schwarz weiss silber wohnzimmer

schwarz weiss silber wohnzimmer

he's not alright. he's scanning us. what? arthur you need to relax your adrenaline is spiking. because he's not alright. (grunts) victor? victor, stop. shit.

what are you doing? victor! it's my armor's defense system. no. it's stronger since the interface, i can't control it. victor, no! (indistinct yelling) kal-el, no. he's confused. he doesn't know who he is.

pet sematary. arthur, we need to restrain him. (groans) (shouts) i got him. kal-el. the last son of krypton. remember who you are. tell me who you...

(grunting) clark. (screams) i know you. please don't make me do this. alfred, i need the big gun... oww! you... did this. i had to.

you won't let me live. you won't let me die. the world needs you. (gasps) but does it need you? tell me. do you bleed? clark? please.

(thuds) please... just go. yeah. let's go.

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