schöne einrichtungsideen wohnzimmer

schöne einrichtungsideen wohnzimmer

good day to all. my name is julia sheveleva, i am an interior designer. and we are now at the exhibition imm cologne. what are the topical couches this season? in the performance of bright colors and pastel shades. do not be afraid to experiment with the color of the sofa in your living room. now a large selection of fabric and colors, and the category of strength, which are not afraid of stains. they are easy to clean, easy to care for. therefore, light colors, pastel scale is very appropriate to look in the interior.

the trend in the design of sofas is similar to the trends in the design of cars. good quality leather, lines and such are the convenient solutions for everyday life. coasters, where you can put a cup of coffee. or you can turn over and here there is a groove to put a glass. and accordingly put in any convenient place near you. in general, many factories are popular chairs of this model, which can be decomposed. here is a special lever. here is an example of using a bright sofa in space. it's very nice to have a light and light interior accent this way.

the sofa can be supplemented with such pillows. they have a roller, which is removable. there is lightning. such a pillow can be moved to any convenient place. and it allows you to comfortably accommodate in this position. you can save any favorite settings. your favorite position on the couch. and when you sit down on it, you just choose this position and it automatically immediately decomposes and adapts. that is, as in a car.

manufacturers of sofas himella came up with here is such an interesting solution. to ensure that those who take light sofas in the skin are not afraid to damage it. such an easy pillow. cover with a zipper. you can put it anywhere. here is a beautiful sofa of wine color of velor upholstery. and here there are tricky functions. the headrest can be adjusted. so back.

buttons are all touch, metal. hidden here. here is an armchair with a remote control, where it's very easy to understand the different modes, which can be done here. at first glance, an ordinary sofa, but there is such a function. well, where in our review without the koinor factory. there are very beautiful armchairs for lounge zones. in the same way with management. they are made of very nice soft skin. please, you can adjust everything. create beautiful interiors yourself or with us.

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