schöne gemälde wohnzimmer

schöne gemälde wohnzimmer

hello everybody you may know the picture i made i do not like it. looks dirty and yes, this swirl it has made it full of cells i want to try something today the canvas is 40 x 30 cm i mixed lighter colors

and turquoise carmine red then i have sand is like a light brown and white so i have too many cells here i want to prevent that now, laugh! in which i make less silicone pure

in fact i will only be in carmine red and turquoise make silicone pure that of caramba the silicone spray. i filled it up just want to make a drop in every color and no more

and you will see that's enough such a dripping in every color because i want to have places where not everything is full of cells but also something is free without cells sooo what i want to do the frame

outside brush the edges that's always good as i said, at i did not do it picture where i did before and you saw exactly it's on the edge almost gone back

therefore for you again precoat best with whatever color you do that does not matter you have to look what you are have a lot of color if your white cells are best for a white background but you already know that, ok so you can pass the rest

i always do that and then it's good briefly wipe the gloves i'll take a cup i will do flip cups and then let it run make me a mug with all colors almost too much but good! flup

was the first cup i am thinking right now no, i'll take the same cup. do some sanding outside to make it brighter i have a lot of red in it now. i wanted to have less come then i take a new cup make here brown, green and white only pure and schmeiss the way there can do some red outside

a little turquoise and a little more sand because it is so beautiful. laughing ok that's enough color i think i would say let's run it first it is because it is already on the edge but i do not want to lose so much of the turquoise well, let's make the edge full first

you see it on the river so let go. i made the color a little thinner it also runs better yes, yes, everything below i turn it to see it down here i have the red part something will disappear let's run it up again and you see cells are already forming

and i really only have one drop in it that's good! i take off the gloves i have a few bubbles, for whatever reason i believe in the other silicone but no problem the silicone spray from caramba looks a bit different than the silicone oil sometimes more violent

you do not have silicone spots after when it has dried that's the small advantage of it you see cells are already forming easily i will do one now. only become with my burner only here drive past and drive over here once otherwise too many cells form

i do not want to have everything full there are also cells here but there you can influence a lot where you are heated pow and already finished anything else here the little strip we still do that

but not more because you see there is already big cells that form on their own and now you can watch how it works i'll leave it for you to see. it's faster so you can see how it works then i'll show you from close so people there is still a bit of change but not so much anymore

i will leave it like this i'll show you up close so you have seen that too different silicones give different effects and the silicone spray, if you take that out from the spray in a cup pure then you do not have those gases in it either

but only the pure silicone ups, laugh then that fits too then i would say i'll show it from close, see you soon so now i'll show it to you start again at the bottom right you see, there are different cells some may not be as beautiful as this one

but i think with this silicone from caramba there are such flower-like cells so you see it here, too nice little house up here where i did not heat up and above all nice big cells so who wants big cells? for the silicone spray is also good you do not need to do much

what i can show you, i have done before a little one here you see these flower-like cell fine things come out already or here i also took a picture that you also see it so there are also different effects

well that's a nice bright picture and then it was mine again thank you for watching i wish you something see you next time. do it well see you, bye

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