schöne deko für wohnzimmer

schöne deko für wohnzimmer

hello and good to see you again. this time i will show you no bullet journal setup but a little decorate with me... … no plan with me. actually some of you wanted me to show my home and as i anyways wanted to decorate here i thought this could be a possibility. i take you with me and show in timelapse how i decorate the different spots in my home.

this year i finally have the time! because i am in parental leave. so i am not stressed as usual. well, now have fun and a wonderful christmas time. first, i prepared our living room door. i cut out paper snowflakes applying the usual procedure: folding and then cutting out patterns. then i wet them

and glued them on the windows. they sticked great so this is a good tip. then i took ice crystal spray and sprayed it on the windows quite rough. after 30 minutes the crystal effect appears and after 1 hour it is dry. in the meantime i decorated the staircase using 3 pine garlands. i bought them at roller.

it takes some time to unbundle them but the look quite good for the price of 6 eur each luckily our stairrails is ideal to wrap something around. the second step was wrapping the light chain around the whole thing. next i decorated our big window. i took an icicles light chain with down hanging lights also by roller. we mounted it on the curtain rod. then i detached the ice stars from the glass door

this ice crystal spray was dry in the meantime i used the snowflakes only to get a pattern and the next day, as it was too dark the same day, i attached the stars on the window. then a dresser was next. i cleared it cleaned it and decorated it from zero

with a vase, pine branches… i just tried out what looks good. the idea with the round tray (in this case it's a marble stone board) comes from ikea they also got a youtube channel where they publish decoration tips as well. and that looks very fine having 3 pieces / bigger objects and gatter them on a tray or similar.

then i added here a kind of lantern and the whole thing completed with tiny glitter balls. then i upgraded another drawer christmassy with a little vase i filled with red glitter balls and some artificial hawthorn berries i think. and with snow spray

i sprayed some leaves we found in the woods, also pine cones from our garden. then comes a bigger lantern in the background with a candle. i was quite content with the result here as well... and as we got some kind of chimney which is not energy efficient so we don't use it apart from that the smoke would come out.

i put an old notebook inside and opened a chimney fire video. above i attached a ribbon. that was it for now! we gonna decorate further in the course of the next weeks if you liked the video and want to see more of it give me a thumb up, and i also appreciate any subscriptions!

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