schriftzug wohnzimmer

schriftzug wohnzimmer

only to get fast away and exactly at this moment the police arrived we were at the end of the wagons and tried to look not suspicious. jojojojojo what's going on guys. shein12 is back with a new video and this time again with a new amazing graffiti stories. and the end of the viedeo i tell you guys something about my projects i planned for you guys so stay tuned till the end of the video.

i dont wanna talk to much so lets jump right in. it was a saturday morning and it was a beautiful autumn day. a friend and i decided to go out and paint. at this day we didnt had much desire for action but we just wanted a cozy day while listening to some music, drinks and painting the walls. we wanted to forget all the stress in our surroundings. first we bought some drinks. after that we went out to get some cans

now it was time to go to our target. we decided to get into an old and empty paperfactory. it was a well known area and we weren't the first time here. so it was a famous writers hot spot for the local scene but still protected from public, because it looked like an abandoned place threw the barricaded gates and closed doors we met each other with all of our supplies and then we drove with the train 45 minutes to our final train destination.

we met some other writers at the trainstaition which also wanted to go to the paperfactory. so we went in a group of 9 guys to the factory. the entrence was a pipe, which layed horizontally at the ground the pipe had a diameter of 0.5 meters and was around 10 meters long so now we had to crawl through this pipe. we knot our bagds together

and sended the first guy threw the pipe with all the bags. they guy at the other end drew at the first bag whereby all bags came threw the pipe. this made it way easier to go threw the tight pipe in the inside of the building we splitted up. the factory had 4 floors with enormous halls. my friend and i decided to go paint the inner courtyard walls we started to paint while listening to music and drink our stuff. the time runed fast by and we enjoyed the moment

after 3 hours we were finished with our pieces the pictures were also already taken we just sitted there and had an conversation. we had a lot of fun and told a lot of stories. suddenly we saw a other friend of us, at the roof of the outbuilding he tried to tell us something he screamed several times from the roof

but we didnt understand a single word. after all he called us. he told us that in another hall a fire broke out in shock we packed all of our supplies and thinked about a plan to get out of the building. you were only able to get in to the inner courtyard threw the building "should we really go threw the burning building outside?" we heared the first sirens, second fortune.

we realized that the fire is in the upper floor. so we tried our luck and went back at the ground floor to the pipe. we ran as fast as we can in the building was already a horrible smell and alot of smoke. but after all we got finally to the pipe now it was time to go threw the pipe. always with the toughts in my head: "please no cops at the end of the pipe". we were lucky and there was no police at the end

the pipe was not near the mainentrence, because of that we didn't saw any police. we made our way to the train station and decided to take the next train just to get away the train came, wrong direction but we didn't care because we just wanted to get away and exactly at this moment the police arrived. the cops went up the stairs to the rails and restrained the traindriver from driving

we were ath the end of the wagons and tried our best to look not suspicious it didn't help they went straight at us. "you guys! stand up and follow us!". we did what they told us. the train drove away without us. the talk with the cops took his way. after they took our perticulars and one of the 2 cops told every one over the radio our names and alias

echo,golf bla bla bla they finally told us the reason why they stopped us arson / fire raising. i looked suprised to my friend the cop made us clear that a witness made a personal description which fitted perfectly on us. i made myself some hopes to get out of this stuff without any problems because they stopped us for arson and not graffiti

we hadn't anything to do with the arson. but there was the problem! a policehelicopter saw us from the sky in the area so for the cops it looked like we dont have anything to do with the arson so what else have we done in this area? just now we had to open our bags at this moment my hope was gone to get safe out of this situation. they saw our spraypaint, the glooves and our camera

they sended us down to the "9er" policebus. we had to go in the bus at the end and sit together on the bench. the cops stayed outside and talked about some stuff over the radio but this was also our lucky moment meanwhile my friend tried to avoid the worst and grabed his camera and removed the memory card. he didn't knew where to hide the card short decided he pushed it in to his socks now the first cop went in to the bus

they asked us the usual questions after all we had to get out of the bus. they frisked us now they realized the camera. "no chance" said my friend when the cop hold on the camera. "the memorie card is still at home in my laptop we were supprised that the cop didn't cared much about it and left the camrea and our bags

now they wanted to take some pictures of us like prisoners... from the front, the side. and also our glooves glooves to memories our used colors . i asked him about the consequences but his answer was only "that you will answer the judge"

"you can leave" this came unexpectedly we can leave with all of our stuff 3 weeks later i got a letter with the inscription of the district court and the emblem of my city. i knew immediately why i got this letter i didnt expected to get away of it and was just thinking how big the punishment would be.

yooooooooooo that's it from the story thanks to the guy who sended me the whole story and a big thank's to all the guys which sended me theyr stories via e-mail. if you want that i tell your story then just send me an email which is in the description to that i have to say please take your time to write this stories, because it's not wearth it to make a video about a short story w which will be only 30 secs.

that means long stories, which are reallly really long have priority. i hope you enjoyed the story and i also hope u like the graffiti i made in the background. if u liked it give a thumbs up because i'm really looking forward if you don't wanna miss any of my future projects subscribe to my channel so you get notified when i do a new project

now i will talk about 2 of my projects. the first one is an exchange project. that means you guys paint my name "shein12" and link me on instagram shein12graffiti and then i will take a big canvas and tag every name on it which also linked me. that means i will effort a lof of time in to this canvas before that i will paint it

and will write every name on it from you guys! from the community! to say thank you and i also will hook it up in my living room. because i just love how you guys support me. the whole project goes till 22.09.16 (for americans 09.22.16) at the beginning i said 06.09.19 (09.06.16) but so many people asked me to make it longer so now it goes till the 22 of september. the other project is called

#fragshein. this project is only for you to answer your questions. . i linked you the fitting video in the right upper corner. ckeck it out and then you can ask any question you have. for more videos subscribe my channel, because every sunday at 11 o'clock i release a new video. *and dont forget to follow my insta and snapchat*

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