schöner wohnen bilder wohnzimmer

schöner wohnen bilder wohnzimmer

tell me, excuse the question but why do you want to leave from here? my boyfriend has left me. oh i am sorry. it was already six years ago. i'm already over it. so you are interestd? do you want the apartment? yes, yes, i'll take it. - great! why then? what was the decisive point? ah, my designated new tenant! pretty punctually. hi- come in!

i hope it does not bother you that i brought my cat up ?! i did not want to leave her alone in the car. of course! excuse me, the disorder! but i'm just painting (the walls). - no problem. it's intended to get nice here. well, let's go to the living room. it looks the best. yes. we can also talk, if you want to take over something? lamp and so i would like to leave here? yes, we have to see that. (jazz music)

take a seat. then we can talk everything over. what? yes it's a pleasure. fruit? no ..... thank you. do you actually have a floor plan of the apartment? - uh, yes! unusually cut, right? the... oh, there's a balcony to the south here. it came later, so it's not on the plan. and here through the middle is still a grid, because we shared the earlier with the roommates.

ah yes. (sigh) but you have to be careful when you water the flowers. the water runs off badly. and the people who live downstairs have been complaining a few times already. (sigh) how is it looking? say, excuse the question, but why do you want to move out here? my boyfriend left me. oh, six years ago. i'm already over it. so what do you mean?

yes, yes, i'll take it. -great! why then? what was the decisive point? it's just perfect for my pussy. (sing) three idiots from the eurobank, have no idea and that makes us sick. we solve account and say "thank you!". three idiots from the euro bank.

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