schöne gemütliche wohnzimmer

schöne gemütliche wohnzimmer

come on in! hi guys, welcome to my crib. and by my cribi mean my airbnb. im a little bit sick but i thought i wouldgive you a little tour and give you a link of course for if you want to rent this placeand give you an idea of what the rent is like in this area. so let's go! right at the door we have a littlehanger for keys, this is supposed to say 'thank you for not smoking' but i dont know. andthen a little place for knickknacks and your shoes. and a fake gun.

dont ask me. okay so when you walk in, you are in the kitchen!so this is a pretty standard korean kitchen, it doesnt have a lot of counterspace, it hasa ridiculously large sink, and they just decorated it so lovely its so retro. this refrigerator is absolutely everything,it is empty but i am still obsessed. i really love the amount of blue that is inthis entire apartment. i think it makes everything really calm butalso really classic and just so fun. overall, awesome kitchen. next we have the living room.

just got this nice love seat, a hanger foryour coat, a little bookshelf, a guitar, this very strange little bean bag thing, and thenanother plant, some magazines, and a collection of cds which you can use in the cdplayer gota pretty nice list going on. this room and airbnb also comes with a projectorso you can watch movies on this wall while you sit on this couch. and i think its a really cool touch especiallyif you're staying here on kind of a longer trip. and you just want to relax for a night, buysome take out and watch some movies on the projector.

i think its a really cool touch. after the living room to the bedroom! i was honestly shocked by the size of thisroom, this is such a big room! this is like a queen sized bed! it's amazing. we've got a bunch of dried flowers, a mysteriousplant in the corner, this mirror that is tilted so incredibly nicely to make me look longand thin which is insane. and yeah this is a super duper comfy bed,its just a mattress on this small stand. but it is really comfortable and huge!

some towels, this very cute little vanity,just some interesting touches. and then here is your view. so we're right on gyeongridangil, the womanis already got her donuts going! i've never had donuts there but i'm alwaysso tempted. so if you head down that way you're headingtowards itaewon and a bunch of different cool bars and stuff like that, and right acrossthe street are two really interesting bars that are super fun and the only down sideis if you are looking for something quiet, you will hear some live music into the nightbut its not insanely bad. and finally, the bathroom.

we go through this door. it's a little cold, but this is a very typicalkorean bathroom. in that you don't have any shower stall. it is just that hand held things and it drainsdirectly into the floor. people ask "but won't your toilet get wet?" yeah, it will, but put the lid down and itwon't get insanely wet, and also it doesn't really go everywhere, like, you're holdingit to your body unless you're waving it around, its not going to go everywhere. don't worry.

behind the curtain, is where your washingmachine and vacuum and little storage area are. i think its nice that they closed it off witha shower curtain. and that's pretty much it. i hope i was able to keep that short and sweet. this place is in a really great area, it'snot necessarily next to all of the really touristy things. if you are a solo female traveler, i wouldsay this is the only area with a large amount of crime, and by large amount i mean verysmall amount.

just because we are by the us army base itdoes get quite a bit rowdy and it is also a drinking hub. so when i walked here, i actually arrivedhere at 1am, the only thing that really bothered me was that the staircase leading up heredoes not have any light. the door to enter this place is right nextto a bar that i go to often and then guys who own it are super nice so if you do haveany problems, if you go in there they kind of speak english so you could always ask themfor help. i just used my phone flashlight, you walkup a straight flight of stairs and your door is right there.

there are a few other people who are kindof in this building so if you hear footsteps on the stairs don't freak out, there is adeadbolt and a really big looky-lou peephole so you can kind of watch if you're super paranoid(like me). if you're wary about that consider it, butoverall like i said, its not a big deal. and so now, let's sit down and talk aboutprices. okay so like i said before, this is an airbnb,so this apartment is not for rent and there actually aren't any other apartments in thisbuilding so i wasn't able to find any examples of apartments in this building, to compareprices to like i did for my daegu one but i did find quite a few in this general area.

so this is gyeongridangil, and i will linkthe apartments that i'm talking about below. what i found is that for places with 2 mainrooms, typically the deposit is going to be between 10,000,000 and 5,000,000 won whichis completely normal for korea. if this is your first time watching a koreanapartment tour video and you're shocked, its very very common. do you get your security deposit back? yes you do! that money you can think of it as kind ofputting it in a savings account, but yeah unless you burn the house down, you're goingto get your money back.

it's very daunting but 10k to 5k usd is veryvery normal. this one that i'm looking at is 10k deposit,this is actually a big house and you even have a little bit of outdoor space, and therent is actually 1,100usdper month and that's the most expensive one i found, the rest thati found are usually 5k deposit and 500~usd rent. that's pretty much the norm, for this area. also right across the street is an area calledhaebangchon or hbc, you'll probably see that a lot if you're looking for apartments thisis the foreigner area, so a lot of foreigners obviously live here, and hbc especially isknown for being the place where a lot of foreigners

move, there are a lot of opportunities forfinding a roommate, there are a bunch of different facebook groups i believe if you want to lookfor roommates there, you can typically find apartments with multiple rooms in hbc andthen you can either spilt the rent or i believe rent can range from the 500 monthly to 1200monthly. depending on what you're looking at, how muchroom you want. i think the thing i've learned from livingin korea and these very strangely shaped apartments is that it just depends on how you decorate. this place could be really disgusting if itwasnt as beautifully decorated as it was so i think whenever you're look at an apartment,you really have to look at the bare bones

and think of how you can build it up becausesome of these apartments in hbc are so cute! they're so cute, there's a lot of airbnbsthere as well if you want to look it up i'll link the area below. and yeah, this airbnb in particular is alsovery popular for people who are filming things like i am, i kind of used this as a staycationbut also a studio for the weekend. there are a lot of aibnbs that really decoratesuper duper nicely so like i said i will obviously link this place down below, i will link theneighborhoods that i was talking about, and i will link 4-5 different examples for zigbang,and if i can find any i will also link the facebook groups, i know that for women, theexpat women in korea facebook group should

be really helpful with finding roommates orat least pointing you in the right direction there are a lot of different outlets, forfinding a cool place, if you are just looking to stay here i highly suggest this place,the person who owns it was super nice i actually never met them because you walk in and hegives you a code, but they were super duper responsive, when i told him i was checkingin a 9pm and then i didnt message him he really checked to make sure that i was okay, so ihighly suggest this place, and this area in general. maybe not for first time visitors but definitelyif you are kind of done with all the stereotypical touristy things and want to explore a moretrendy local area, this is the place.

so i hope that this was helpful i'm goingto use the kitchen to make myself some spaghetti, and i will catch you guys later. thanks as always for watching and have a greatday! bye!!!

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