schreibtisch im wohnzimmer verstecken

schreibtisch im wohnzimmer verstecken

i like fun. okay, because it's a nursery.what if we named our kid fun? i mean, i just feel like he'd be like teased so much though tortured "oh hey your names fun why are you in a bad mood fun?" it's true, he shouldn't be in a bad mood. can't wait to decorate! there's so much we can make! how will it turn out? omg we're having a baby?! hey everyone i hope you guys all had a good holiday season by the way, happy new year. oh my gosh is this our first video after new year? yeah happy new years creative weirdo's i love you guys!

what are you guy's new years resolutions we wanna know tell us in the comments i feel like my new year's resolution is just simply have a healthy baby. well, of course, that's my new year's resolution but my other new year's resolution is to eat every type of pizza topping that exists. ohh the world just got brighter as you said that you guys know any a weird pizza toppings put them in the comments below that is quite a resolution. okay. alright guys, so today's video we are doing

*drum roll* the nursery design! i'm so excited oh my gosh so obviously you guys have been like, "what's gonna be the nursery design?" and we were both like, unsure of it and because we want to bring you on in this whole process, sketching, the mood boarding, the vibe trays. like the whole inspiration part of it because obviously this room is going to be very very important to us. we're also visiting with the one and only fairy godsister james charles today

getting our mr sister god sisters advice on raising a child and we got a creative weirdo spotlight today because today's episodes sponsored by wix. yep, and we are featuring a mother who has her own business so we just wanted to keep it very in line with what we're doing this whole series okay, so real quick before i get into the nursery design and all that stuff. let's just quickly bring you up to speed yeah, let's catch you guys up. okay, we're shooting this before the holidays. yeah, so it's before the holidays. i'm currently should i stand up and show you guys?

ohh joey can hide behind my belly . this is sixteen weeks. so actually it's so crazy because 14 and 15 weeks my belly wasn't that big and then i hit 16 weeks and it's like hello. there's no hiding it it's really exciting because we always put up our stockings. my mom has this tradition where she makes all the kids stockings this is my stocking which i'm gonna try and not look at yet. it technically hasn't been christmas open until christmas i don't want to look inside yet. but so my mom made this when i was a little kid and once me and kate became offic'. yeah, when i was officially the girlfriend.

she made kate this one, with the- look how cute! with all the mustaches and we used these, the mustaches as part of our logo and so then my mom made this one which is for the baby, but obviously we haven't thought of a name yet. so there's no name it just says i heart snow so there's gonna be three stockings on the chimney this year. how cute is that? so cute! on the chimney? on the mantle, whatever, yeah great another update is we have been calling our little guy little flip that is not his name

but ever since... before we even knew the gender when we first saw the ultra sound the first heartbeat. yeah which was like at like 8? no six weeks it was like a little like flipper and we were just so excited to see it cuz we were like, oh my gosh there's something alive in there and working and so we've just been calling it little flip and then when we found out the gender we were calling him little flip it's either, or little flip whatever you want to call him we will- we still have to come up with a name. which maybe we'll do a name reveal?

would that be fun? once we decide? i don't know! one more thing to catch you guys up on which i just thought was really fun and cute is yesterday we went to brunch at a cafe when you're walking by this thrift store and we went in and it was this thrift store that had all this like army navy surplus stuff but like from the 60s and earlier, right and joey got this cool like undershirt shirt this is that m50 from the 1950s as issued in the 40s. actually. he told me it's a military shirt undershirt, but then while joey was picking this out this was hanging right next to it it's the baby version

so this was just like a big deal because this is the very first article of baby clothes we bought and it's from the 50s complete with rust stains. yeah, there's some some vintage stains it's very authentic some baby actually wore this in the 50's thats so cool. yeah! like how cute? and so, oh my gosh daddy, and baby are gonna be matching their cute little vintage 50's shirts. guys. hit that subscribe button if you're not already subscribed make sure and turn on the notifications hit that bell and also go ahead preemptively thumbs it up. why not? yeah, i really hope that you guys like this nursery design

so hopefully you'll give it a thumbs up for the nursery design anyways, alright, so we're gonna get to the nursery design, first though so let's get into the creative weirdos spotlight for today so for today's creative weirdo spotlight we are featuring mickey mickey is a mother and entrepreneur who's turning her her hobby of cooking tasty sweets into a gourmet cotton candy brand adorably titled: frais puffs we are creating a gorgeous new website and online store for mickey

using to bring her brand to the masses we can highlight mickey's chic packaging and delicious creative flavors by dragging and dropping images anywhere we want. one of the biggest milestones is opening your store the public and with wix, it's simple you literally click, drag, done! wix is perfect for an entrepreneur like mickey because she can get a professional site up and running in no time and i mean, look at that! so super pro and appetizing okay, now who wants some gourmet handcrafted cotton candy? me! craving. hello? head over to to support mickey and if you guys need a way to get your creative ideas out there

make sure and check out you can literally build any online presence you can dream of make sure and submit yourself for our creative weirdo spotlight by tweeting us spelled out and using hashtag creative weirdo spotlight. you'll be the next creative weirdo we'll feature so cute. so make sure you go visit it support her so exciting, make sure and submit your creative projects your entrepreneurial projects your businesses your whatever is to the creative spotlight hashtag creative weirdo spotlight nursery design nursery. okay. so the way we're gonna do this is we're just gonna show you guys like everything we're gonna show you guys the state of the room right now cuz you guys know we live in a two-bedroom house

so obviously the second bedroom is gonna become the baby's room. so let's check out the room how it is currently and then we'll get into the design okay, so this is our guest room we never finished in here. we were always changing things up i set up this vanity a little under a year ago as my vanity slash desk so i got like my art supplies like my makeup and stuff over there. but other than that like oh my god! we never use this room! oh my gosh it's so big! there's so much cat hair on my pants! so the... but so but we're gonna try to keep some sort of guest bedroom to this room so that's the challenge like we could do like a murphy bed, but i because of the design that i thought up i don't think a murphy bed's gonna work out. i just feel like a murphy bed is scary.

it would be like latched yeah, not a kid squishing murphy bed no, so i think we're gonna have to do the pull-out couch situation. pull-out sofa, but we'll find like the comfiest one possible plus we have that big feather bed in this closet so like when people come over we'll pull it out that's another huge project for this room is this closet yeah, it is currently the crap collector this is whenever we get stuff we just shove it in here. but the reason why this is such a, suitcase, crap collector. yeah cat carry bags is because the way this house was designed was there's when they upgraded the central a/c because this house is from the 20s they put all of the air returns in this closet

so that's why this closet is so hard to use so floor space is so eaten up by these. this is a newer return don't touch my specialty bras and panties is that what it says? my mom labeled all of these boxes like 10 years ago and i've never really known wait are you really cleaning out this closet right now? we haven't even discussed the design yet oooh! very special! that's a scarf! why is there a scarf in there? okay, all right, well joey i can't handle this i haven't even presented you the design yet and now you're already taking stuff out of the closet. this is a big project. i want to get rid of all of that i know i want to give okay. well, okay you examine i'm gonna set up for our design presentation. okay

oh, you're giving me a design presentation yeah! here while you're at it. no! don't give me any crap! take a candelabra. would you? oh, yeah, this is for the victorian lady she's been missing this. victorian lady, i found your candelabra! all right, so i've got a whole array of things here because i'm going to build a vibe tree i love doing this as just like an extra step whenever i'm designing especially if it's a design that i'm trying to present to someone before like it actually takes place i don't always do this but it is just like a really fun extra step to kind of

have fabric samples and paint chips and like textural items and just things that like really create the feeling of the room because sometimes you can't get that from just like a computer image or a sketch in a sketchbook. so, i hope he likes it. let's set up the vibe tray beautiful! double beautiful! just uh, going on a picnic hello sir, i hear you're gonna be a new dad. is this your offering to the gods

oh my god yes, pure gold and copper i think let me first show you the floor plan so we can be on the same page about like where things are going in the room, right? okay so this is what i'm thinking here like oh right, the crib goes along that far wall in between where the vanity currently is exactly normally, we don't like to do wall-itis, you know wall hugging disease where like everything's along the wall except i think a nursery is a place where you do want to do it you want like play area? yeah, you want the center floor area to like set up we'll put a play mat down, you know, just we gotta get a play mat. we're gonna get a play mat.

we could make a play mat and then of course the obligatory like rocking chair, glider in the corner i think we do the dresser slash changing table on this wall so the couch will be like where the bed is now the dresser will be where that bench is and then the chair is actually gonna be where that chair isn't there but we'll just get a different one that rocks and glides. mm-hmm. so now i'm gonna pull up the shopping board i wanted to still go with the rest of the house. is this a real crib or is that like something from the 1800s that you found? still doing research about the safety

but people have them. okay. we wouldn't be the first person to have this obviously this will only last him like a certain age cuz then we'll probably want to get like a full-on crib or like a toddler bed thing yeah but keeping the colors like neutral like the rest of our house but bringing in a little bit of like forest green like emerald green and a little bit of like a rust color like sort of natural still natural tones, though these are like the practical pieces that are gonna highlight the fun. get ready for the fun okay, so we've decided like we were totally on board with

whimsy and fun but like enchantment a little bit, right? yeah, i love that idea. so that room is weird, right, the doors are in weird places, the windows are in weird places, so you think if we bring in the architectural element of the wainscoting. mm-hmm. it will be really more pulled together looking. also, we can paint it a semi-gloss hmm, so it'll be super easy to clean because like babies,

like goes poop around the walls? probably poop, barf whatever, but then look above the wainscoting we do it's like it's a window it's like this is a ledge at a public park oh that's so cute! and then once in a while little animal makes an appearance and how fun cause i love the idea of like interactive rooms for kids because it just makes it that much more magical so like actually put like a little faux fur like on like the squirrel's tail so it's like a tactile wall. exactly.

i love that idea. and so you pick him up and give him like a little tour of it, but it's not down low so that it'll get ravished i'll take care of the wainscoting and you're gonna have to take care of that stuff cause yeah yeah yeah, like literally this is a half and half room of us like you're gonna build the bottom up and i'll paint the top down. oh, that's cute. that's so cute like equal minds yeah, okay. so then another thing that i want to do because i love the idea of modular rooms he's gonna be going through different phases. like he'll be a baby then like standing then playing whatever so within the wainscoting panels, i want to do these hooks on some of them so that we can hang things to build

so like sensory boards are a big thing for kids like as they start to develop like motor skills like touching different textures or like you use like dials and locks and rope-y like things and little mirrors and stuff like non-breakable, you know like the plastic mirrors, right but like build it on just like a panel that we then just like hang with in one of the molding panels he gets to use it while he's in that stage and then we can change it out for something else so like i also have this idea to do like hinged clear hanging frames to display kid art like, you know, they're always like scribbling and they make their little like scribble drawings and stuff

we can put it within like acrylic, you know so it's not breakable, sandwich it in, clasp it and then hang it on the hooks. you like it? i love it wait, so. yay! okay. so here's the whole vibe. so with that in mind this is gonna be a very gender-neutral nursery, it's just gonna be like a magical. so these are like the color vibes you're thinking? wait, woah woah woah. this isn't interactive. this isn't a. this isn't interactive you can pet, you can, what kind of tactile design is this? you can pet! you can pet! but you can't move it! this, these colors? those colors right? so like the forest greens the neutral light grey

cream colors, right? you know what's perfect too? guys, this is perfect we have a thing where i sing a song. i told you that that's what the massage lady told us to do. oh we take our instructions from a massage lady. she's a prenatal masseuse. well, she said that. massage therapist. she said that i should be singing a song, wait we can't leave out the important part. while giving me a scalp massage or a foot massage to release positive serotonin like feel-good hormones in me, you also sing a song to him because he can hear. the song we decided on is pure imagination come with me and we'll be in a world of pure imagination

i love that song. i love just like the whole vibe of magic and imagination but also nature because i feel like nature is such a magical place especially as a kid like i don't want him to be like a screen kid, i want to go out and like be in nature a lot. yeah. yeah, as we live in the middle of la. so, i love it. yay! okay, so that is the plan. so now we just have to actually make it happen. love you! you guys i'm so excited about that nursery design.

are you? i really want you to be so on board when i was thinking like what what do i want in the nursery design and i was like thinking about i wonder what kate's gonna want? i wanted like a disney ride like you go in it and you're like all something like the magical world. yeah. i'm so excited to hand paint the mural. like i'm definitely gonna take my time with it since it's in our house like i don't have to like rush to get it done in someone else's house like i'm gonna take my time and sketch it out with pencil and then go over it with obviously like acrylic paint and everything, but just take my time

like not stress about it. like make it a fun project so we have a lot to do obviously so much work to do and of course we'll take you guys along with the whole process also, we're shooting an epic omg we're coming over collab with none other than james charles oh my gosh, like one of my favorite youtubers ever one of my favorite people he's just so incredibly inspiring and also one of the sweetest sisters ever so we were over at his house doing the first part of our design work with him as we're also helping him redecorate the rest of his house or finish the rest of his house

and then we're going to surprise his piano room slash like formal living room on our channel so and because he's an old man with so many kids we had to get his sage wisdom. no, because he was just recently a kid because he's only 19 years old we're getting his advice. omg we had a baby! he's already real grown up. and he's very successful. we're at james' house because we're doing a collab with him, interior design stuff . omg we're coming over coming and we're doing this crazy thing on his channel. we're just talking about how we're having a baby. we wanted his advice because he's just a a smart, very in tune person so we just want to get his advice. i think you should let him experiment do whatever he wants as a kid.

gender norms like from society and it's like what is implemented on kids, so i think you should raise the child with nothing and see like what he wants, like whatever he gravitates- or whatever he gravitates towards yeah, take him into the toy aisle and be like, whatever you want. and let him run where ever yeah yeah, if he runs to the barbies, great if he runs to the dump trucks, amazing like let him do whatever and if he runs to both, even more fun hello like double the playtime. maybe take him to the makeup isle and see. yeah maybe, i could help him out! so i think acceptance is a huge thing but i have no doubt that you guys are

very very accepting parents already so i feel like the best advice i'd like to give aside from that would be regarding like discipline because for me i was a very very strong-willed child yeah. very i gave my mom- it was a nightmare. were you a brat? yes, an absolute brat but i feel like that's a good that can be a good thing. it's a good treat, i mean it's made you very strong-willed now yes and she- so you don't wanna like, dull that. exactly i think the best thing is like raise your child like letting them do what they want to do but like a with like within restrictions as long as like they're safe

i think it's like the best way to put it like i think a lot of parents are very like hesitant in a very overprotective, which is amazing. of course, it's your baby you want to be there, but at the same time children have to make mistakes. they have to go there, they have to learn and a lot of times if your strong-willed like i am you have to make the mistake yourself right. to learn from it. but i feel like you guys work so hard and it shows. your creativity is amazing. so i have no doubt that mr. baby is going to be a very very open- minded, creative, and smart individual. and i think you guys are going to do an especially amazing job at raising him. i can already tell.

aw, thank you. and i may be able to babysit. i'm not promising anything maybe, i don't know. i will keep him safe. play with some makeup if he wants to uh but i am so happy for you and i'll be there every step of the way. aw, i love you, - congratulations. -thank you my sweetie! -aw sister! -sister! -congrats! of course you guys i'm so happy. -godfather! you know liza's already decided she wants to be the godmother. do you want to be the godfather? yeah! absolutely! we need a youtube godmother and godfather! it's me! do you know what you are going to name him yet? no. do you have any suggestions?

james charles after his godfather. -sister sister that would be very- okay so that advice is beautiful advice lovely amazing very useful, i love that he compared to himself as being like a strong-willed kid that if our kid is strong-willed like let them do their thing. i just think it's hilarious that this kid's godmother is liza koshy and godfather slash godsister i think we'll give him godsister like james charles. we'll figure out who the godfather's will be. yeah

how did we find out that liza koshy was gonna be the godmother? she told us yeah, she just said it. she sent us a message of her crying watching our gender reveal -do i have my phone here? so this is liza watching our gender-reveal video and she recorded herself her live reaction to us oh my god. we're gonna have a boy! -ahhhhhh oh my god they're having a boy! i'have to show you my real-life

reaction because i want- my godson to see this. congratulations you guys! oh my god she is so cute i love her so much! so, godmother liza koshy, godsister james charles wow. what a what a journey it's been so far and we're only 16 weeks in 16 and a half weeks in? yeah, by the time you guys are watching this we're already going to be like what? 18 weeks? by the time they're watching this?

yeah. -so crazy oh, my back. i'm gonna go rub but kate's back. so guys thumbs up for mr. baby. make sure to hit that subscribe button. we've got a lot of fun stuff coming. yeah, make sure you follow us both on social media we've been sharing pictures and stories and stuff along this whole journey and also let us know in the comments about this series what you guys want to see more of what you guys? want to be a part of all that we'd love to hear from you because obviously we're just kind of doing this as we're going

along, so that'll be really helpful and obviously we have our own james charles coming out soon and we have lots of other fun videos a new design nurse design episode. yes finally we're so excited about you know our competition show we've got two creative weirdos competing in a white room challenge. so lots of fun stuff going on and baby's getting bigger- baby's getting bigger and i am too. guys, thanks to wix for sponsoring today's video, check it out check out the creative weirdo spotlight details below in the description.

yeah, and remember to stay creative stay weird stay you because why not? we'll see you next time! mwah! love you bye! -love you, love you, love you! come with me and we'll be in a world of pure imagination take a look and you'll see into your imagination we'll begin, with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation uhhh we're gonna work- we're gonna figure out the -we're still working on it sorry buddy, we're still figuring out the lyrics

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