it. okay, and are you gonna do a hospital birth, that's the plan. i'm we'll see who knows where this kid's gonna pop out there's so much like judgment and ridicule around like having a baby, which i never knew was part of it everyone has an opinion. like where you should deliver what kind of delivery you should do, right? everyone has an opinion and so i just want him to come out and i want to be safe and i want him to be safe and so my first trimester i was really really nauseous every day and could barely stand up and then

my second trimester was when i was like in bad shape, in and out of a wheelchair and fainting a lot and or just it was a very dramatic few months, but during that time. i released my book and i went on a huge bus tour all over america. oh, you just released your lips. yeah, so there's a lot happen there's been a lot of releases. yeah, you're right i want to release him the most, like get out you are getting evicted now we're sewing them together with embroidery thread and a needle we're getting the stitching all around the perimeter and then we're just leaving a little opening to then put the pillow stuffing inside okay, so are you ready to stop i think i'm there just shove it all in there

when is your nursery coming? oh my god, i don't know i ain't getting any younger it'll have to be at some point soon or someday, or maybe i'll just have another cat that's always the answer. yeah. so now that these are all nice and sealed up and you have just monofilament, you know what that is? definitely not it sounds like science it's basically fishing wire. so this we'll use to actually hang the clouds from the mobile so again, we have like a more airy look to it oh cute as opposed to the white strings exactly

all right. so colleen and i are just gonna finish this diy. you'll see the mobile when it's up in the baby's room we'll tie these on and then we'll tie a few then hang from the ceiling. okay, and then that's it then you're not allowed in the room, you can go nap okay, good, whatever, i'm sure you have something to edit or something i do okay. perfect. colleen is gonna go edit videos nap whatever we're gonna see her in eric tomorrow because we have a lot more to do in this room so i'm gonna go check on joey. bye everyone. oh you moved on to painting, uh, yeah because i want to get these done so that we can so they're dry yea that's smart.

with the wall paint i didn't really want to go extreme at all. we're just freshening it up it's just like a very very light shade of gray and those need to dry in order for us to get the decals of the dinosaurs up on the wall. kate painted these really cool watercolor dinosaurs we blew them up into giant decals and we are going to place those on the wall i think i'm gonna just like tape them into place. so i'll trunk sure so that that stain dries come in here finish this okay so when we first came over to meet with colleen and look at this room, there were a lot of

random things in here, so we pretty much just cleared out the whole room the only thing we've left in the room is this trunk that colleen has had passed down to her from her grandmother to her mother and now it's hers so she said if there was a way we could work it into the final design like she would be stoked colleen said she was totally cool with refinishing it. she had planned on doing it for a while her and eric thought it'd be cool to refinish it but they've just never got around to it. so we're gonna refinish it for her okay, so we have a ton of stuff left to do today i'm gonna finish the decals - joey's gonna work on finishing the wood wall. good plan wait, so what am i doing? the trunk, grandma's trunk. okay

so i'm sanding the entire trunk down the trunk is made with a wood veneer which is just a thin piece of wood. actually, this is a cedar trunk so it's wood underneath but i actually like the veneer because it has a pattern to it so i'm just gonna sand the gloss off the veneer i'm not gonna sand too deep because i don't want to take the veneer off i just want to get life off of the top so we're gonna take this trunk and we're just going to sand it down and we are going to apply a white stain to it. so that is going to basically put a light white finish on it

you're still gonna see the wood show through it's gonna go great with that white washed barn wood that we're putting on the paneling wall it's gonna just further bring in collen's desire for that calm natural vibe in here but it's also great because we're gonna get to we use their family heirloom baby's gonna grow up with it and then maybe he'll put it in his nursery when he gets older all right, so these wall decals i'm so excited about okay, so eric and colleen really emphasized their love of dinosaurs when we were talking to them about the design

apparently eric had dinosaurs painted on his wall when he was little his mom's an artist so they definitely wanted to make sure that there was some sort of dinosaur something going on in the room. of course we're not gonna put any decals on the wood wall because that's like its own thing but the decals will be placed elsewhere throughout the room and because we have to bring in furniture. we'll have to kind of cut out the pterodactyl wing around the molding but like i love how that looks because it kind of makes them look that much more part of like the space i know, right so pterodactyl up there right and then this is the yeah, so like over here. oh, those are so cool. so cute. he's coming from the door

all right to apply a decal it's super simple you just want to have some sort of squeegee device because the name of the game is getting the air bubbles out it comes with a sticky back and then another film over the front of it you start on one edge you pull your backing off and you squeegee as you pull it off and make sure there's no air bubbles in it once the backside is completely adhered we are now peeling off the front of it to reveal it's so cool. oh my gosh and it's a sleeping. it looks so cool i like the way it's vectorized oh my gosh these look so cool like

we should probably sell these these look like something you would buy at a store. ok, two more friends for it oh my gosh, you look great alright, we got a lot to do for the rest of the day we still got a lot of planks to put up on that wood plank feature wall we'll put maybe another coat of stain on the trunk. let it dry. and then tomorrow we will just finish final touches i think we have some shelves some big pieces of furniture we're gonna bring in we're putting up a new epic light and then we get to reveal it to her alright guys, we are back day two you might start your day off with a cup of coffee

we start our days off with a rug cuddle. now. this rug we are rolling out is a beautiful braided gray wool rug and it is so mushy. you guys just take it from me have my shoes off oh my gosh, but look at how beautiful, right it's a soft and rich it's beautiful. well, okay. so let's just talk about this rugs and how also you get the shape of the braid what does it look like? i mean how good does that look? it looks so good like the high ceilings in here they were just begging for a statement wall cuz it just like makes this room feel so much bigger i mean that and then your hand-painted decals look so good. i know

and that light, it looks so cool. that's such a moment previously all they had going on in this room was four recessed lights of the ceiling we're giving them this really cool feature chandelier hanging it right in the middle of the room it's a chandelier, of course because it's you know chandelier size but it just has a really nice sculptural look to it it's got a black frame and then a little bit of brass, you know, we're bringing in the brass from then the brass ring that's gonna come in with the cloud mobile. we need to get the shelving up on that wall yeah

but i want to place the dresser and the trunk first and then with the shelving up, crib over here, glider in the corner with ottoman storage. your diy thing over there. yep, mobile there. oh my gosh fun things glider how good do our framed pictures look like? i just love that whole row and then the pterodactyl almost looks like he's like peering down and approving it. we installed the blackout blind the one thing you'll notice about this room is there are no windows

the only window to the outside is actually a glass door and it is a very big glass door we got a custom roller shade made. it's a blackout roller shade blocking out the light is important for baby when he's gonna sleep or nap during the day and they might want to have it blacked out in there so yay roller shade. how good did this turn out? i know the pickling scene is so pretty grandma's bench has gotten a facelift and it looks so good it's so much more now colleen style with that beautiful whitewash look to it okay, so we're placing the dresser in the trunk as well cuz i want to make sure that the floating shelf is centered above

these two pieces of furniture right here. yes. yeah. let's see so this is our dresser with changing table attachments and what's cool about this is this is removable so obviously this changing table is nice and secure it on there it has a pad you can seat belt and then if they're too squarely up there but then they can take off the changing pad once he's out of diapers and it becomes a regular dresser the shelf is going a little bit over the changing table. so we just have to make sure that it's nice and high up so that it's not like reachable by baby while he's getting his diaper changed and maybe flailing around or peeing in the air

since i wanted to make the dinosaur decals so big like look like they're kind of in the room with you you know moving about to space. i also got obsessed with the idea of putting a moon in there so you just mount it on the wall and it's like a nightlight and you can turn it on and make it match the phases of the real moon and it's also a sound machine and makes like nighttime noises like chirping it's just really cool. like i want one. you got it plugged in? yeah. oh my god. try it out. okay she's gonna love this because she wants a really comfy chair. plus it has a phone charger so obviously in a nursery one of the big things that colleen and eric gonna be doing is they're gonna be nursing cuddly well eric's not gonna be nursing and he will be assisting in the nursing colleen didn't ask for much in the space

she was kind of like i don't know. i'm not that picky. i like all white and you know, i just really want a comfy chair. so i was like i got you girl comfy chair check. this glider is so comfy not only is it a glider rocking situation, but it has an electronic recliner and a phone charger that's the ultimate lazy boy right there. this is a baby napping chair and then to top it off in front of that we're giving that gliding ottoman you put your legs up and your whole world is just like here. it's just incredible so then that's really a good spot for it so they can lean back. okay so then let's get the crib in

okay, the crib, i mean hello, probably the most important piece of furniture in the nursery. we are bringing this beautiful white crib, it was just a pretty classic looking crib. you know, what's great about this too is that it is a conversion conversion transitional so this thing lowers like they can have the mattress at different heights, right as the baby grows up they lower it down, right, and then once he's a toddler they take off this front piece put this here and it becomes a toddler bed. so this will last him like probably until he's i don't know four or five let me tell you this is the best crib mattress money can buy, its organic

no off-gassing in the corner kate's got these like really cool baskets. it's just another touch of that organic earthy feel okay, but then look wait. there's more. oh, what's in the box wait okay, so and i also do have a smaller size too. i mean, this is like ultimate toy stowage right? yeah, it's super cute. it'll be a way for him to keep the neutral vibes going in here you know, it's like toys are so colorful and hectic looking sometimes and these storage baskets have lids on them which is so key so all of these empty baskets will be where they can just chuck all of those toys when they've spread out all over the ground and they just want to tidy up

put a lid on it out of sight out of mind. do you have a usb charger so i can plug my phone in. joey you don't need that our favorite mistake to me. where's that going? a layered situation. it's not going under the furniture that's fine. no it it's a little bit. oops, i forgot we usually do this we make this mistake where we put in the furniture and then remember that we have a rug because i forgot that i wanted to layer this fuzzy rug over the gray rug it's just so fuzzy and so soft and this will be perfect for tummy time for baby you wanna cuddle with us? no no he's not invited

why you're invited i'm not into that no creeper you're gonna have so much fun with a little drooly baby on you getting all kinds of drool all over your head it's gonna be great joey's hanging the mobile it turned out so cute like it's the perfect vibe for in here and it's such a tall ceiling like we needed a very long string to make sure that it could reach all the way up but it looks so good. and i'm also creating just a fun little quote in a frame. i am baby hear me roar because you know dinosaurs and

babies roar they cry sometimes next to the glider and placing the side table is just like a brass base with a beautiful marble top and inside the crib i'm styling, you know just for a little accent for a fun little moment this really cute fuzzy sloth feels like reaching up and a dinosaur and obviously they can take those out if it's not good for sleeping. but if they look really cute right now isn't this so cute i know right i could so rock this what is this all the wish stuff? yeah, so all the wish struff came.

look how cute you need this. what is it? why don't we bib you while you eat? isn't it cute? okay. so this is the baby monitor. i mean obviously they can position it wherever they want but i'll put it on the shelf and then this is like for like hand and foot prints. that's cute yeah, isn't it cute? so when he's first born these are like the little ink pads and then paper to do his hand and foot prints and then a variety of color options grandma's trunk is amazing because there's so much storage inside of it. obviously for when he's a baby opening and closing

that is like a little bit of a finger risk so that'll be for parents to open and close and store stuff in but on top i really want to style it as a bench because colleen has a giant family. i'm sure there's gonna be people over so even though we're putting the glider in the corner for the parents to sit read to baby clean can nurse there having the bench there with like additional seating will be really nice so someone can sit on the other side of the room when they're hanging out in there styling shelf is so fun i'm just adding baby books and also some rustic wood accents as well to make sure we bring in that rustic vibe that's happening over on the wall over on to the other side of the room and oh my gosh

hello this light like this dinosaur little nightlight thing. it's like a miniature version of the big brontosaurus we have on the wall okay, guys this room is done i'm so happy with it i feel like we accomplished the combo of the serene all-white kind of monochromatic vibe that colleen loves and then of course bringing the rustic and the dinosaur stuff that eric loves and yeah i feel like we're ready to show them eric's here. this is my baby daddy. eric stockland. i did it. it was me. imagine what the room looked like before one....two....three we made him into decals in my childhood bedroom, my mom had actually painted this really

awesome my mom's a painter dinosaur mural on the wall that i had when i was the kids so to see that for for our son. i don't know. it's just really awesome. it's cool oh my god, i don't even feel like i'm in my house like this made that oh i know i put up some of those. oh you did a great job on the mobile, yeah you did a really good job on that thank you can't wait for him to look up at those clouds and fall asleep, hopefully, please sleep when you come out please

this is wild this is making it like oh we're having a baby like and there it's in one of those baby's in one of those? oh god it's like a room for like a new roommate that we haven't met yet oh this looks great! we did a white pickling to keep that heirloom in here like whites and neutrals but also some woods for eric like there was like you know had to be a marriage of the two very different styles and dinosaurs. oh spy camera.

we have the receiver at our house oh and that moon light it changes with the actual phases of the moon. oh my gosh, i'm such a hermit crab in my house i never know what the moon is doing cuz i don't like going outside so now i can just go into my baby's room and i'm always like hey you got to see the moon come outside, check out moon tonight i'll just look in the baby's room obviously a changing table with lots of storage. yes. oh my god, this is so wild we've got a comfy chair and then this crib is also adjustable

so like basically you can adjust the mattress down as the baby grows because as they stand you want it lower so they're right like hopping out check out your glider i see buttons, you see an usb outlet what is happening here? you know when you're like chilling and your at 1% you can sit in it. yeah sit in it, sit in it it's nice this is also this is also a foot glider when you and eric are chilling in there, eric can sit there and there

go ahead. press the button. which one? yeah, you can charge your phone in the chair to. oh my god. this is the fanciest thing. yes. this is so fancy oh my god basically i've never been in a chair that has like buttons that are mechanical and a usb port so i can charge my phone like and it feels really nice it kind of feels like on a cloud or something it's that's a good chair you feel cool? you feel like a cool dad?

look succulents your favorite. i love a succulent your artwork turned out really cute like the black and white collages so there's the family oh yeah, you didn't see that's the three of you and also i loved how like you're pose eric is kind of like the dinosaur you guys are both sort of levitating oh i love it, this is so awesome it's cozy, it's perfect. it's so cute. i love this. yeah and we put it on a dimmer too so nice. yeah, this is just amazing

i love every i feel like i'm like discovering things as i just look around like the rug is so cool yeah, it's really mushy and just so great for tummy time. is it belly time. tummy time time well now i know what tummy time is see you're learning things about having a baby boy through the decorations of this room yeah now i'm totally ready this is awesome thank you so much. it was such an honor, thank you. it looks amazing. thank you so much. your welcome, it's amazing. we're gonna have a baby. i know. is it not sitting in? now it's real

we'll leave you to have a baby. okay bye guys, it's your turn now. we've got work to do. this is awesome we're so grateful that kate and joey helped us with this room and now i feel like we're ready to have this baby sort of this makes it a little bit easier. oh my gosh, is it happening now? it's on camera. push that's what i'm supposed to say, right? that was so fun, so fun. oh my gosh guys what a crazy honor to get to do their nursery it was such a good marriage between their two styles. it's peaceful in there. it's very like welcoming the guys what did you think? thumbs up if you liked it? i think they loved it. i think they loved it so good. guys, so special and babies around the corner like going to make his grand debut very soon

so i'm so glad that we got to get that room done just in the nick of time huge thanks to wish for sponsoring today's episode. yeah guys. thanks so much for watching if you're from colleen's channel welcome hit that subscribe button. join our family we do lots of fun videos like this if you guys haven't already go over and check out her stuff, obviously yeah, and go follow eric too. so you can keep up with all his acting stuff we will now leave you but we'll leave you on this note stay creative, stay weird, stay you. we love you bye

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